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Guitarist from Kiss

Some of The Greatest Guitar Players of All Time

As soon as you decide to learn the guitar, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with all the great guitarists who have come before you. Whether you’re a fan of classical, folk, rock, hard rock or funk music, each genre has its canon of great guitarists who have popularized it and propelled it forward. And, honestly, people […]

05/22/2018 ∙ 24 minutes reading time


Where and how to learn the guitar in Boston

If you’re a musician or if you want to dive into the universe of the guitar and you live in Boston, a capital city in New England and the American Northeast, there are a range of options available to you. Amateur or seasoned guitarist, you’ll undoubtedly find a place to learn the guitar, advance your […]

02/20/2018 ∙ 8 minutes reading time

A girl in a crowd

Learning the Guitar to Charm the Ladies? Here are Some Songs to Help.

Are you new to playing the guitar? According to guitarists, there are many diverse reasons for learning to play guitar. Sorry to poke fun guys, but we know a lot of you learn in order to flirt with women. Don’t try to deny it! And maybe it’s even why you, our reader, a beginner guitarist […]

02/20/2018 ∙ 13 minutes reading time

Any new player can learn guitar

The Eight Essential Skills in Learning the Guitar

So you want to learn to play guitar like your favorite guitarists. You want to be a guitar player that sounds like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton. You've taken it on, but you just don't know where to start. What is this thing called the fretboard, and how on earth do you navigate […]

02/20/2018 ∙ 8 minutes reading time


The History of the Electric Guitar is Fascinating.

The invention of the electric guitar was a major milestone in music history. From music by Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd to the Beatles, the electric guitar has featured in so many iconic songs, making it into a sacred object of rock’n’roll. And who knows how many instruments have been shattered on stage… The instrument […]

02/20/2018 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

Two men and a woman wearing white lab coats working inside a laboratory with wires, jars, and a computer in the background. Chemistry is a fascinating subject that involves a lot of practical work and experimentation

Famous Chemists And Their Discoveries

Chemistry is a natural science dating back to medieval times when it was known in alternate forms like alchemy. The study of the properties of matter and its individual components has been monumental to the advancement of human technology. Basically, we wouldn't have the technology or medicine we have today had some individuals not been […]

04/21/2021 ∙ 8 minutes reading time

A person wearing a face shield and gloves administering an injection to a person in a brown shirt on their arm. Vaccines and virulence are other fields where Pasteur's research proved to be of immense importance

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, France, and was one of the most famous chemists in history, with some era-defining contributions to science, technology, and medicine. It would be hard to find great chemists who have pioneered more than one breakthrough discovery in a single lifetime. Louis Pasteur was one such […]

04/21/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

A scientist is examining an object using a microscope. One of the essential laboratory tools used by every chemist to examine things, which are extremely small and can't be seen through a naked eye

Joseph Priestley

By classifying oxygen in 1774, Joseph Priestley solved the mystery behind how and why things burn. British by birth, he was involved deeply in religion, politics, and science. However, his outright support for the French and American revolutions made his stay in England dangerous and unbearable. Consequently, he left his homeland for good and settled […]

04/21/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

A barren place with a rusty radioactive warning sign. There are trees in the background and a metal structure that looks like a wall. Exposure to radioactive material for prolonged periods – even for chemistry experiments – can lead to cancer and other illnesses

Marie Curie

One cannot talk about women in science without discussing the merits and achievements of Rosalind Franklin and Madame Marie Curie. But it was Curie who changed the sphere of chemistry as we know it! Born in Warsaw, Poland, as Maria Salomea Sklodowska on November 7, 1867, she is well-known for her work on radioactivity and […]

04/21/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you draw a dog?

Drawing Dogs

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras Dog’s are man’s best friend. But why is that? Studies carried out by Bridgett vonHoldt in 2009 showed that dogs have a gene that causes hyper-sociability. Perhaps this gene explains our ongoing relationship with our four-legged friends. What better way […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you draw a unicorn?

Drawing Unicorns

“Unicorns are real. The mermaids told me.” - Anonymous According to the American Journal of Applied Sciences, unicorns existed. The fossil of a creature known as the Siberian unicorn that died out around 29,000 years ago was discovered. While this was far more like a rhinoceros than a horse with a horn, scientists discovered that […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you draw a horse?

