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« Perfect! Highly recommended - Built agenda around my priorities, the session... More »
« Perfect! Highly recommended - Built agenda around my priorities, the session was interactive and had plenty of constructive feedback »
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Voice, Speech, Public Speaking and Accent Reduction Coach - 10 Years of Audiobook Narration, Voice Acting & Executive Presence Coaching Experience - Richard Di Britannia


Have you ever wished people would agree with your opinions, take your thoughts into consideration or just say 'you've got a nice voice'?

Well, all voices work on air so to get a confident and rich voice which people listen to and some executive presence, you first need to know how use yours better!

My method of helping people reach their goal of getting a great voice with confident communication skills is a little different. Most voice coaches make their student slog through hours of punishing exercises turning vibrant, natural accents into an old hierarchical relic of the past called 'received pronunciation'. This usually involves repeating boring tongue twisters or old speeches - leaving you spending your day worried about slipping back into your native tongue when get tired or excited.

Is all that stress really necessary? I don't think so.

Listen to any advertisement, executive presentation or TED talk and you'll hear a myriad of accents and communication skills. You don't need to trade your own rich, warm and musical dialect for an anachronism of the past. Nor do you need to talk to yourself in a mirror or record your voice. In my view, these methods are outdated. Instead, you need the ability to articulate your thoughts with ease, because the best speakers are not those with golden voices - the best speakers are clear communicators.

Let me guide you along a journey to help you speak confidently and articulate your thoughts with a strong voice - all whilst still keeping what makes you unique!


Ask yourself:

• Is your voice sabotaging your first impression due to a slurred accent, by being weak, croaky or nasal?

• Are you terrified of public speaking?

• Are people asking you to slow down or speak up when you talk?

• Do you find your voice hurts after a short speech or are your opinions being ignored when speaking in groups?

• Are you learning English and struggling to make certain sounds?

• Do your communication skills leave you struggling to socialise?

All of these issues can be fixed!


With lessons from me you'll learn:

• Ways to empower yourself with key concepts which create a great voice.

• How to identify weaknesses in your own voice and how to fix them.

• Exercises to rectify breathing problems and strengthen the muscles used when talking.

• How to deepen or heighten the tone of your voice.

• Routines to clearly vocalise all forty-four phonemes (sounds) of the English language such as 'st', 'th', etc...

• How to become an articulate and eloquent speaker using my unique 'thought-articulation' framework.

Or, if you struggle with a particular vocal sound, mouth shape or just have an anxiety when talking, get in touch to discuss how I can help you become a better speaker.


You'll also get a free textbook written by myself and each session will come with an extensive recap document summarising everything we cover - meaning you don't have to take notes, because I do that for you!


One of our best tutors! High-quality profile, qualified, and response guaranteed. Richard will carefully plan your first lesson.


For over a decade Richard Di Britannia has worked as an audiobook narrator and voice actor for top global brands, institutions and organisations such as Mercedes-Benz, WWF and the US Government. All beginning when he was rendered completely mute for several months due to acid reflux and had to teach himself how to talk again.

Richard has also been hired to consult on executive presentation, communication confidence and public speaking techniques at Amazon, Google and Morgan Stanley. There he taught CEO's, executives and people like yourself his 'thought-articulation' system which combines neurological restructuring with mechanical exercises to cultivate eloquence and gravitas.

Finally, he's also an international best-selling expert on the topic of improving enunciation with 'Speak and Be Heard: 101 Vocal Exercises for Voice Actors, Public Speakers and Professionals', improving impromptu speaking skills with 'Speak Your Way to Wealth: How to Talk to Yourself, so You can Speak with Others' and cultivating communication confidence with 'Small Talk, Small Ideas: Fifty Ways to Have a Deep Conversation'.


Rate for online lessons : $136/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $612
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $1088


Online tutoring:

- Lessons last one hour.

- Lessons are taught via Skype or Google Meet. No screen sharing is required, but a webcam is advised to aid with enunciation exercises.


- I am available from 11am to 7pm, seven days a week (depending on voiceover recording schedules).

Travel fees:

- Not currently traveling due to lockdown.

Textbook Fees:

- Included.

Cancellation fees:

- I fully understand if you have to cancel last minute, therefore there are no cancellation fees if you give me at least 24 hours notice!

- If you have to cancel on the same day, I respectfully ask you contribute a reasonable remuneration to cover my expenses in rescheduling.

Lessons offered by Richard
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Personal coaching
  • Public speaking
  • All Levels

Richard's resume

British Voice Association - Contributing Author

Audiobook Creators Alliance - Consultant

Author - "Speak and Be Heard", "Speak Your Way to Wealth" & "Small Talk Small Ideas"

The 24 reviews on Richard
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All our ratings are collected by us and are in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Perfect! Highly recommended - Built agenda around my priorities, the session was interactive and had plenty of constructive feedback


Perfect! Richard approached the lesson professionally and communicated an understanding of the issues. He followed up with an email summarising the lesson.


