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TSandre "Mixed Media Visual Art Instructing" Help Establishing your central media and push your creative boundaries!

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About the lesson

Im a self taught artist who's been practicing my craft since i could remember. Excelling in all visual arts competitions till i was recruited by the visual arts teach of N.E.S.A (North East School of the Arts) magnet high school located in my home town San Antonio TX. Which is one of the top magnet art schools in America. (not to sound pertinacious.)
From there I excelled in nation wide competitions and got accepted in multiple top private art institutions "pre-college" programs. which in the following years i was accepted from 5 of the 5 colleges I applied to around the country. I decided to attend the Kansas City Art institute in Missouri.

Im a wel seasoned fine artist.Im experienced in conventional and unconventional art forms. Painting: Watercolor & Acrylic. Drawing: Charcoal, Pen&Ink, Color Pencil, Marker, Pencil/Ebony. Sculpting: Welding (mig,arc, oxyacetylene, & plasma cutting) Mold making, Silicon, alginate, plaster, plastic, clay, paper. Digital: photoshop, transferring analog art to digital (converting).

The way i teach is just getting to know the student. I start by finding out the real question "Why do you like art?" from there i will instruct may varieties of art till I can establish central media then I will continue to increase technical skill and push artist concepts.

I love teaching art. Being able to pass along your craft is a very special thing and to realize during that process you might learn something more yourself and also have the chance of assisting someone just like you to excel more than you have already.


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About Shelby

Im New at this process. but I've been helping people enhance their art since 2006. but I've never had the opportunity to professionally teach.
I love teaching and have always had the gift of guiding people when i came to art. I love helping expanding artistic views!



  • 5h: $375
  • 10h: $750


75$hr- Basic Not including art supplies (note: that may limit what all i can teach) but I'm more than willing to make due with whatever art supplies is readily available to you.

200$hr- I will provide art supplies for student, and instruct from there.

250$hr- Trying to attend an art college or trying to market your self as professional artist. I will share the secrets of professionally making, and selling art, or help with the peeping for art colleges along with references, or personal statements.

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