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Worcester Chemical Engineer gives lessons in mathematics, chemistry, and sciences in Worcester county.

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Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering minor in Mathematics from WPI tutors middle school and high scool students in math (algebra through Calculus 1) and chemistry and general science. Explains difficult subject matter in plain English in a low key manner so that students can relate.


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About Tom

I taught algebra for a number of years to high scool students in CT while I worked as a chemical engineer there. Other teaching experience includes: flight instructor gives single and multi-engine flight instruction; Also current Aikido instructor at Zenshinkan Aikido and at WPI and hold a 2nd degree black belt in Aikido awarded by Hombu dojo in Tokyo, Japan.



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5hrs in person $200. Pd in advance.
10 hrs in prsn $375. Pd in advance.

5hrs Skype $200. Pd in advance.
10 hrs Skype $375. Pd in advance.

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