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  • Chemistry
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  • Thermodynamics
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Undergraduate and graduate teacher with more than 55 year experience in teaching and research


My teaching method is a mixture of classical and modern practices. I design the courses with defined objectives, course contents, lecture breakdown over the time period, mid term and final examination, evaluation criteria, course materials including textbooks,journals, etc. evaluation criteria with breakdown of awards and case studies preferably based on my own research and experience.
I approach the topic to be taught objectively discussing its background,detailed introduction, highlighting the main points, discussion in detail. Question answer session and discussion with the students.


I am an M,Sc in Chemistry, PhD in Biochemistry, Post-Doctoral Research in Appropriate Technology, MBA (Executive). I have planned sciences to social sciences and conducted multidisciplinary research with spectrum from hard. I have worked in highly renowned and honored education and research institutions like,Government College Lahore, Government College of Science, Lahore and four Intermediate and degree colleges and have to my credit the administrative experience of Director of Education Gujranwala Division/ Chairman Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Gujranwala and in these positions I have controlled around 50 Government of the Punjab Education Intermediate and Degree Colleges. Currently I am Professor of Environmental Studies in Lahore school of Economics since 2004


Rate for online lessons : $5/h


I shall charge $50 per hour for undergraduate and graduate students and research thesis supervision.

Lessons offered by Mohammad
The lessons will be held
at his home
Taught subjects
  • Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Biochemistry
  • College / University Preparation
  • All Levels

Mohammad's resume

Senior Research Fellow/Professor of Environmental Studies, LSE-2004-Date

Since 2004 in LSE, I am actively involved in research focused on critical national and international problems including Energy, Environment and Pakistan Economy with high recognition at both national and international levels and in teaching up to M. Phil level. I have published more than 50 research articles in internationally abstracted /SI journals from the platform of LSE since 2004. Currently with reference to my overall performance, I am author of more than 20 published books with five in Press (Half at the University Level) including “In Search of Appropriateness Series, Vol.1 on Education, 2 on Project Management in the Developing Countries and 3 on Appropriate Social Science Projects published by Lambert Academic Publishing Germany in 2010. I have loaded about 174 items on Research Gate that can be visited for verification with my identity “Mohammad Rafiq Khan” and have successfully elevated the image of LSE in the Global Expert Community. From the LSE platform I won global level “Excellence in Research Award, Science and Technology 2014” that was conferred upon me on June 21, 2014in Bangalore, India and was the choice to address the Ceremony for appropriate future strategy for the appropriate development in the developing countries. I was first from LSE who successively sent three cases to Amity Business School NOIDA, India out of which two won first prizes in International Case Competition in 2006 to 2008 Till now I have produced 10 M.Phils. from LSE and am continuing supervision of four M. Phil research students.
Professor/Chairman Department of Chemistry/ Chairman Societies Board/Principal: Government College of Science, (GCS )Wahdat Road, Lahore Pakistan: 1994-1999

I taught Biochemistry to M, Sc. students and supervised their research throughout my
stay in GCS. I set the research tradition in the Chemistry Department as Chairman by planning own research projects and getting lab facilities from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). As most of the students worked with almost every one published a research article in an Impact factor journal.

As Chairman Societies Board I worked very hard in planning and revival of many co-curricular activities in GCS. I organized an International Mushaira (Poetry Recitation)
In which many renowned Urdu poets were invite to recite their poetry and staged first time a drama in GCS. During my, stay in GCS, I was always the choice for addressing the Staff and Students on National and International Days. On some occasions I was asked to chair some competitions between the students organized by the Government of the Punjab.

Project Director G, Science Education Project Punjab Government of the Punjab Education Department - Lahore, PK: August 1994 to September 1994

Development of Science laboratories by construction of laboratories and supplying of lab equipment with loans from Asian Development Bank and grants from Government of the Punjab

Director of Education (Colleges) Gujranwala Division, Government of Punjab Education Department: 1993 to 1994

This was purely an administrative position to control education activities of around 50. Government degree and inter boys and girls colleges. Major duties included checking of the condition and environment of colleges and their faciltation by providing them required facilities, writing of the Annual Confidential Reports of the Principals and countersigning of the reports of college teachers written by the principals, posting and transfer of the college teachers within Gujranwala Division, attending periodic meetings convened by the higher authorities to present the performance of the division, occasional inspections of the examination centers during the course of examinations of both schools and colleges, The feature specially enjoyed was almost all the colleges to their social and
Cultural functions as Chief Guest /Guest of Honor. Both teachers, and taught were fond of hearing my extempore speeches Division

Chairman Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala, PK: August 1993 to September 1993

This was a potential position in which I controlled the examination system of the whole Division, including both schools and colleges. It was an additional charge with myself as Director of Education (Colleges), Gujranwala. for one month only but this short period was highly significant with reference to the )following performance:
1. Salaries of the Board employees blocked since many months were paid with my signatures.
2. Major examination intermediate was conducted by me and result declared.
3. Applications of around 200 candidates for different openings in the Board were processed by me and appointments made.
4. Furniture for conducting examinations was purchased and supplied to deserving schools for smooth conduct of secondary school examination.

