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20 Years Experienced Dance instructor, Choreographer Specialized in Contemporary, Urban, Traditional Western and Central African Dance STYLE: AFROBEATS- AFRODANCE...

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African dance could be intimidating, but with the right method of teaching, an experienced instructor, and a fun approach, you will achieve your result.

My unique way of teaching is staying authentic to the African culture through the dance steps I teach.

My method is to have fun, creativity through imagery while teaching you how to focus on the body movement that will improve your style and fluidity in any dance style, including contemporary and Popular Afrobeats and Afromix Dances. In most of my sessions, I will teach you the dance steps' meaning, story, history, and origin. It is like a trip to that specific place where the dance originated.

I have a specific method for all levels and ages, with or without any experience. My teaching style will give you the tools to dance socially and in any setting. After a dance session with me, people feel empowered, motivated, and filled with joy. There is a sense of purpose to their existence.

I don't just teach people how to dance, but I connect to their souls by leading them to see what they are capable of achieving through their God-given power; some may call it a therapeutic African Dance session.

Dance styles:
Contemporary, Traditional, Urban (Afrobeats, Afrodance, Coupe Decale, Ndombolo, Soukous, Gwara Gwara, Gweta…).

Dance Focus: Western and Central Africa

While learning the steps, we will focus on the importance of the body as its plays a major role in moving and accurately executing a dance movement.

You will develop

*Coordination (Ability to work different parts of the body together)
*Kinesthetic awareness (to know and control the position and state of the body),
*Control of weight and balance in motion,
*An awareness of space,
*A strong sense of rhythm,
*An appreciation of music.

Some dances will focus on developing Grace, fluidity, and harmony of the body.

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Chefi is a choreographer, dance instructor, and coach. She has trained and taught all levels of students and professionals. She brings energy, beauty, and fun to her classes. She has worked with great dancers of all races and ages through her dance workshops, private lessons, and groups.

Come and experience an energetic moment through some popular fun African dance. Get ready to visit some of the best countries in Africa through their authentic dance steps.

She will work with you at your pace and motivate you for more.



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The first session is not free. But at a discounted price.

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