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Tutor with 15 years experience in tutoring math and science at the primary college levels in Saint Louis Missouri

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I received a B.S degree in Microbiology. I tutor primary to college level math and science. Initially, I set up a chart labeled strengths and weaknesses. During the course of tutoring, the student and I identify his or her weaknesses. The focus is to eliminate the weaknesses. I have a very detailed approach to tutoring. In math, for instance, the student needs to show me step by step how the problem is solved.


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About Larry

I have been tutoring math and science for 15 years. In the course of 15 years I have tutored 160 students. A number of my students were receiving a failing grade in math. During the process of the tutoring sessions, they improved their grades to A's and B's. I also helped a young man who wanted to join the Navy. In preparation for the entrance exam, he sought tutoring in math. As a result of tutoring he was able to pass the exam and enter the Navy.



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    Certified and experienced teacher of mathematics in private tuition from primary to higher through all the intermediate...

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