Perfect! Richard is an incredible tutor that I would like to recommend for everyone! He had a fully personalised approach for each class and provided so many eye-opening insights that I never noticed or thought about. I already received positive feedback from my colleagues and could see how his advice, suggestions and additional techniques already improved my presentation skills. Thank you so much, Richard!


Perfect! Tailoring content to my exact needs. Providing insight, exercises and strategies that are relevant and beneficial to my needs. I would highly recommend


Perfect! In addition to being an excellent practitioner of his craft, Richard is also an excellent teacher. He is patient, helpful and methodical in his approach. I learnt a lot from him during our sessions and am a much better communicator thanks to him!


Perfect! I was very impressed with Richard's ability to spot areas I can work on. Would definitely recommend him. He's a very kind and talented teacher.


Perfect! Just finished my first session with Richard and can’t recommend highly enough!
Extremely professional and made me feel at ease from the outset.
I am certain, that with the tools and guidance given by Richard, I will achieve my goal of public speaking confidently without the crippling fear and anxiety holding me back!
Look forward to my next session!


Perfect! You are in great hands with Richard! He is very professional and gets straight to the point. He immediately identified what I need to work on and gave very clear and informative advice and instructions.


Perfect! Richard is very kind, thoughtful and thorough in accessing your current situation as well as a good listener and giving a thorough assessment using his tools & techniques, as well as supplying a thorough report based on his experience of you along with suggestions and other relevant information for you. I was amazed in the difference that I noticed even during our first session. Richard is calm, relaxed and not pushy and gives thorough instructions and feedback. I would highly recommend him and plan to do a few more sessions with him to achieve the results desired. I’m already on my way!


Perfect! Richard has exceeded expectations. He is astoundingly knowledgeable and warmly encouraging. He has been working with our two teenage girls to build confidence in speaking and voice control. He has a gift for breaking complicated technical information into easily digestible bits and he is always positive. The girls enjoy their lessons with him and have made noticeable and rapid progress.

12 recommendations


Working with Richard was an absolute joy. He was insightful, kind and very patient. You usually have something else in mind the first time you work with a voice coach, think The King's Speech. But the process was helpful and enlightening and he was able to dismantle in an hour what I've been struggling with for more than a year.

My advice, don't think twice. At the very least, you'll make the acquaintance of this nice professional gentleman and learn a lot in the process.


Having just met Richard, I think his skills and tuition are invaluable and a 'must' for anyone in an organisation that deals with people.

Philip Warren


Richard is great! My session was super valuable! He creates a very comfortable environment and I felt at ease through the whole session!

Richard makes it easy by taking notes and summarizing the session and sharing these with you after.

Super duper, I can really recommend him!


Richard has been a fantastic coach for me. His style is friendly and supportive, yet he still delivers that crucial criticism and helps you to really improve. His professional demeanour is inspiring and his sessions are always well thought out, focused and above all else helpful.


I found Richard through a recommendation from a Youtuber I follow. I am teaching an online course and feel that my voice is monotonous. Richard helped me through multiple exercises and explained so many helpful points. Just within a 1-hour lesson, I feel that I was able to improve drastically and I will be taking a few more lessons. He gave me pointers that instantly improved my voice and other things to work on, as well as pointing out my current strong points. The lesson was very specific to me and my particular needs. I was nervous to start with, but it was a lot of fun!!

Speaking is such a basic thing as humans, and I think everyone could benefit from taking classes like this, but especially anyone who is doing any kind of public speaking.

I 100% recommend Richard.


Richard is a fantastic voice coach and he has completely changed how I perceive my voice to be! The lessons were tailored specifically to my needs and Richard is very quick to reply to any worries/questions I might have on my voiceover journey. Cannot praise him enough!


I have had a free taster session with Richard. I found him approachable, genuine and extremely knowledgeable in his field. Richard was very generous with his time and keen to help as much as possible. He asked a few questions at the beginning in order to ascertain my level which meant we did not waste time on what I already knew. I was very impressed by his professional and transparent approach and will be contacting him again.


Richard is a very technically aware and competent tutor. His teaching style is friendly and thorough, and he has helped me a lot on several voice acting auditions. The free book that came with the lessons was very useful as well.

I would heartily recommend Richard to anyone who was looking to develop their voice acting or public speaking.


As someone who generally struggles with absorbing new information and learning in general, Richard's enthusiasm and calm patience really helped me convince myself I could improve myself.

The additional reading material you get also really helped make sure everything learnt was solidified.

Great teacher, couldn't reccomend enough


Richard is a very technically aware and competent tutor. His teaching style is friendly and thorough, and he has helped me a lot on several voice acting auditions. The free book that came with the lessons was very useful as well.

