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  • Advanced Technical Certificate
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Dr. V's Virtuoso in French, English / ESL, Writing, Editing, Translating, Interpreting & Test Prep


To learn to communicate in French and / or English with real "joie de vivre," experience Dr. V's Virtuoso and Amusez-Vous (Have Fun! Lessons are tailored to your learning styles, needs and objectives. Lessons may be live or virtual depending upon your preference. Feel free to call or email me for pricing plans and scheduling arrangements. Don't leave home today without your French and / or English. Be a language lover!!!!


Thus far, I have enjoyed an academic career in the role of French / ESL professor, language coordinator / course director and advisor / mentor. In an effort to deepen that bond and be at the forefront of the decision making process in shaping the future direction of language education in America, I am submitting my credentials as evidence of my enthusiasm for teaching / training, writing, editing, translating and interpreting. I obtained my Ph.D. in French language and literature from the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York in February 2004 with a specialization in twentieth-century literature and a concentration in translation. With my eclectic tastes, I also pursued studies in English, Philosophy and Education. In practice my academic career has focused upon the dissemination of the French and English languages, French / Francophone and American literatures and cultures with emphasis upon language pedagogy, proficiency testing and multimedia in the classroom; all culminating in dynamic language instruction. I have acted primarily as a generalist teaching French and English language courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels including Grammar, Composition, Culture and Media as well as Phonetics, Translation and French / Francophone literature from the Middle Ages to the present in both French and English. I have also taught core humanity courses, conducted interdisciplinary seminars and guided independent research projects. Moreover, my multifaceted experience at both the secondary and college levels in private as well as public institutions has honed my perception and sensitivity to the developmental stages of language learning relative to adolescents and adults. My active engagement in curriculum design, program administration and faculty development along with student advisement and study abroad modules reflects my overall commitment to the global vision of foreign language education today and attests to my ability as a leader of communication and proponent of innovation in second language acquisition. Thus, as an educator and linguistic, I wish to serve the global community.


Transportation Fee : $10
Rate for online lessons : $60/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $250
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $400
Lessons offered by Steven
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • ESL
  • French
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Advanced Technical Certificate
  • College
  • Adult Education
  • MBA
  • ILR Level 0
  • ILR Level 1
  • ILR Level 2
  • ILR Level 3
  • ILR Level 4
  • ILR Level 5
  • Other

Steven's resume

4 Auburn Lane
Hicksville, NY 11801
Home: (concealed information) / Cell: (concealed information)
E-mail: (concealed information)
2/04 Ph.D., French Language and Literature
The Graduate School and University Center
The City University of New York, Cum Laude
Dissertation: Albert Camus: His Quest for a Paradise Lost and the Poetics of Nostalgia
(Supervisors: Mary Ann Caws, Ph.D. (Director), Bettina Knapp, Ph.D., Jeanine Plottel, Ph.D.)
