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Jane - Prof french - Toronto
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  • French
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6 years tutoring experience - Native French speaker, worked in the government as a bilingual, French public speaking competition winner, and graduated HS with a Trilingual Honours Certificate

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Jane is one of our best tutors French. They have a high-quality profile, verified qualifications, a quick response time, and great reviews from students!

About Jane

• Responsible, organized, goal-oriented & punctual
• Works well independently and as part of a team
• Customer service, administrative & technical skills
• Languages: English, French, (Intermediate) Spanish
• Communication skills (writing, oral, presentation, social media)
• IT skills & data management (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Frankv2, Trello)

Private French Tutor – Superprof.ca
Feb 19th, 2020 – Present, Toronto

Policy and Programs Assistant – Ministry of Education
Jun 14th – Aug 27th, 2021, Toronto

Social Media Marketing Assistant – FD Group & Apparel (Black-owned)
Apr 2019 – Mar 23rd, 2021, Toronto

Office Assistant – Ministry of Attorney General
Jul 24th, 2018 – Sep 1, 2018

• Tutor (French, Spanish, Mathematics) at Leaside High School Sep 2015 – Jun 2019
• Junior Camp Counselor at University of Toronto Aug 8th – 12th, 2019
• Bilingual Party Greeter at Scotiabank Marathon Oct 18th, 2015
• Ambassador at Luminato Festival 2012

• CPR at the Health Care Provider Level (BLS), Toronto CPR Inc., Aug 21st, 2021
• WHMIS certificate, Aug 19th, 2021
• Ministry of Labour’s Worker Health and Safety Awareness Certification, Aug 19th, 2021
• G1 Driver’s License, Jun 5th, 2021
• Honour Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Extended French, Leaside High School, Jun 27th, 2019
• Honour Certificate of Achievement in Spanish International Language Program, Leaside High School, Jun 27th, 2019
• The (Ontario Human Rights) Code & AODA Certificate, Dec 28th, 2017
• Completion of 2-week L.I.T (Leader-in-Training) program, University of Toronto,
Aug 1st - Aug 12th, 2016

• Ontario Scholar Award – Leaside High School, Jun 27th, 2019
• French Public Speaking Competition (Concours d’Art Oratoire) – Winner at School Board level, made it to Provincial Level, May 2016
• French Public Speaking Competition (Concours d’Art Oratoire) – Winner at School Board level, made it to Provincial Level, Apr 2015
• Participated in the Keep the Promise Canada movement – Worked with government officials and representatives to eradicate child poverty in Canada, 2014

• York University, Second Entry Nursing BScN – Toronto Sep 2021 – Present
• York University, Global Health (Honours) BA – Toronto Sep 2019 – April 2021
• Leaside High School – Toronto Sep 4th, 2015 – June 27th, 2019

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As a French tutor, my approach to teaching is first understanding how the student learns best. From there, I can choose the best way to teach them whether it be through visual learning, repetition of words, making connections, writing out words, sounding out words for pronunciation, etc. I am patient with the tutee and make sure to get their feedback on my methods and ask what works best for him or her, if the methods were helpful or not for example, and how I can adjust my teaching style to meet his or her needs.

Note: I do not speak with a Quebecois accent, but speak a universal/continental French.

I have six years experience in tutoring (volunteer-wise and professionally combined) French and other subjects with different age groups. I graduated from High School with an Honour Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Extended French. This means half of my courses were completed in French throughout my secondary school career. French is also my first language as I immigrated from a francophone country and I continue to speak it at home with my family, as well as, I started the Extended French program since grade 4 up until grade 12 with excellent marks! My strengths in this area are especially grammar, writing, oral communication (i.e., pronunciation, reading aloud, accent reduction).

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Find out more about Jane

  • 1. When and why did you develop an interest in your chosen field? *

    Ever since I was young, I spoke French in a Francophone household. As I grew older, I realized how it is such a privilege to know French natively in a society where bilingualism is treasured. That is why I worked hard to preserve my French skills and got formal education in French. I then decided to help others who are eager to improve their skills but do not have someone to teach them.
  • 2. What makes you passionate about your subject?

    I have always loved to travel, learn about different cultures and languages, and meet people from different backgrounds. As an immigrant, I was raised up speaking French at home and have always valued the privilege I have to be constantly immersed in a French environment. With all my experiences and language skills, many opportunities and doors opened up for me as well as I was blessed enough to make lasting relationships with friends worldwide. This is why I am passionate about French!
  • 3. What do you like about tutoring? What makes you a "Superprof"?

    I love teaching and sparking my students' interest in French and just overall creating a positive impact in their lives. What makes me a "Superprof" is my ability to go above and beyond for my students to make sure they get the best French education that they can that is tailored to their unique way of learning and needs.
  • 4. Do you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

    My parents who are teachers who come from families of teachers both inspired me to teach. I believe teaching is a part of my family's legacy and a quality that has been instilled in me because I'm naturally drawn to teaching. Seeing my parents teach made me realize how rewarding and fulfilling it can be.
  • 5. What are your keys to success?

    My keys to success are putting in the effort, staying positive, and learning and growing from mistakes!

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