How to Draw Horses

“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.” - Ronald Duncan How can you not like horses? Elegant and majestic, people have loved them throughout history. In recent years, the number of people participating in equestrian sports has decreased. However, people still love […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you draw cats?

How to Draw Cats

“God has made the cat to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger.” - Victor Hugo While not as popular as dogs in the UK, cats are still the second most popular pet in the country. Around 16% of households own a cat. Our loves for cats can be seen in art and a […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How do you homeschool children?

Homeschooling Tips

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.” - Gandhi Let’s start by saying that there’s no such thing as a typical day of homeschooling and that’s probably why you’re interested in it. These tips are here to help, but you don’t need to follow them […]

03/29/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

Why should you use smartphone apps to learn?

Reasons to Use Apps for Revision

“The unexamined life is not worth living” - Socrates No matter what kind of smartphone you have, you should be able to enjoy a variety of useful apps. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have plenty of apps that you can use online and offline almost anywhere. Our phones are almost part […]

03/29/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How do you homeschool childre?

How to Homeschool Kids

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela 2020 saw a lot of parents having to homeschool their children more than they’d probably planned to. With the pandemic, some parents might be just thinking of keeping their children at home and teaching them themselves. Legally, it’s […]

03/29/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

Which are the best apps for learning?

The Best Revision Apps

“The challenge for a human now is to be more interesting to another than his or her smartphone.” - Alain de Botton Maths, science, and English are still all subjects that you have to study and most parents would love to have enough time to help their children with every part of their schooling. After […]

03/29/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you exercise for free?

Cheaper Ways to Exercise

“The important thing in life is not victory but combat; it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well.” - Pierre de Coubertin Would you like to exercise but can’t afford a gym membership? A lot of people have taken to exercising at home because every workout is free but it's not the […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

Which are the best apps for exercising?

The Best Budget Exercise Apps

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” – Derek Jeter Finding the time, money, and motivation for exercise isn’t always easy. We can’t all be the type of person who throws on their trainers the second they get up or […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you exercise for cheap?

Cheap Ways to Exercise

"A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning." - Pat Riley Would you like to exercise but don’t want to spend a fortune on gym equipment or gym memberships? A lot of people have turned to exercise at home and, thanks to modern technology, you can follow fitness classes from the comfort of your […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

How can you exercise with Wii Fit?

Exercising with Wii Fit

What can you do if you can’t get to the gym because you don’t have the time or money or the gyms are closed? Exercising at home seems to be the best way to build muscle or burn calories. However, without a coach, it can be difficult to know what you should be doing or […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How can you plan a trip to Barcelona?

Planning a Trip to Barcelona

“Allow me to state here how much I love Barcelona, an admirable city, a city full of life, intense, a port open to the past and future.” - Le Corbusier Going to Barcelona is more than just enjoying a bit of sun, sea, and sand, it’s also an opportunity to discover tonnes of art, history, […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

What are the best things to visit in Barcelona?

Things to See in Barcelona

“Here in Barcelona, it's the architects who built the buildings that made the city iconic who are the objects of admiration - not a bunch of half-witted monarchs.” - Julie Burchill Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city and with 82 million annual tourists, it’s also one of Europe’s most popular destinations. It's an excellent city to […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How much does it cost to go to Barcelona?

The Cost of Visiting Barcelona

“But if there were no Barcelona, why would you get out of bed in the morning?” - Ray Hudson Are you planning on heading to Barcelona? Would you like to make the most of the tourist attractions, stay in some nice accommodation, enjoy the food, and do a bit of shopping? We recommend that you […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

How can you find accommodation in Barcelona?

Finding Accommodation in Barcelona

“I wrote every day between the ages of 12 and 20 when I stopped because I went to Barcelona, where life was too exciting to write.” - Colm Toibin With 82 million annual tourists, Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. It’s great for a weekend away or a trip with the family as […]

04/26/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

Man singing with microphone under blue sky

Singing for Beginners

This is a short guide to help beginners start learning to sing. If you want to start learning how to sing and never sing before you might already have a reason why you want to start. If you don’t you can ask yourself what makes you want to try this? Some people learn to sing […]

04/07/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

Man singing on stage with hands up in colorful smoke

Singing in a Group vs Solo

There are many different songs in western music. Some bands have only one singer, some have multiple and some even have none. Singing in a group or solo depends on what song you are trying to interpret. For example, some songs have chorales that sound really good, while some others only have solo singers. Singing […]

04/07/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

women singing in the middle of a crowd

How singing can help you cope with the COVID pandemic?

