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Guitarist from Kiss

Some of The Greatest Guitar Players of All Time

Some of the Most Influential Guitarists of Our Time As soon as you decide to learn the guitar, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with all the great guitarists who have come before you. Whether you’re a fan of classical, folk, rock, hard rock or funk music, each genre has its canon of great guitarists who have […]


Written on 05/22/2018

24 minutes reading time

Where and how to learn the guitar in Boston

Find out about all the places you can learn the guitar in Boston If you’re a musician or if you want to dive into the universe of the guitar and you live in Boston, a capital city in New England and the American Northeast, there are a range of options available to you. Amateur or […]


Written on 02/20/2018

8 minutes reading time
A girl in a crowd

Learning the Guitar to Charm the Ladies? Here are Some Songs to Help.

The Guitar's Power of Seduction. Are you new to playing the guitar? According to guitarists, there are many diverse reasons for learning to play guitar. Sorry to poke fun guys, but we know a lot of you learn in order to flirt with women. Don’t try to deny it! And maybe it’s even why you, […]


Written on 02/20/2018

13 minutes reading time
Any new player can learn guitar

The Eight Essential Skills in Learning the Guitar

Do You Have What it Takes to Learn Guitar? So you want to learn to play guitar like your favorite guitarists. You want to be a guitar player that sounds like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton. You've taken it on, but you just don't know where to start. What is this thing called […]


Written on 02/20/2018

8 minutes reading time

The History of the Electric Guitar is Fascinating.

How Has the Electric Guitar Evolved over Time? The invention of the electric guitar was a major milestone in music history. From music by Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd to the Beatles, the electric guitar has featured in so many iconic songs, making it into a sacred object of rock’n’roll. And who knows how many instruments […]


Written on 02/20/2018

7 minutes reading time
A hacker in a room on his laptop

Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

Top Programming Languages Worth Knowing In 2022 For quite some time, only a handful of people were regarded as computer programmers with coding abilities. Several IT positions nowadays need a comprehensive understanding of many programming languages. However, learning a coding language takes money and time, and making the most of it is crucial. When deciding […]

06/15/20226 minutes reading time

A private tutor teaching programming languages

What Is Javascript?

Everything You Need To Know About JavaScript The highly innovative computer systems have completely changed how the world functions today by digitalizing and speeding up every process. However, several practices are involved in pulling off a smooth and streamlined experience by using the different programs of the computer and the web. The cycle starts by […]

06/15/20226 minutes reading time

Python logo with a background in coding programs

What Is Python?

Basic Principals Of Python Python is a coding program developed in the late 90s, and it is one of the highest-grossing program languages in the world as we speak. It has developed several amazing technologies, including software controlling a car that drives itself and a breakthrough with Netflix's recommendation list. Python is a general language […]

06/15/20226 minutes reading time

The coding language Go's mascot

What Is GO?

Everything To Know About The Latest GO Programming Language In the data-driven world, telecommunications has evolved. Everyone has started to rely on technology to drive their business, whether a startup or a large firm. Thus, learning how to become a programmer can open the gate to a rewarding and fulfilling career. Coding 101 empowers people […]

06/15/20227 minutes reading time

A group of children taking dance classes on a basketball court

What Is Kids Hip Hop?

All You Need To Know About Kids Hip Hop Lesson Wouldn't you agree that dance is a multi-faceted activity? Hip hop, For instance, is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable music genres available. It offers each dancer a sense of accomplishment while also posing obstacles. Parents may be concerned about the outcome when bringing their […]

05/30/20227 minutes reading time

Graffiti wall in the background as two dancers pose

How Do You Teach Kids About Hip Hop?

How Do You Teach Kids About Hip Hop? Hip-hop is a subgenre of music. It is even a way of life or culture. Deejaying, rapping, dancing, and graffiti painting are just a few examples of forms of expression. Hip-hop culture fans also wear specific clothing styles. Hip-hop music frequently has powerful rhythms and electronic noises. Several […]

05/30/20227 minutes reading time

A man performing a headstand on stage

What Are The Best Hip Hop Styles To Teach Kids?

Hip Hop Styles- Which Ones Should Kids Learn? Young adults and teenagers are usually very energetic and always looking forward to expressing their ideas and skills. They are always looking for entertaining activities, and what is more fun than hitting the dance floor. Dancing is one beautiful way to showcase motor skills. Thus, many people […]

05/30/20227 minutes reading time

A boy in the middle on the dance steps

How Does Hip Hop Influence The Youth?

