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About the lesson

I had wonderful high school teachers who made us study.
I also took college courses at Loras College, Clark College during high school years.
As a graduate of Central College in Pella, IA I worked hard every day on assignments. There, it is said that much of a students success is" in the art of applying the seat of your pants to the chair.
I learned to read for such detail in Literature classes that I could remember even the most obscure scenes in a book. I did independent study each semester in creative writing with the most feared English professor at Central College. He marked my 40 pages a week with me standing at his office podium. He went over every word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, story development and punctuation mark. I also learned to listen in such detail that I can remember conversations in word detail and not have to paraphrase.
I spent four years as a Professional Ski Instructor of America. I have taught thousands of people to ski. My ski school director trained and trained and developed my free skiing to an extremely high level. We were trained and developed by ski school directors, other top instructors and PSIA Examiners. If the instructor cannot teach someone to ski, then the instructor flunked. Everyone I taught learned to ski. The best teachers in the world are PSIA ski instructors and tennis teaching professionals.
As far as lesson structure, I want to know about the student's goals and then I tailor my instruction to fit the student's learning style.
My characteristics as a teacher start with enthusiasm, tuning into the student's concerns, helping them achieve their goal through focused collaboration and helping them take the leap to confidence and pride in their work.


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About Ann

I mention my experience as a Professional Ski Instructor of America as part of my education. It was more than a job experience on my resume.
I have been a journalist, news reporter, assistant news editor and editor. I have been a business owner in the commercial printing industry, The work I most enjoyed was in developing advertising copy and promotions for phone book/yellow pages company when information pages and tourism was promoted in phone books.
I have tutored students in grade school in reading using the book, "Let's Read." This is the book most recommended by top linguists from our best universities. I have also used the book to improve the reading abilities of middle school students.
I have tutored students in middle school and high school while they were writing papers for various subjects.



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For grade school students seeking help with reading, a book fee will be required. I can reduce my rate to $6 an hour for families struggling to afford the basics for living.

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