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7 Years Experienced Web Developer Offering Web Development Lessons for All Levels

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Siddharth is one of our best tutors Web development. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

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These Web Development classes are specially curated for those who aspire to get a job or freelance projects. Suitable for college students too.

Each class will be LIVE on Google Meet/Zoom with flexible timings.

Recordings of all the sessions will be available to you.

Every concept will be explained using a graphics tablet and pencil.

Learning by building live projects to build up your resume.

My personalized notes with practical real-life problem statements after every class.

FREE doubt clearing sessions on chat anytime.

Being a software developer and a part-time freelancer, I will also teach you how to get a job/freelancing projects.


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About Siddharth

I am 7 years experienced Fullstack Web developer and teach Web Development in my part-time for the last 4 years.

I have been teaching Web Development to the students of the University of London, Cambridge, Manchester, and California since 2015.

I love to teach Web Development concepts along with the methods of monetizing your Web Development skills.

My taught students are placed into companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, and Amazon. Many of them work as full-time Web Development freelancers.



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  • 10h: $495


  • $55/h

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The rate for online lessons: $55 USD/h
The rate for 5 hours of lessons: $260 USD/h (5% off)
The rate for 10 hours of lessons: $495 USD/h (10% off)

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  • 01

    Can you tell us about your first experience using a computer?

    My first experience with a computer was when I was 7 years old. I was in my 1st standard and was fascinated when my teacher taught me HTML. I went back home and using my father's business computer, I practiced and coded his business website, a basic version.

  • 02

    What is the technological evolution that has marked you most and what will be, in your eyes, a turning point in this field?

    The fiber-optic internet connection helped me to connect with thousands of students around the world, thus adding more and more people to the programming and web development community who will evolve this field further by innovation and R&D.

  • 03

    Explain your expertise, your interest in it and, more broadly, its importance in the computer world.

    I have been solving the problems of businesses and start-ups through my expertise in web development for the last 7 years. I am much more inclined to web development as it helps me to impact people's life by creating problem-solving products.

  • 04

    Do so-called 'visionaries', such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg inspire you or do you have other role models?

    I have learned a lot from these people! I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me. For example, a particular person can inspire me how to be polite while others could motivate me how to be physically fit. A dog can prompt me to be faithful while a cow how to be innocent.

  • 05

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.

    I was in my 2nd year of college and my college's Technical Fest was scheduled in a week. The website for the same was not ready yet, I still remember that I with my teammates developed the website in 5 days with very little sleep. In those 5 days, I learned a lot of things in web development and this taught me that learning with projects will shallow the learning curve. After this, whenever I had to learn a new framework/technology, I just go through the documentation and do a project in that.

  • 06

    What would you say to an uncomfortable person in front of a screen who says that "IT is too complicated"?

    IT seems to be too complicated because people directly jump to concepts without learning the pre-requisites. The learning curve becomes shallow if the concepts are learned one by one from basics to advanced with hands-on practice.

  • 07

    What are your other passions, related or non-related to computers?

    like to communicate with people and try to solve their problems with my skills. I am passionate about teaching programming and web development concepts efficiently to create more and more Innovators and Tech Entrepreneurs.

    I start my day with Yoga & Meditation then boost myself through a half-marathon around the city and relax my mind by listening to mantras and playing the piano. After debugging my programs I sometimes make programming memes and post on my Instagram programming community.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof in IT?

    I have mentored more than 100 students and watching them creating an impact on people's life by efficiently solving their problems using the skills they learned from me and knowing my small role in their success is a pleasant and fulfilling experience. I guess that makes me a Superprof.

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