Hip-hop’s Influence On The Youth Hip-hop music, pioneered in the 1970s by African-American and Hispanic adolescents in New York's South Bronx area, swiftly spread across the U.S. and, subsequently, worldwide. Initially, listeners were captivated by imaginative hip-hop performers who created this fresh sound based on existing music. Hip-hop performers unleashed the possibilities of pre-existing musical […]

05/30/20227 minutes reading time

legal symbol

What Qualifications Do I Need to Study Law?

Qualifications Needed to Practice Law In the United States There are many different careers that you can find yourself working in if you are living in the United States with only a bachelor's degree, or maybe even without a degree entirely! Many employers in the United States will prefer you to have a college degree […]

11/12/20216 minutes reading time

justice symbol

Which Law Fields are in Demand in the USA

The Most in Demand Fields of Law in the United States Becoming a lawyer requires a lot of studying and knowledge that takes more than just a few years to acquire. There are quite a few steps you will need to go through if you want to become a lawyer. You will have to study […]

11/12/20216 minutes reading time

lawyer preparing work

Which Type of Lawyer Earns the Most?

The Highest Paid Types of Lawyers in the United States It is no secret that lawyers will probably charge you an arm and a leg for their services. However, you may wonder if all lawyers are the same. There are of course different fields of law that require knowledge of different areas of law. For […]

11/12/20216 minutes reading time

university of virginia

Best Law Schools in the USA

The Best Law Schools You Can Find in the United States The United States is well known around the world for its institutions of higher learning. People come from all over the world to study in the United States. There are world-famous colleges and universities that offer students the chance to leave their institution with […]

11/12/20216 minutes reading time

College student lifting weights

How to Read Workout Plans

How to Read Workout Plans Joining a gym for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. You’re entering an environment filled with unfamiliar equipment, much of which looks pretty daunting. Sure, you’ve got a plan to follow, but when you look at it, it’s about as clear as mud.   Workout plans are […]

06/02/20227 minutes reading time

How do you get started with yoga?

Getting Started with Yoga

How to Become the Perfect Yogi “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. There are somewhere between 300,000 and 460,000 people in the UK regularly doing yoga. Doing yoga, asanas, and breathing exercises are all about focusing […]

05/05/20226 minutes reading time

Tantra essentially split Hatha yoga from wider yogic practice

History of Hatha Yoga

How Hatha Yoga Came to Be For most people, Hatha yoga defines yoga - the timeless union of mind, body and soul. Whether they practice every tenet of the discipline or just the western perceptions of them is neither here nor there. Western perceptions of them? Many yoga practitioners in the western part of the […]

12/01/20217 minutes reading time

Can you meditate without paying attention to everything around you?

Principles of Hatha Yoga

The Tenets of Hatha Yoga For some, yoga is an integral part of their lives. Whether they attend yoga classes in a yoga studio or practise yoga at home, many aver that they do not feel their day is complete without dedicating time to their selected asanas and meditation sessions. But yoga, in general, is […]

12/01/20217 minutes reading time

Flowers and plants in a window casement in Italy

Introduction To Italian Language And Culture

All You Ought To Know About Italian Culture And Language Even though it does not have much political clout, Italy has a significantly more significant cultural influence on the rest of the world than its political scene. If you exclude Sardinian, the closest straight descendant of its Latin predecessor is considered to be Italian. It […]

06/13/20228 minutes reading time

An Italian movie director oversees a film shoot

Italians In US Cinema

Italian Influence On American Songs, Shows, And Movies It does not take a lot of effort to imagine something quintessentially Italian. What do you see when you try? A warm, sunny day on the Italian Riviera? A bright red Vespa scooter in front of the Coliseum? A romantic moment on a gondola in a Venetian […]

06/13/20226 minutes reading time

Musicians performing at an event

Famous Italian Singers And Musicians

All You Need To Know About The Most Popular Italian Musicians The origins of Italian musical culture may be traced back to ancient Rome. The majority of lyrics in music are penned in Italian since they can express almost whatever the musician needs to know. Music notation rules were written in Italian. Most well-known Italian […]

06/13/20224 minutes reading time

An online private tutor teaching through the web

The Difference Between Learning French And Italian

Comparison Between Two Romance Languages: Italian VS. French Europe is one of the world's most beautiful and economically powerful destinations. People from different parts of the world learn European languages to take up employment opportunities in Europe more easily. Learning a European language can open the doors of employment for you, make you more competitive, […]

06/13/20226 minutes reading time

Learning to play the piano with the compass

Best places online to learn piano in the US?

