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Zulekha - Prof biology - Boca Raton


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About Zulekha

I do not have experience in online tutoring, however, one-on-one I did tutor for quite sometime.
I have given free tutoring to many of my students, as a career, I have not tutored and this will be my first time to tutor as a career(or a part-time) position

I can tutor students from Pre-K to grade 12 and above.

I have tutored for Kumon Math and Science, and have given private lessons to students who needed help with Organic chemistry.
I have satisfied parents and students both.

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Education :I have a Masters degree in Organic chemistry, Bachelors in chemistry.
I have completed a Masters degree in Education (Reading/Curriculum and Instruction)
I have taught Science for Broward county public schools as a certified teacher.
I worked with Broward County schools since 2001-2016

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5-25 miles if I have to travel, the rate will be 60 an hour.

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