9/98 M.Phil., French Language and Literature
Doctoral oral examination passed with distinction
The Graduate School of the City University of New York
12/84 M.A., French
Stony Brook University, Cum Laude
5/80 B.A., French
Hofstra University, Magna Cum Laude
9/14 – Present Adjunct Associate Professor (Multiple Reappointments)
1/05 – 8/2009 Hofstra University
9/97 – 9/99 • revised and taught French I - IV via the communicative method and cultural studies
9/83 – 6/87 • designed and taught Twentieth Century French Literature via a thematic approach
(10 hrs/wk) • orchestrated and directed native aid student conversation modules
• served on French Coordination and Curriculum Committee
• prepared outcome assessment analysis via the Qualtrics survey
• conducted Student Recruitment, Retention and Advisement
9/14 – Present Adjunct Faculty in French & English
(10 hrs/wk) New York Institute of Technology
• created and taught pilot French language immersion program via e-book
• edited and taught Intermediate & Advanced ESL Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing
6/15 – 7/15 Adjunct Associate Professor
(25 hrs / wk) Molloy College
•created and taught an Advanced ESL Course for the MA in Music Therapy Program
6/13 - Present Freelance Linguist / Language Consultant:
(2 – 10 hrs/wk) • French / English Editing and Proofreading
(On Demand) • French / English Teaching, Training and Tutoring (live & virtual)
• French - English / English - French Interpreting and Translating
(concealed information)
8/09 – 5/13 Assistant Professor of French (fixed term position)
(40+ hrs/wk) United States Military Academy at West Point
• course directed Introductory French and French Through The Media
• planned and conducted teacher training workshops on new instructional resources • taught Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced French • acted as a guest lecturer in a Contemporary French Literature Course • mentored students in Independent Studies and Capstone Projects • served as curriculum and pedagogy consultant for French courses:
--Evaluated curricula and researched foreign languages materials
--Recommended and facilitated the purchase of instructional materials, supplies, equipment,
and visual aids designed to meet educational needs of students
--Observed work of foreign languages teaching staff and established an archive of effective
teaching strategies for future language instructors
•conducted program analyses via ACTFL “Prochievement” test results
•engaged in student recruitment, study abroad and community events
9/08 – 5/09 Adjunct Assistant Professor
(10 hrs/wk) European School of Economics
• Curriculum Coordinator
• Instructor of French Language & Culture Courses
9/08 – 12/08 Adjunct Assistant Professor
(10 hrs/wk) Adelphi University
• French Language Courses
• International Studies: Global Issues
9/07 – 6/08 French Instructor
(40+ hrs/wk) Elmont Memorial High School
• French II, III Regents & IV (Film) via competency based method
• Presider of French Poetry Contest
• Judge of Foreign Language Singing Contest
9/06 – 6/07 French Language Chair
(40+ hrs/wk) Lawrence Woodmere Academy
• Supervisor of French Faculty
• Curriculum Coordinator and Language Consultant
-revised and mapped French program from Introductory level through AP
• Instructor of French I –V Honors / AP via immersion and the communicative method
• Advisor for French Club and for the Tenth Grade
9/99 – 6/06 French Teacher/Advisor
(40+ hrs/wk) Brooklyn Friends School
• Instructor of Middle and Upper School French
• Middle and Upper School Advisor
• Methods and Materials Researcher
• Facilitator of curriculum maps and reports for Middle States Accreditation
• Implementer of Peer Mentor / Buddy System
• Faculty Sponsor for Quebec Cultural Excursion and Family Stays
9/91 – 5/02 Adjunct French Lecturer
(10 hrs/wk) C.U.N.Y.: Hunter, City and Lehman and Queensborough Community College
• French I - IV via the communicative and/or proficiency based method
in an immersion or natural language setting
• Doctoral student representative to the Coordinating Committee & to the Henri Peyre Institute
9/88 – 1/96 Language Lab Director/French Instructor
(30 hrs/wk) John Jay College of Criminal Justice
• Organizer of Pedagogical Resource Center
• Equipment/Materials Consultant 10/87 – 6/90 Adjunct French Instructor
• Designer of Language Workshops (8 hrs / wk) Nassau Community College
• Administrator of Tutoring Program
• Promoter of Pilot Immersion Teaching in French
3/88 – 9/88 Dean/Academic Coordinator
(40+ hrs/wk) American Hi-Tech Business School
• Supervisor of Academic Affairs / Faculty / Counseling
• Initiator of English for Excellence Program
• Partnered with colleagues on Resume Writing Workshop
• Architect of Student Activities and Work Study
• Liaison between students and faculty
8/87 – 3/88 Language Lab Director 2/87 – 6/87 Adjunct French Instructor
(40+ hrs/wk) Bernard Baruch College (4 hrs/wk) SUNY Farmingdale
• Facilitator of Language Lab Operations
• Editor of Orientation Video
• Creator of Broadcast Seminar
• Teaching Assistant
9/85 – 8/87 French Instructor 6/86 – 8/90 Freelance Linguist:
(40+ hrs/wk) Molloy College • Court Interpreting: Civil Cases, EBT’s &
• Coordinator of French Curriculum Workman's Compensation Board
• Moderator of French Club • French - English Translation
• Academic Course Advisor • Professional Training (CMP Publications)
• Teacher in English Institute • French / English Private Tutoring
University Level
Introductory French Advanced Grammar Survival French for Travelers
Intermediate French French Composition French for Nurses
French Conversation Survey of French Literature Literature in Translation
French Phonetics Modern French Civilization English as a Second Language
Translation Practicum French through the Media Technical Communication
Love, Sex and Gender in 20th Century French and Francophone Prose
Paradis Perdu / Exil chez Camus et Sartre
International Studies: Global Issues
College Preparatory
Middle School French Grades 6-8: Beginning French Language and Culture, Levels IA and IB.