Learning to play the piano online in the United States Learning to play the piano will take you more than just a couple of sessions and some weeks of work. If you want to become a talented piano player, you'll need to dedicate quite some time to perfecting the art of playing the piano. If […]

04/25/20226 minutes reading time

The parts of a piano you need to learn about

What is the history of the piano in the US?

Learning about the history of the piano in America We tend to forget that every object on our planet has a history, an inventor, and a trajectory and when we start learning how to play an instrument we tend to ignore its origins because it might not seem important. However, learning the history of the […]

04/22/20227 minutes reading time

Learning to play the piano

What are the best piano pieces for beginners?

Learning to play great piano pieces as a beginner Learning to play an instrument can be incredibly beneficial for someone's mental health because it can help calm the mind, sharpen the intellect, and even improve body health. Plenty of studies have shown that people who play the piano have better mental health because it helps […]

04/22/20226 minutes reading time

Kid learning to play the piano

How can I self teach Piano?

Learning how to play the piano Not everyone who sets out to learn how to play an instrument will accomplish their goals because playing an instrument takes time, practice, patience, dedication, and discipline. We've created this article to help you through your process of getting started and learning how to play the piano. Learn what […]

04/22/20226 minutes reading time

Emotion in education

The Importance of Emotion in Education

The Importance of Emotion in Education Over the past couple of years, it has grown more and more apparent just how important mental wellbeing is. It has an impact on pretty much every aspect of our lives; from our physical health and cognitive ability to our relationships with other people and ourselves. So, it makes […]

05/12/20226 minutes reading time

A butterfly drawn during art class

Using Art As Therapy

What Is So Therapeutic About Art? Whether you choose to observe art or create it, it is an inspiring and relaxing activity that people from every age group enjoy. However, the expressions of art go much further than merely being a source of relaxation and enjoyment. Research shows art is highly therapeutic. In fact, it […]

02/28/20227 minutes reading time

Different paintbrushes used in an art class

Pros And Cons Of Using Art Therapy

The Benefits And Downsides Of Art Therapy Art is all about drawing, playing, communicating, and intuiting. Numerous painters paint pictures to express emotions while their audiences let the world pass through the realm of their sensuality. Indeed, the true essence of art lies in its imaginary and perceptible nature. It can range from symbols to […]

02/28/20227 minutes reading time

Visual art as art therapy

How Does Art Therapy Help With Trauma?

How Does Art Help With Addressing Traumatic Experiences We overuse the word “trauma” so much that it has lost its meaning. From a psychological perspective, trauma is caused by a tremendous threat to a person that ignites their flee/fight/freeze/fawn response. However, if someone is constantly overwhelmed by a foregone threat, they might develop PTSD (Post-traumatic […]

02/28/20227 minutes reading time

Learning how to solve a Rubik's cube

How do you master the Rubik’s cube?

A guide to mastering Rubik's cube Solving a Rubik's cube is an art, and learning to do it isn't as simple as it might seem. Every move you make counts, every step you take is important and adds up in the end. People who know how to solve the cube have been practicing for years […]

06/24/20227 minutes reading time

Learning tricks to solve a Rubik cube

Is the Rubik’s cube still popular?

The popularity of the Rubik cube through the years The Rubik cube is a toy and puzzle that has six sides, and each side has one color. Originally, the colors of the cube are red, green, yellow, orange, blue, or white and each side has nine colored squares. The key to solving the puzzle is […]

06/21/20226 minutes reading time

The art of the Rubik cube

What are the benefits of learning the Rubik’s cube?

Benefits of learning to solve a Rubik's cube The Rubik cube was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian architect, sculptor, and professor of architecture called Erno Rubik. It is a cube that has a different color on each of its six faces. Each side or face has nine stickers and the colors that are commonly […]

06/21/20227 minutes reading time

Different types of Rubik's cubes

What are the different types of Rubik’s cubes?

Types of Rubik's cubes The Rubik cube is a 3D puzzle with six faces and each side with a different color. Originally, each of the six faces had nine stickers and the colors that are commonly used are yellow, white, blue, red, orange, and green. With time, companies that develop Rubik cubes —like Qiyi or […]

06/21/20226 minutes reading time