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Writing and Comprehensive Literature Tutor (Houston,TX) College Student (Teaching Major) Proficiency in Creative Writing, Literature and Research

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Hi! I have a passion for writing and reading. I wish to help others improve their comprehension of literature and ability to write great papers/understand their assigned reading or assignment. I believe in guidance without blatantly giving the answer or solution. Believing in your own ability to write like a pro is key to achieving your goals, however, I am here to help wherever there is confusion.


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About Kerry

I have personally been in Advanced Placement (AP) English courses for as long as I can remember. I've been reading every book I could get my hands on since I could read! I was able to exempt the English course required by my college because of my AP test scores. I have helped many classmates achieve amazing papers and helped them cultivate their own writing style as well as guide them in understanding literature.



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