Although private lessons via webcam have existed for some years now, some teachers do not yet know how to get started in their online tutoring.

And it's easy to understand why!

With this type of learning, everything is different: the material needed, the preparation for classes, or even the way that the tutor communicates with students...You have to be prepared!

Whether your students are in elementary school or 12th grade, you can help U.S. students in their education!

There is no better way to familiarize oneself with using digital tools--which are becoming more and more used in schools everywhere--than tutoring online via webcam.

Using your computer, you will be able to assist students during their studying and motivate them thanks to the digital language.

Discover how to become a tutor!

How to Tutor Via Webcam?

Use the Right Materials

In order to well prepare your online tutoring session, you have to have the right tools.

It's true, the internet can be very advantageous, but can quickly become complicated if you don't have the right material.

First of all, make sure you have the right digital accessories: 

  • A webcam of a certain quality in order to have effective videoconferences (between 40 and 70 USD) and a digital camera that can serve as a webcam (from 120 to 320 USD),
  • A headset in order to better communicate with your students (between 20 and 40 USD),
  • A computer, not too old, preferably one that is Windows 10 compatible.
If your computer dates back to the dinosaurs, forget about it!

Good digital equipment is not enough!

You also have to choose effective and quality software: 

  • Instant messaging tool (Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc.)
  • Software for file saving and management (something like Dropbox),
  • A task planning software (Podio, etc.),
  • An online video library (Youtube, Channelprogress, etc.).

With all these resources at your disposal, you will be able to start your career as an online tutor!

Check Your Internet Connection

Even if your material is good, an online session can quickly go wrong if it is riddled with connection issues!

In order to avoid any issues and transmit your knowledge the right way, you have to be sure to have a good internet connection. 

Make sure to use DSL Internet (available with most carriers)--this will heighten your reputation and mean you will have more students.

You can find a great internet plan for about 25 USD a month.

Make sure to ask your student about his or her internet connection too!

To know if his or her internet is fast enough, you just have to go through a free site like Ariase.

Online Resources

If you're working on the internet, make the best of it!

Whether it's preparing a tutoring session for a middle schooler or high schooler or else organizing a regular check-up between sessions, there are many educational tools online at your disposition.

You can organize your online tutoring lessons via webcame directly online and free of charge!

Choose the resource that is most adapted to you according to your subject:

  • Specialized website depending on your subject,
  • Free education apps for the iPhone and Samsung (Babbel, etc.),
  • MOOCs,
  • Filmed online classes (many YouTubers specialize in online teaching),
  • National education's official program.

If you are a serious and timely pedagogue, you will be able to prepare adapted lessons according to your student's level.

So many tools are available for free to online learners!

Nothing like a little digital boost to deepen your knowledge and perfect your subject. 

How Can One Organize Academic Support Via Webcam?

Stay in Contact

It's not only about private lessons: one has to be sure that once the private lesson is over your student is able to use the notions he learnt in class to his or her advantage!

In order for this to happen, your student must keep in contact with you.

You will have to remain reachable via instant messaging or email in order to answer any questions your student might ask. 

In fact, staying in contact will help you gain time in your class hour: instead of spending 20 minutes on academic difficulties with the student, he or she will be able to work autonomously thanks to your precise responses between classes.

Don't hesitate to share exercises within him between classes in order for him to get better in the subject in question.

Being available is also a way to make sure your student does not skip class. If you or your student have a last minute impediment, it has to be told within the hour.  

And, finally, discussing via digital messaging will allow you to organize your tutoring session more easily and get more hours filled if you have some gaps in your schedule.

Checking Homework

Homework help also exists with tutoring lessons via webcam.

Your student will be able to show you his or her exercises via a webcam or by sending a scan. Your role will then be to help him or her during academic coaching.   

If your student is angry at a grade he or she received, try and de-dramatize the situation and encourage him to do better next time!

Even Easier: Online Testing!

You can share the links to online exercises via Dropbox, or have them appear on your shared planner with the student. Your correcting will be much easier to accomplish and you will help the student progress in subjects where he or she is experiencing difficulties.

Online tutoring sessions are available in every subject:

  • Math classes,
  • English classes,
  • French classes,
  • Spanish classes,
  • German classes,
  • History and Geography classes,
  • Philosophy classes,
  • Chemistry classes,
  • Biology classes, etc.