I would heartily recommend Richard to anyone who was looking to develop their voice acting or public speaking.

Interview with Richard

QUESTION 01 | 08
How long have you been interested in the field of voice over and how did you get started?
Richard — Over a decade ago I became completely mute for three months due to a small micro-stroke and acid reflux which damaged my vocal cords. After a few weeks, I started to forget the sound of my own voice, which was terrifying, especially as I had no recordings of it! At the time I also lived on a boat which meant I had to create my own vocal restoration routine. The fear of not being able to remember what I sounded like made me determined to work towards ensuring that one day, millions of people around the world would recognise my voice. This is slowly coming true – my voice is heard by a few hundred thousand people each day thanks to my audiobooks, voice acting and commercial narration!
QUESTION 02 | 08
What makes your lessons and method different?
Richard — I use my own, international best-selling textbook and I welcome my methods to be peer-reviewed and scientifically measured to show how they are beneficial. Several of the more ‘established’ methods practiced today have been either discredited or even found to be damaging to vocal strength building by medical journals – which is disappointing as they continue to be popular. I don’t believe in building vocal strength by having people do interpretive dance, ‘projecting the voice out of the palms’ or by practicing positive thinking. I believe speakers need to strengthen the muscles involved in producing speech, just like a runner would do to their lungs and legs before taking part in a marathon. My method involves more effort, but the results show.
QUESTION 03 | 08
Could you provide some instant top tips to improve your voice?
Richard — Staying well hydrated is crucial to lubricating the vocal cords with mucus and allowing them to function properly. Secondly, speaking with breath support from the diaphragm allows you to not only speak slower and clearer, but also increases the power and richness of your voice. Finally, learn to love your accent – society no longer demands people speak in RP.
QUESTION 04 | 08
How would you describe your method as a practitioner?
Richard — Past clients have said my lessons are fun but exhausting! A lot of my work involves identifying and rectifying years of learned bad habits, many of which stem from childhood. Sometimes the lessons involve pulling funny faces to identify exactly which muscles are weak, over emphasising the odd vowel or simply just improving breath support through physical breathing exercises. I’ve never had a client not burst into laughter at some point. I often transform students from having weak and croaky voices or reduced lung capacity to speakers able to power through entire sentences with a rich and warm tone. To them, it’s incredibly empowering as it brings about a change in both their self-confidence and career prospects.
QUESTION 05 | 08
With experience, are there things you have learned or unlearned about yourself or others?
Richard — Chasing perfection is admirable but ultimately unobtainable. Richard Burton was often acclaimed as the finest speaker of the English language to have ever lived. His mellifluous baritone pitch and near-perfect enunciation graced the ears of millions across the world. His vocal routine involved climbing mountains whilst reciting poem and verse to his mentor, who would slowly walk away from him whilst still demanding vocal clarity. Yet even Burton, a master among masters was known to fib his lines or trip over his tongue; you can hear this for yourself by listening to the narration outtakes of Jeff Wayne’s 'War of the Worlds' album. There are many speakers who are crippled by the worry of mispronouncing their words. Some hesitate to say anything and others even stutter in fear. If you hope to never mispronounce a word again then you will be disappointed, such is the fickle nature of the detachment between the voice and the brain.
QUESTION 06 | 08
Do you have a role model, a person who really inspired you?
Richard — There are an innumerable number of voices I’ve admired. Sir David Attenborough, Martin Luther King Jr., Sir Winston Churchill, Joanna Lumley, Orson Wells, Richard Burton, Dame Judi Dench and many more are just a handful – and importantly none of them spoke perfectly. To me it was the clarity, passion and articulation of their thoughts which carried the gravitas of their performances which captured the hearts and minds of their audiences. We easily forget faces, but we seldom forget a distinctive voice and no great speech has ever involved PowerPoint!
QUESTION 07 | 08
How do you personally practice; what methods work for you?
Richard — Given that some weeks I can be recording upwards of 100,000 words for an audiobook and also offering lessons where I need to over-emphasise pronunciation, I have what many would consider to be a phenomenally strenuous daily workout plan that I’ve built up over the last ten years. If I were to give it to a student, they’d be hoarse within the hour! Each morning I start off with some low humming, diaphragmatic and embouchure training, my own trademarked exercises and then launch into reading aloud for at least three hours a day. I love voice acting and can’t see myself doing anything else!
QUESTION 08 | 08
Tell us about a memorable lesson:
Richard — Probably the most memorable lesson was an email from a client who said she’d purchased my book for her daughter who had developed selective mutism and chose not to speak to anyone after to a traumatic experience. After reading the book, she taught herself how to whistle and uses that as a way of communicating. That message alone made the entire four years of publishing worth it.

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