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Ph.D. with a Master's Level TEFL/TESOL certification. Have taught 2-year-olds to CEOs. I provide the English skills you desire and customize each lesson to your needs. I can teach online or in person.

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I believe good teaching begins with a solid assessment to determine students’ needs, interests, strengths, and desires. I also believe good teaching requires a solid curriculum that provides students with the opportunities for both success and challenge. I develop a unique curriculum and learning plan for each student based on his or her assessment outcomes and individual interests, desires and needs.

My classes - whether one-to-one or with a large group are very active. I utilize interesting readings, conversations, lessons, worksheets, games, and music. I wrote a book about three decades ago called "Teaching as a Performing Art - What Good is the Show if No-one Wants to Come?" To this day, I still strongly believe those words I wrote. My goal is to make your class so engaging that you can't wait to come to the next class! Laughter and humor are probably my two best teaching tools. We will NEVER laugh at you; we will OFTEN laugh about life! Now, don't worry, I can be serious and strict, as well. I will match my teaching style to your learning and personal style...although, I will probably always bring along some fun and laughter.


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About Barbara

What began as a desire to give back to the community by volunteering with new immigrants as an ELL instructor with a non-profit in Minneapolis transformed into a new passion to earn my TEFL/ TESOL certificate – at a Master’s level.

I have over 30 years’ experience of university teaching that prepared me well to handle both the administrative and classroom management aspects of teaching ELL students. My extensive experience teaching – both in a traditional classroom and online – allows me to focus all my attention on my students.

In addition to teaching ELL as a volunteer, I have taught English in India. I have extensive international experience, having taken college-aged students to Mexico, India, and London to engage in service as part of their higher-education requirements.

Earlier in my professional career, I served as an Educational Specialist with a national dropout prevention program. Personally, I worked with the “most at-risk students,” as identified by the local Boards of Education, in 11 schools in New York City and eight rural schools in the Appalachian Region of the U.S. Weekly, I would find myself in the poorest neighborhoods in the Bronx or sleeping on a teacher’s couch in a rural township in Kentucky because there would be no hotels/motels within 50 miles of the school I was serving.

I have taught some of the poorest students in American, as well as some of the most privileged. To that end of the spectrum, my role as Dean of Students at Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C. had me in daily contact with U.S. Senators’ and Ambassadors’ daughters. I was schooled in the proper etiquette of serving a formal tea to Barbara Bush, and still love a good evening of bluegrass music sitting on a blanket in a field.

Moving among the diversity of cultures – nationally and internationally – and learning about the people with whom I worked and lived, transformed my sense of community. I found joy and wonder, hardship and challenges wherever I worked. Our commonalities are tremendous; our uniqueness beautiful.



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Multiple-Class Discount Refunds:
Classes being scheduled for the multiple-class discount must be paid for at the first class. Refunds are provided as described above in my cancellation policy. If the entire set of multiple classes are being canceled, one-half of the amount for the remaining classes will be refunded.

Cancelation & Refund Policy:
If a student cancels a class 72 or more hours before the scheduled class, every effort will be made to re-schedule the student and a full refund will be provided.

If a student cancels a class with fewer than 72 hours to their class, the student will be charged half the agreed-upon rate for that missed class. If another student can be scheduled for that time slot a full refund will be provided. And, of course, every effort will be made to reschedule that student for a convenient time.

If the teacher needs to cancel a class, that same 72 or more-hour notice will be provided whenever possible. If your class is canceled less than 72 hours of your scheduled class, you will be re-scheduled at a convenient time and will not be charged for either the originally scheduled class nor the make-up.

Emergencies and other outstanding needs/demands can be discussed at the student’s initiative.

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