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Work Hard have funn learn from a former pro dancer n much more! -Rachel

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High school Diploma
Some college
Certified Medical assistant
I love teaching kids that want to learn. I am a pusher for hard work but also make learning fun.
I have run track, cheered my whole life in school, all-star, pro Philadelphia Soulmate for Football. if you are someone wanting to learn one of these I garentee my hardest work for you to become confidant plus improve in any area you tell me.


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About Rachel

I love coaching, and for 2 years I have givin back to my community to coach cheer and take on the roll as cheer coordinator. The max stutents I have taught in ages 3 to 13 years oldat once to get fundamentals and moving on from that to next levels when ready. The Max number I have taught a at once giving them my full attention so you learn- 30 children.



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First I would like to say my rates will definitely change due to the fact of children's ages ,what they would like to accomplish, are they in middle school high school or want to do All-Star competition,and even go into the professional cheerleading world . I will give percentages off with classes bought in bulk as well as distance to travel if I am very close by of course the prices will be lower. But when I get the chance to speak with you and I hope that I do I will go over prices. Now off the bat every child we get a nutrition plan because that's very important to eat right and drink lots of water. Working out we would do together as a team. I also will go over fundamentals right Away and teach some basketball or football terms. Depending what they're trying out for. This way your child knows what's going on during the games whether football or basketball they will be on the look out for offense or defense so they know what kind of chants to call. I will also go over certain chants that are typical in many schools. I will teach some dances just to get them comfortable with performing, and as well as a look for what every cheerleader should be wearing for practice or audition day. Say you have a child that's about to graduate from high school and they want to become a professional cheerleader? like I was able to do In 2005-2008. I will go over with them in detail everything that is expected for that important day so they stand out. Like I said before I have a great background when it comes to cheerleading I started when I was very little all the way through high school All-Stars and professional I even tried out for the Eagles and made it to finals three or four times I love giving back and teaching but I need the child to want to be determined as well. When a child is focused we get more done they learn more and it basically you get more for your money and not many children can say that they're learning from a professional. I will give out print outs for each child on what is there a specific goals the nutrition and so on. Finally I hope that I do hear from a parent soon you won't regret it I can't guarantee of course no one can say your child would make a team but I will guarantee they have a better shot by coming to me and allowing my lessons getting them prepared. Lastly I will leave your child more confident ,outgoing, friendly, and knowing the knowledge for what they are asking to learn,and especially most important a leaving your child with knowledge to be a leader not a follower. She will stand out at Games or Audition!! knowing that she can do it on our own and worked hard to get where she's at. Hope to hear from you soon thank you

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