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Third year Graduate Student in Physiology and Pharmacology with experience tutoring all ages (kindergarten through seniors in college) and many subjects (english, biology, chemistry, history, etc.) in

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I have a bachelor of arts in psychology from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Throughout my undergraduate education I conducted various research projects in the fields of social psychology and behavioral pharmacology. During college, I was a tutor hired by the university to help athletes in numerous subject areas. Now, I am a graduate student at Wake Forest School of Medicine studying physiology and pharmacology. I have tutored students pursuing careers in physical therapy during my time as a graduate student. My style of teaching involves teaching students how to take notes appropriately and break down the subject matter so it is easier to comprehend.


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About Sarah

I have been tutoring for about 7 years now. I have tutored a host of subjects - chemistry, English, psychology, etc. By breaking down the subject matter into more comprehendible pieces of information, my students have succeeded in their classes with my help. My goal is to not only help students master their subject matter, but learn how to effectively study and take notes.



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$15 an hour is my rate for most all tutoring sessions unless the student needs tutoring in classes equivalent to a junior in college or higher. These sessions are $20 an hour.

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    • 1hr free