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Tutoring for your child in the comfort of your home by me, Lisa.

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My name is Lisa Cameron, and I am a fifty year old woman with a wonderful family. I have been married to my darling Jason for thirty years, and we have two great, talented sons'. I have worked tutoring in classrooms since I was in sixth grade working in the resource room with children that were developmentally delayed. Between the age of nineteen and twenty-nine, I stayed at home and raised our two young sons'. I went to work for the Town of Natick, MA and helped to run an after school program for developmentally delayed and autistic children and adults. I did this for four years and loved every second of it. I then went onto teach at Joseph P. Keefe Technical High School. I was part of the J.E.T. (Job Entry Training) Program. We taught teenaged children who were developmentally disabled skills that would allow them to ascertain employment in a variety of industries. I taught them entry level carpentry, automotive, plumbing, and metal fabrication, culinary arts, and business 101.
As part of a curriculum, I would use every aspect of the environment to implement the lesson at hand to the child. I want to help children that are having a hard time learning. Dyslexia runs in my family for generations. I am severely dyslexic, as one will find out when I try and type in front of them. A lot of my worlds are typed backward. Yet, I have learned how to utilize other ways of learning. I see, touch, taste, feel, and watch everything, and I have the memory of an elephant. I have a unique perspective on helping kids that are special needs in any way whether it be physical, psychological, or educational.
I see my methodology as direct, and to the point. As I mentioned above, I believe in taking the task at hand and learning everything that there is to know about the subject. It is not necessary to comprehend everything about the subject, just to have a broad knowledge of the subject matter.


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About Lisa

I gave lessons for seven years teaching children. I have taught around thirty children during my time. I love teaching and always have. I have had very good results with my student's over the years. I have always tried to make learning a fun environment for children. It makes their understanding of the subject matter connect on a deeper level when they are have a fun time learning, but on a very serous level at the same time. It engages different parts of their brains and allows for them to utilize different skill sets to learn.



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