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UConn graduate offering tutoring in math, English, and economics at all levels. I'd love to help you reach your goals!

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I graduated from the University of Connecticut-Storrs with a BA in Economics in 2011. I achieved a 3.81 within my major and love helping people enhance their understanding of economic concepts. I also extensively studied math and philosophy in college. I always served as an informal tutor to my friends and classmates to great effect.

My approach is individualized. I will determine where you're at and meet you there. I'm very patient, good-humored, and friendly, and I believe everyone can reach their desired level of understanding with enough dedication and the right tutelage. In my opinion, grasping fundamentals is vital in all subjects and will almost always pay off more than obsessing over the most advanced concepts.


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About James

I served as a tutor to my friends in math throughout high school (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Precalculus) and in Economics and Math in college. So, I have eight years of tutoring experience.

I have tutored about 15 students and they were all better off as a result. For example, a friend of mine would not have passed college Precalculus without my help, but he was able to achieve a B as a result of the time I spent with him.



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