Upper School French Grades 9-12: Levels I-V, Independent Study, French SAT II and AP French.
• Faculty Moderator for NATO World in Conversation Pilot Program with Haiti on April 25, 2013.
• Facilitator of Virtual Interactive Seminar on “French and American Perspectives on Media Today”
from the Paley Center for in Manhattan in April 2013.
• Point of Contact / Co-Coordinator of la 24e Semaine de la presse et des médias dans l’école (25/3–30/3)
(French media week with CLEMI (Centre de Liaison de l’Enseignement et des Médias d’Information)
• «Differentiated Instruction in the Language Immersion Classroom», work in progress.
• «Albert Camus in the Millennium», work in progress.
• «Albert Camus: A Colonial Conscience in an Imperialistic World», pending.
• Critical Review of the manual, French The Easy Way for Barons Pub., summer 2003.
• «Lumière et Obscurité», Le Ruisseau, 1982 Stony Brook, NY: Stony Brook University Press, 1982, p. 36.
• «Un Coeur Simple», Le Ruisseau, 1981. Stony Brook, NY: Stony Brook University Press, 1981, p. 22.
• «Maman», Point Virgule, 1980. Hempstead, NY: Hofstra University Press, 1980, p. 17.
• «Lamentation», Point Virgule, 1979, Hempstead, NY: Hofstra University Press, 1979, p. 6.
• Guest Lecturer on Albert Camus for the French Modern Literature Seminar Course, Spring 2012
• Moderator at Samuel G. Saldivar & Sheila R. Ackerklind Mentorship Colloquium, Spring 2011 & 2012
• Speaker at Tribute to Dr. John W. Kneller, CUNY Graduate Center, Fall 2002.
• Presenter at Memorial to Dr. Hanna Charney, CUNY Graduate Center, Spring 2002.
• Speaker at Tribute to Professors Bettina Knapp and Janine Plottel, CUNY Graduate Center, Spring 99.
• Moderator of «Mesure et Démesure» Conference, CUNY Graduate Center, April 1998.
• Presenter of «Le Paradoxe de Véritables Silences» paper at. Paradoxe et Vérité Conference, CUNY, Spring 1996.
• Reciter of Fables by Jean de La Fontaine. Performance at CUNY Graduate Center, Spring 1995.
• Actor in La Cantatrice Chauve by Eugène Ionesco, Hofstra Univ. & Stony Brook Univ., Spring 1979 & 1982.
• Representative – West Point Military Academy Faculty Council Fall 2012, Spring 2013.
• Facilitator – French Conversation Table, Fall 2011 – Spring 2013.
• Faculty Advisor – Montreal Immersion Excursion (West Point), November 2012.
• Study Abroad Site Evaluator – Rochefort Language Training Institute, Summer 2012.
• Co-Coordinator – Quebec Cultural Immersion Experience (West Point), February 2012.
