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I am a third-year Bachelor of Arts in History History Student specializing in Medieval History, who is currently applying for an MA in History

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I am focused on providing one on one personalized tutoring experiences. I want to mold lessons around what students will be interested in learning or perhaps have to learn for classes they may already be taking. I am interested in aiding students with their writing skills while strengthening their skills in historical analysis and research. As an A level student, I am looking to pass on my knowledge to other students and help them through a subject that they may find challenging in a compassionate and understanding environment.


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About Elizabeth

I am a third-year college student currently working on my Bachelor of Arts in History specializing in Medieval era History. I am also in the process of applying form my Masters in History. I have yet to formally tutored anyone, however, I have tutored fellow students in classes I've taken and they saw an increase in their grade with my help. I am a proficient writer and editor, I have historical researching skills and basic historical archival skills.



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