Visiting Professor, Punjab Civil Services Academy Lahore, PK: December 1997 to January 1999

The academy trains the Punjab Civil Service (PCS) officers by exposing them to different fields of Social, Sciences. I designed the course of 'Project Management' and taught the trainees this course very successfully.

Tutor Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad - Islamabad, PK: 1989 -99

This was a distant learning activity. I taught the course of Project Appraisal to MBA students and supervised a number of research assignments.

Shuttling between Pakistan and USA: 1999-2002

No work was undertaken except I taught Textile Chemistry for one Semester in Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), now University of Management Technology (UMT) I don’t remember the period with month and year. I did very well.

Lecturer/ Assistant / Professor/ Professor-and Vice-Patron Students Union/
Adviser Students Affairs/Secretary Societies Board, Government College Lahore (GC) - Now GC University (GCU) - Lahore, PK: September 1967 to July 1993

This is a major institution where I spent 26 years of my active career teaching Chemistry, Biochemistry, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry from F. Sc. to M. Phil. through B.Sc. and MSc. I even continued here after starting my service in LSE for many years in the capacity of Visiting Professor to teach Environmental Chemistry and conduct PhD research that ultimately translated into production no0f two PhDs from whose work who’s many IF articles have been published.

When I resumed back in GC in t. here was no requisite equipment in the laboratories .I did not waste time and started revising my University book of “Biochemistry” that was published in 1972. It was updated by breaking it into two volumes to cover the field of Biochemistry more comprehensively. In addition I authored two more books of Biochemistry: An Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry and Microorganisms and Fermentation and put a lot of effort in the development of requisite and adequate lab, facilities and started research in different fields: Plant and Microbial Enzymes, Rationalization of Herbal drugs for their Science Based Use and others. When I left this institution in1993 to resume my duties as Director (Colleges) Gujranwala, I left in GC adequate laboratories to conduct research in Biochemistry and Applied Chemistry and to my credit, had around 30 research papers published and supervised a large number of M.Sc. theses out of which I am yet writing and contributing articles to highly recognized journals. The reason is very simple: “I have never undertaken any previously carried work and have attempted to undertake new work about which people have not heard before. Secondly
I don’t believe in wasting time, energy and capital in the projects which are not ot of direct significance for the nation or for the humanity at large.” Above all I got constructed the new Chemistry Department equipped with a number of auditoriums and teaching and research laboratories.

In the capacity of the Vice-Patron / Advisor and Secretary Societies Board, I was controller of all co-curricular activities in the college. My specialty of course was speaking and debating and thus I focused on this activity. I also had a major role in controlling discipline of the College with regard to more than 4000 students.

I went to UK from GC, Soon after I was awarded PhD in 1976, I was offered a distinguished Post-doctoral Research Fellowship

Techno -Economic Teaching and Research (Project Management/Appraisals)
Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship: 1976 to 1978
Awarded by David Livingstone Institute of Overseas Development Studies, Strathclyde University Glasgow. The work was on “Choice of Technique in Less Developed Countries.” My Project was” Choice of Technique In Corrugated Board and Box Production”. The data were collected from UK, USA. Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, West Germany and Pakistan. Twelve projects were framed and appraised, and the report was published in 1985 by Scottish Academic Press Edinburgh. The report is yet in the international market and can be traced with my name. Visiting Instructor, Department of Administrative Science and Public Administration Punjab University - Lahore, PK: 1985 to 1988

Here I used to visit during my course of stay in Government College Lahore and there I designed the course of "Project Management and Analysis". Initially I encountered a lot bickering due my being in Management Science with basic subject of Chemistry. As I had strong basis of practical involvement during my post-doctoral research fellowship in "Choice of Technique in the Developing Countries". this chemist impressed the environment to such an extent that people started requesting me not to leave after being in the Department. Some of my students opened Consultancy firms soon after finishing with me. The class I taught often holds get together and usually I am their only teacher invited,

Lecturer in Chemistry, Government of the Punjab, Education Department Civil Secretariat Lahore, Pk.: March, 1962 - Sept. 1967
During this period, I taught Chemistry to Intermediate classes that finished as feed for Engineering and Medical Professions in different Intermediate an degree colleges and remained associated with many extra-curricular activities: Sahiwal (Vice-President Foot-ball Club) , Nawabshah( Head of the Chemistry Department), Bahawalpur (Head of the Department, Staff- Students Union, Staff Secretary , President Cricket Club, College Bursar) and Liah(Head of the Chemistry Department).