The Covid pandemic affected the lives of people around the world. Stores closed, the gym closed, and many people lost their job. You may be wondering, what can you do to cope with all of this. Maybe you can draw, you could read or learn music. This short guide will explain how to start learning […]

04/07/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

woman wearing a pig with mouth open singing

How Can Singing Physically Help You?

Singing is a hobby that many people enjoy. On top of being a fun hobby, it also brings many benefits in life. Not only are there mental benefits of singing, but singing can also help you improve your physical health. When you are just starting out to learn how to sing, you may be overwhelmed […]

04/07/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

An open book on a table. A laptop and a mouse beside the book, while optical glasses rest on it. Even if your accounting studies begin to get stressful, make sure you get adequate rest, nutrition, and try not to stress yourself out too much!

Studying Accounting

Accounting is a truly fulfilling discipline to get into for multiple reasons. It provides students with the knowledge and skills relevant across numerous industries, especially in the modern world. As a matter of fact, there will always be a need for accountants as long as there are businesses worldwide. The best way to kick-start your […]

04/12/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

A white Canon cash register. When it comes to auditing, accounting professionals need to use all the accounting resources they can tap into, including financial statements, receipts, and withdrawals. The importance of verified resources is taught when you enroll in a competitive degree program

Best Schools For Accounting In The USA

You may want a future in the financial sector without knowing which field to major in; don't worry, the opportunities are endless! For many students who enjoy calculations and working their brains, accounting seems to be the popular choice. Accounting might get a bad rap by some who feel intimidated by the rigor of the […]

04/12/2021 ∙ 8 minutes reading time

A set of papers, a notebook, and a pen lying on a table. Accounting is a subject that requires calculations, so you must include calculators and a notepad in your prep material. However, theoretical classes will not require as much equipment

Best Accounting Resources

Businesses across the world look for accounting professionals to meet their auditing and bookkeeping needs. Regardless of whether you're a small business owner or a professional seeking employment in an established organization, it's imperative to brush up on your accounting skills and keep yourself updated with the rules of the game. This includes staying on […]

04/12/2021 ∙ 7 minutes reading time

A calculator and an open pen are resting on a scribbled sheet of paper. Accounting work can be very all-over-the-place because professionals are usually bust sifting through years of financial history to derive solutions and weed out inaccuracies

What Jobs Can You Get With An Accounting Degree?

If budgeting, strategic financial planning, and money management are your biggest interests, getting an accounting degree will elevate you towards a career in finance. Even though most accounting degree holders choose to work as analysts and certified accountants, other related professions across various industries are also available. The critical and analytical thinking skills obtained via […]

04/12/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

Good Practice Material for the ACT Reading Exam

The ACT test is an exam required by colleges and universities in the United States to evaluate students’ abilities. Students that apply to colleges and universities need to submit their score at the ACT or the SAT, a similar exam, to get admitted. The more people that apply to the same university, the higher the […]

04/08/2021 ∙ 5 minutes reading time

Main Topics Covered in the ACT Reading Exam

Students of grades 10 to 12 in the United States is required to pass the ACT test to submit their score to the college and universities they are applying to. It is like the SAT, but the ACT has a science section when the SAT does not. There is an optional writing section in the […]

04/08/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

ACT Reading Test Revision With a Private Tutor

The ACT test is a test that students from 11 and 12 grade in the United States take for college and university admission. In fact, the students will use their scores on the test to help them get admitted to the university of their choice. The majority of graduating high school students in the United […]

04/08/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time

How to Study and Succeed for the ACT Test

The ACT reading test is a section of the ACT test. Doing the test is part of the college admission process in the United States. The test is passed by students from grades 11 and 12 who use the score to apply to college or university. It is a test that lasts for 3 hrs. […]

04/07/2021 ∙ 6 minutes reading time