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Aydin - Prof mathematics - New York
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Ph.D. Tutor - Maths and Calculus lessons from an expert Ph.D. Tutor. Academic coaching and long-term career planning for high-achievers with a consistent record of success.

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About Aydin

I am a scientist with a strong passion for teaching with 15 years of teaching experience. Received a Doctorate in Physics from a reputable university in the United States and I am currently providing private and group lessons for middle school, high school, and college students.

A summary of my CV is below:


After having completed a doctorate in experimental laser spectroscopy at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, I pursued postdoctoral research in Medical Physics. I published my work in molecular spectroscopy and medical physics journals. Currently, I am in a 1-year Clinical Medical Biophysics Master’s program at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, London, Ontario to complete the CAMPEP courses before residency.


2017 to 2018 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Medical College of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, WI

• Conducted experimental and computational research on an MR-Linac medical linear accelerator to pinpoint the instrument design effect on the dose distribution

• Took part in experiments to identify the effects of the source-to-axis distance difference between an MR-Linac and a conventional Linac

• Generated 3D and IMRT dose plans with Monaco workstation

• Received machine quality assurance and safety training on conventional Linacs

• Calibrated and operated radiation detection instruments

• Authored professional scientific papers for publishing in peer-reviewed journals

• Explored data to discover patterns, meaningful relationships, anomalies, and trends

• Gained knowledge of radiation safety procedures, standards

2010 to 2017 Research & Teaching Assistant
Temple University – Philadelphia, PA, USA

• Designed and carried out laser spectroscopy experiments such as optical-optical double resonance and Autler-Townes splitting experiments.

• Gained extensive experience in operating, and troubleshooting various types of lasers such as tunable single longitudinal mode ring dye and Ti: Sapphire lasers, and their Diode, Argon-Ion pump lasers, Fourier Transform Interferometer (FTIR), and double grating spectrometer (SPEX 1404)

• Carried out computational studies of predissociation dynamics of diatomic molecules (specifically Alkali Dimers)

• Designed and developed data extraction and cleansing routines

• Gained extensive teaching experience by teaching freshman physics labs, modern physics labs, and problem-solving sessions

• Provided academic and informational support to students outside of lectures by holding regular office hours and offering mentoring and advice


MSc In Medical Biophysics
Clinical Medical Biophysics Master’s -CAMPEP Stream
The University of Western Ontario – London, ON, Canada

Ph.D.: Physics -
Temple University - Philadelphia, PA, USA

• Chen, X., Paulson, E. S., Ahunbay, E., Sanli, A., Klawikowski, S. and Li, X. A. (2019), Measurement validation of treatment planning for an MR‐Linac. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 20: 28-38 (2019)

• Aydin Sanli, Xinhua Pan, David Beecher, Ergin H Ahmed and A Marjatta Lyyra, Electronic transition dipole moment and radiative lifetime calculations of Lithium dimer ion-pair states, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, 355, 1-7 (2018)

• Aydin Sanli, Ergin H Ahmed, Xinhua Pan, S Magnier, A Marjatta Lyyra, Measurement of the Na2 51Σ+g→A1Σ+u and 61Σ+g→A1Σ+u transition dipole moments using optical-optical double resonance and Autler–Townes spectroscopy, The Journal of Chemical Physics 147, 204301 (2017)

• Aydin Sanli, Bediha Beser, John R Edwardson, Sylvie Magnier, Ergin H Ahmed and A Marjatta Lyyra, Electronic transition dipole moment and radiative lifetime calculations of sodium dimer ion-pair states, J Chem Phys 143, 104304 (2015)

• 47th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume 61, Number 8 (Poster Presentation), Providence, Rhode Island (May 2016). Electronic transition dipole moment and radiative lifetime calculations of Lithium dimer ion-pair states, Aydin Sanli, David Beecher, Marjatta Lyyra, Sylvie Magnier, Ergin Ahmed.

• 46th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Volume 60, Number 7 (Poster Presentation), Columbus, Ohio (June 2015). Electronic transition dipole moment and radiative lifetime calculations of Sodium dimer ion-pair states, Aydin Sanli, Bediha Beser, John Edwardson, Sylvie Magnier, Ergin Ahmed, Marjatta Lyyra.

• The Peter Havas Scholarship for Outstanding Physics Graduate Scholarship from Temple University College of Science and Technology (CST) (2016)

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* No test-taking on behalf- Do not request, it won't happen!

Services offered are as follows:

* US Curriculum Physics/Math [Level 6 and above including College/University].
* Preparation for exams / projects.
* Academic guidance / career planning
* Standardized tests
* Math Contests
* High School / College entrance exams
* International IB & AP Curriculum

• Mathematics 8
• Mathematics 9
• Mathematics 10
• Functions 11
• Advanced Functions 12
• Calculus I, II , III
• Data Management 12
• Statistics

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