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR): Oct. 1961-March 1962
Here was the start of my research as Technical Assistant in PCSIR. The research was conducted in Food and Nutrition Section. After five months, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Chemistry in Government Degree College Sahiwal. I did very well in analysis of meals used in Pakistan but left because I liked teaching and research both
. .
Memberships of International Societies

• British Society of Biochemists London 1991 to 1998
• Life Member, Pakistan Society of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists.
• Life Member, Pakistan Society of Development Economists
• Life Member Council of Social Sciences, Islamabad
• Life Member Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences
• Life Member Pakistan Association for Advancement of Science
• Life Member, Glasgow Pakistani Students Association
• Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Seminars

Participations, Research Paper Presentations, Plenary Lectures, Organizing Committee Memberships and Chairs of Technical Sessions on more than 50 Occasions, Recent participation from LSE in a Large Number of Refereed International Conferences.
Lecturer/ Assistant / Professor/ Professor-and Vice-Patron Students Union/
Adviser Students Affairs

Invited Lectures and Conference Keynotes and Programs: Throughout Career
Invited Lectures:/ Pakistan Civil Services Academy(Two on Appropriate Technology), Pakistan Administrative Staff College (Panelist on Science , Technology and Economic Development), Intellectual Circles Pakistan and USA ( Five on Philosophy of Iqbal in Pakistan and two in USA) , Amity Business School NOIDA, India on ( Two on Strategic Uplift of Developing World)_
Programs: Pakistan Television-PTV (Three on Environment), Pakistan Radio (Around 40). The talks delivered have been published in the form of books:” Environment and We” and “Chemistry and We”
Keynote Conference Lectures: Asian Journal of Chemistry (On Future Chemical Research in the developing Countries: Could not deliver due delay of visa but Abstract was published), University of Central Punjab Lahore (On Corporate Social Responsibility), National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad (On Energy Crises) and University of Management Technology(UMT, Lahore (Interlinking of Economic Problems with Environmental Problems)

Editing Experience

Chief Editor "Al-Chemia” the Annual Magazine of the Chemistry Department, Government College Lahore.
Associate Editor (Chemistry Section), Journal of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Government, College Lahore.

MBA: 2007 to 2009
Commonwealth of Learning and Allama Iqbal Open University (COL/AIOU): 2009
Diploma in Computer Application: 2000
Government College of Science - Lahore, PK:
Ph.D in Biochemistry: 1973-1976
Strathclyde University Glasgow
Master of Science in Chemistry: 1959-1961
Punjab University, Lahore, PK
Excellence in Research Award; 2014
Conferred by Education.Expo( tv), NOIDA, India
The award was given in a Ceremony held in Bangalore India. Global Level Award: for Excellence inResearch (Science and Technology 2014) conferred by EducationExpo (tv), an India based organization involved in multifarious activities including ranking of national and international education and research institutions Applications were sought from the countries all over the world. There were 118 responses out of which four awads were conferred. I was asked to address the gathering with reference to the Appropriate Future Research for the Developing Countries
Certificates and Prizes
1. First Prize in TATOA 2006 International Case Competition .2, First Prize in
Fourth Renvoi, International Case Competition 2007
Held by Amity Business School NOIDA, India in 2006 2. First Prize in Fourth Renvoi, the International
Case Competition Held by Amity Business School NOIDA, India
One only: Production of Bio-diesel from Tannery Solid Waste of Kasur Pakistan

The project was carried out by one my M. Phil students Amna Naziir . She reported production of potential of about 250 tons per day from the solid tannery waste of Kasur. She brought her sample of bi-diesel and demonstrated its working to the committee showing on video, during the defence of her thesis .The patent has been sent to Government of Pakistan through a solicitor
Additional Information
1, Research Article Reviewer: I am a reviewer of a number of research articles published by standard international journals. An appropriate example here may be "Energy" published by Elsevier (IF around4). I have completed its 24 assignments and the journal has certified me as an "Outstanding Reviewer."

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