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Data Science Lessons In The USA

Become A Seasoned Data Scientist In The USA As the world enters the era of big data, data sciences have become an essential subject to learn during any students’ academic endeavor. After all, data science is the future of Artificial Intelligence. Data science is a subject having the power to decide the future of numerous […]

12/30/20216 minutes reading time

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A career in Data Science

Choosing data science as a professional career Many students believe that they don't have a say when it comes to choosing a career path. But this is not true! You need to know that you have all the power to decide where or what you want to study and where you want to work once […]

12/16/20217 minutes reading time

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A Guide To Data Analysis

All You Ought To Know About Data Analysis Data analysis is vital for businesses to comprehend problems confronting organizations and examine data constructively. After all, data – in itself – is an amalgamation of facts and figures. Data analysis organizes, structures, interprets and exhibits data that is easy to follow, providing accurate contexts. People in […]

10/19/20217 minutes reading time

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An Introduction to Statistics 

Applied Statistics in a Nutshell From constructing a confidence interval for a point predictor to hypothesis testing, statistics can be a complex discipline to start to unravel. Luckily, this guide will help you start to understand the broad field of data analysis by walking you through the basics of its origins and composition. What is […]

10/16/20196 minutes reading time

Need Help with understanding Data Science?

Are you studying data science or looking for help with data analysis? Whether you’re at School, University, or pursuing a Career that uses Data, Superprof is here to help guide you. Why not hire one of our Data Analysis tutors to help with your work?

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Why Study Data Science?

The Why, How, and Where of Studying Data Science Let’s face it: while learning data science sounds like an exciting proposition for data nerds the world over, the field still remains as alienating as it was at its inception. The word data science itself calls forth images of computing and solving complex algorithms or mind-numbing […]

02/01/20197 minutes reading time

Data Science for Beginners: From Probability to Big Data

Everything You Need to Learn About Data Science What is data really? Data is defined by information about the world and its individuals that is collected and analyzed in order to aid in decision making. Although data is, today, often associated with helpful data visualization, such as charts and infographics, it is important to understand the […]

01/21/20197 minutes reading time