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Various forms of English, writing, and editing tought to all grade levels near Webster

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I am a disciplined and dedicated teacher, but I am amenable to certain life changes. I grade fairly, but I do expect a lot from my students. I also encourage any student who is struggling to come to me for help. Most lessons would involve discussing the assignments, interpretation of the reading, understanding the text, learning the background information that can help a student understand the reading, as well as breaking down the different types of and ways to write in an more affective manner.


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About Valerie

I have been teaching for a year and a half on the University level. I taught courses on a variety of subjects, helping the students to understand the content and assist with editing and proofreading of assigned documents. With younger students, I've worked for about two years on a volunteer basis. I would help students understand the basic rules of grammar, syntax, and basic writing skills.
Students I worked with did markedly well compared to when they initially came in, getting around an entire grade level above when they came in.



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Rates are based on education level of the student, travel time, and difficulty of the student.

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