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Welcome! I use examples or models and make learning fun with an atmosphere of friendliness and service to my students. Since 1978 in K-adult settings and online since 1993, I use best practices!

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Lessons include a beginning, middle, and end. There are specific goals with writing such as designing a thesis or main idea, organized paragraphs and concluding statement. These are based on the assignment which I explain through concepts, models, paradigms, and frameworks. We can create glossary of terms for you, perhaps. Demonstrations use a whiteboard for actual real time writing lessons made just for you to grow in confidence, handouts and I also have a YouTube channel where I can create specific videos just for you to listen to to review what you have learned. We will use key research techniques with research sites, books, pamphlets, newsletters, or journals or other material. I will be demonstrating techniques of close reading in order to explicate a text with terms of the literary scholar that apply to writing across the curriculum and differentiating among major literary genres to converse, to analyze, and to use cultural heritage.
Journey through technology one student at a time to create new voices to develop language skills. Purpose: The purpose of tutoring is to help my students demonstrate abilities to devise a project strategy, to create a final well designed presentations findings with personal views and knowledge in your own words. The process starts with an outline of objectives that we write for lessons. I write with you to give the confidence you need to succeed.


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About Maryann

I have published over 50 books, articles, and given hundreds of lectures internationally. For the past 15 years at Lehigh University, I have lectured and acted as a Writing Coach for Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering. I speak for international conferences for our English and Education Departments on Cultural Diversity, Writing, argumentation techniques, research methods. In my community, I help students from K-adult to write. In classes, I offer presentations on poetry writing at local parks, American and British Poetry, Global Literature and I have taught Film Theory which I have emphasized as a themed class to teach writing based on film theory with concentrations in African American Literature, Global Film History at Lehigh University in English 1 and 2. I am prepared to teach creative non-fiction, creative writing, essay writing, short story, and have recently published a juvenile fiction book and a set of short stories, books on Cultural Poetics and Metacognition or thinking about thinking. My undergraduate degree is in Theatre Arts from Penn State University. At Lehigh University, I concentrated on Stage History 1980 (As You Like It) (performances by Katharine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave, Dame Edith Evans) and published a book in 2005 based on my thesis.
I hold a Doctor of Education degree.

I. Writing as a Learning Community

I also offer examples of current social networking as a framework for achievement. Students read the works of multicultural authors and create audio presentations in youtube. Music, photography, art, pinterest, twitter and facebook become the new literature. Stories that students create in the new literature of the social network become the new voices for a global cultural literature revolution. Mirror the classroom by following activities that students can perform before they enter the classroom.

The framework short story fuses authentic assessment and multiculturalism as a focus to envision the student in a creative process. The Outcome: self understanding and transformation

II. Review of the Research

Flavell coined the term metacognition in the seventies of the last century (Flavell, 1979).

Howard Gardner, in Frames of Mind (1983 page 78), regards the “rhetorical aspects of language as the ability to use language to convince other individuals of a course of action; the mnemonic potential of language to help one remember information; the role of language in explanation and the potential of language to explain and reflect on itself as in metalinguistic analysis.”

Vincent Tinto (2003) Chair of the Higher Education Program at Syracuse University, Learning Community in higher education means

Shared knowledge, Shared knowing, Shared responsibility

Tinto (2003) concludes: Learning Communities tend to form their own self supporting groups and Learning Community students become more active in the learning process and remain so even after class is over. I can verify his theory. My students at University of Maryland University College tell me this fact: they truly enjoy my class atmosphere; and my class learning community is the reason.

Participation in the Learning Community enhances the quality of student learning. As students see themselves more engaged they persist at a higher rate. They want to grow as writers in learning communities that encourage writing. Students learn educational citizenship with awareness of their responsibilities in learning experience and their ability to aid others in the experience as well. Knowledge requires language; knowledge is socially constructed rather than discovered deliver a new vision. My experience reveals learning communities change writers in distance learning settings.

Learning communities are “groups of people engaged in interaction for the purpose of learning” Cross (1998). We can now state this same case positively in a way that includes, but goes somewhat beyond, Dewey’s doctrine that ‘school is primarily a social institution’ and that experience is education. We can now identify the particular experience that educates: constructive conversation. Students learn by joining transition communities in which people construct knowledge as they talk together and reach consensus. What teachers do is set up conditions in which students can learn. And one of the most important ways teachers do that is by organizing students into transition communities for reacculturative conversation”(1995 Bruffee). According to Cross (1998) The pedagogy of learning community “enhances student learning and persistence and enriches faculty professional lives. I agree with Cross. My whole attitude toward my teaching in the distance setting for the University of Maryland University College is joyous. Every student is a scholar after they experience my classes.



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