• Facilitator – Summer Leaders’ Seminar, July 2011 and July 2012
• Mentor – West Point Football Team, Fall 2010, 2011 & 2012.
• Participant – Library Committee, Spring 2010 & 2011.
• Participant – Henri Peyre Commemoration at French Embassy, NY, NY, May 9, 2007.
• Participant – Fête de la Francophonie NY 2005, Career Fair and Panel Discussions, March 2005.
• Assistant – Quebec Cultural Immersion Program, Feb. 2003 & Feb. 2002.
• Representative – French PhD Executive Committee (1995-2001) & Henri Peyre Institute (2001-2002)
• Director/Instructor – Canadian Studies Program, July 1986.
• Participant – Distance Learning Seminars: Technology Competency Test Modules, N.Y.I.T., Jan 2015-Present.
• Participant – My Culture, Your Culture: Int’l Education for Success in the 20th Century, LFNY April 12, 2014.
• Participant – Séminaire Pédagogique sur le Français Commercial (Ambassade de France), May 20-24, 2013.
• Participant – Integrated Course Design for Significant Learning Workshop at West Point, April 23, 2013.
• Participant – Interdisciplinary Education Workshop at West Point, March 19, 2013.
• Participant – Learn Workshop: “Language and Culture: The Right Level, the Right Mix,” Summer 2012.
• Participant – Annual Brown Bag Writing and Research Forum, Spring 2010 & 2011.
• Participant – Master Teachers Program at West Point, August 2009 – May 2011.
• Participant – New York Times Luncheon Seminar Series, Fall 2009 – Spring 2013.
• Participant – Hofstra Technology Boot Camp / Faculty Computing Cohort, Summer 2009.
• Facilitator – Multilingual Luncheon Celebration by Adelphi Center for International Education, November ’08.
• Participant – French Teacher Workshop Series at the Alliance Française, NY, NY, Fall 2007–Spring 2008.
• Participant – Long Island Language Teachers Conference, Great Neck, NY, November 2006 & 2007.
• Participant – Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, NY, March 30 - April 2, 2006.
• Participant – Le vocabulaire et la grammaire: l'apprentissage de la langue, CUNY Teaching Series, March ’06.
• Participant – Le Théâtre dans l'enseignement du français, sponsored by the AATF, January 28, 2006.
• Faculty Cohort – Brooklyn Friends Laptop Camp and Curriculum Design Program, June 2004.
• Participant – CUNY Professional Training Workshop, March 19, 2004.
• Member – NAIS Annual Conference, February 2002.
• Member – Modern Language Association Convention, December 2002.
• Organizer – Performance and Discussion of Dada Opera, Les Larmes Du Couteau, November 2002.
• Participant – BFS Computer Seminars: Educator, Atlas Mapping and Smart Board, Sept. 1999 - June 2006.
• Facilitator – AATF Programme-Atelier sur le français commercial, February 2000.
• Recipient – Temporary Teaching Per Diem License – N.Y.C., August 1989
• Graduate – TANDBERG SYSTEM 500 School, October 1988.
• Graduate – Teaching Certificate - RASSIAS METHODS WORKSHOP, June 1987.
Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Assistantship Alpha Mu Gamma Pi Delta Phi Provost’s / Dean’s List
Nice Scholarship Sons of Italy Scholarship Graduate Fellowship Phi Sigma Iota Strathmore’s Who’s Who
• Computer Literacy: MS Office Blackboard E-School Data Educator First Class AMS Skype
MyLab Centro Moodle SharePoint MH Connect Supersite ILearn Webex ZOOM
• Reading knowledge: Latin & Spanish • Ministry: Renaissance Group Member
• Performance: Acting & Singing (Choir) • Leadership: Elections Inspector & Chair
• Modern Language Association • Camus Studies Association
• Alliance Française / French Alliance • New York Association of Teachers of French
• American Association of Teachers of French • Association for the Development of Foreign Languages
• American Association of University Professors • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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