Take your time and explain the subject's ins and outs. Better to lose a little time in the beginning of class to make sure the student does well in the end!

Thanks to an intense pace and a great method, your student will avoid failing exams and progress quickly.

Listening to Students

One of the main rules when it comes to teaching is to listen to the students. With a good pedagogy, people can make miracles happen.

According to an Opinion Way survey in 2015, 55% of parents think "listening" is the most important quality a good tutor can have. 

This is a quality many teachers who are part of the national education system are missing. It may not be entirely their fault: overcrowded classes makes it harder to pay attention to students on a one-on-one basis.

Parents therefore need you to listen intently to their children when you are tutoring them, even if you are on the other side of the United States.

The objective here is to map out an effective academic support regiment that will eradicate bad grades!

Since you know your student well, you will become his or her academic counselor and guide him to a future career path! 

Make sure you are really listening to your student!

Above all, a good pedagogy is generally very appreciated by students: if you'd like to get some good feedback on your Superprof profile, be sure to respond to your student's needs in order to avoid academic failure!

Discover the many ways you can help students learn from afar!

The Advantages of Academic Tutoring Via Webcam

Savings Both for the Parent and the Tutor

Private tutoring classes via webcam are not only fun, they are also cheap!

First of all, online tutoring classes cost much less than in-home private tutoring: with online tutoring, no transportation costs! 

You will therefore be able to get a full salary without deducting the costs of a bus ticket or gas. 

Moreover, you will have the possibility of organizing videoconferences that are generally less expensive for the parents than classic in-home private tutoring sessions, but promise a better pay for the tutors (for example, you will be paid around 30 USD per hour for one class with three students instead of just one.)

So, if your student would like his or her school friends to participate in your classes together, you will get a better pay all while widening the scope of your student portfolio! 

Everyone ends up happy!

A Larger Panel of Students

Online classes are especially interesting to certain types of educators:

  • Teachers with a diploma: There aren't very many teachers freshly out of an ivy league school. If you've had a brilliant academic career, you will have no problem finding students on the other side of the country. Harvard, Georgetown, Brown, or Princeton…Whatever school it was you attended, you will of course be revered by students!
  • Specialized teachers: Not everyone is a math teacher! So, if you have a particular specialty (exam prep tutor, foreign language tutor), you would be better off making your services accessible to people across the country. Moreover, if your subject is uncommon, you are more likely to get a good rate.
  • Native professors: if you'd like to teach a foreign language and you are a native speaker of a language other than English,  you will most likely become very popular! Indeed--parents always favor native speakers as the tutors who will teach their child a foreign language. Yet, it's not easy to find a Russian tutor for the Russian language in the countryside, for example. This will mean you will have people lining up to study with you!
If you are a native Arabic speaker, for example, you are sure to find many students who would like to work on their Arabic language schools with you!

Limiting yourself to students in your city may mean that you will not earn enough money and have trouble finding interested students.

On the contrary, if you accept to teach via webcam, you will be able to help many parents and attract the attention of new students everywhere.

In the United States, yes, but even in England of other English-speaking countries like Canada and Barbados--wherever it may be, you can teach anglophone students who are looking to maintain good grades!

Easier to Organize

Tutoring has never been easier!

Academic support via webcam is the ideal solution for making sure your children excel in school (with foreign languages and other subjects) and are taking care of their learning difficulties.

First of all, you have the possibility of teaching anywhere in the world: from your university if you are a professor or student, in a cafe, from your home, abroad...

Yep, there are no longer any geographical restrictions!

Even during the school holidays, your student can study with you on the beach--all he or she will need are his computer and a will to learn.

Together you can prepare the most important upcoming exams: 

  • The SATs
  • Midterms
  • Final Exams
  • Honors Subject Tests

Since you will no longer be losing time getting to your student, you will be gaining time making sure your student is understanding everything you two are talking about during sessions.

Online academic support allows you to have a direct link with the student: instead of chatting with his or her parents, you can get to the important stuff immediately. 

No longer any need to take out your stuff. Now, all your documents are digital and a click away from you or your student.

You will notice how much easier it is for both parties to find free time for tutoring classes. By gaining time with transportation and preparing for the class, you will be able to spend many more hours on the class and boost your revenue.

From now on, take advantage of new technology and discover a new way of tutoring! 

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