Because of how hard it is to find a good tutor locally, these days, numerous parents are turning to online tutoring via webcam to find a qualified tutor.

In fact, did you know that with Superprof, you can give private lessons from your computer?

It's very simple: just indicate on your profile that you are open to giving students lessons via webcam and you will be able to reach students all over the United States.

Without leaving your home, you will be able to help students all over the United States with their academic difficulties. This will also bring you some extra cash in order to finance your studies, for example.

Purchase of Good Audio and Sound Material for Private Lessons

To be able to work well online, it's important to have all the technical material so that your student can understand you.

Here, communication is key!

Many teachers will tell you: interpreting a student's body language can help you understand the student's difficulties.

For example, if your student tells you he or she understands the lesson but he or she seems elsewhere, it's surely because there is something else on his or her mind and he or she is distracted.

You must be able to see and hear the student in order to see what is going on with him or her.

Poor communication can make the class last longer: instead of getting straight to the point, you will have to constantly repeat yourself.

A waste of time for the teacher and the student!

Headsets are one of the most important tools when it comes to tutoring via webcam.

If you'd like to teach online via webcam, here is some advice to follow:

  1. Buy a webcam of good quality. For 60 dollars, you can buy a more than decent webcam that will allow your student to understand you during the lesson.
  2. Use your own camera. Thanks to a special cable, you can plug in your camera to your computer and use it as a webcam. Choose a good brand like Nikon or Canon.
  3. Invest in a headset. A headset may seem old fashioned, but it is actually a very popular tool used by online tutors! The built-in microphone in your computer is often of bad quality. For 40 dollars you can buy an entry-level headset.

With the right equipment, you can provide serious and efficient educational support online.

Which Video-Conference Software Will You Use to Tutor Online?

If you want to give private tutoring lessons online, you will have to choose which software will work best for you.

To improve their knowledge in a particular subject, middle schoolers and high schoolers expect you to give them the highest level of academic support using interactive software.

There is no miracle software!

In fact, your choice needs to be with the software that is the most adapted to your teaching method. If you'd like to ensure an efficient refresher course, start by defining your students' expectations:

Will you need to share documents with the student?

Do you need something to draw (for geometry class and other classes)?

Do you need a "chatroom" to copy and paste things into,  for example?

It all depends on the subject matter: for a language class, for example, the best would be to choose a software known for its sound and audio.

No more blackboard anxieties! When you are working with a tutor online you can be sure that no one is looking over your shoulder at your every move!

Here are the major softwares available:

  • Skype. The best communication software! Many teachers use this software when they need to teach more than one student at a time.
  • Google Talk. Inside your Gmail browser, permits you to do video and audio chat.
  • Online video libraries (like Channelprogress).
  • A bonus: Dropbox. This software allows you to share files in order to facilitate online tutoring.

According to a 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center, 62% of online users have already made online videos! 

Why not become an academic coach if you have the time?

Test Internet Speed with your Student Before Beginning to Tutor

Good material and appropriate software is nice--but it's not enough!

In order to really help your student, you will need fast internet so that there are no interruptions in your service or other nuisances.

Of course, the conditions have to be good on both sides: your student also has to have a good connection for it to work.

It's super easy to verify if your connection is working well. There are a lot of online tools to detect how your connection is working. The ideal speed is around 40 Mo/second.

Try to avoid working in internet cafes or busy places like Starbucks, McDonald's etc... The connection will be too weak there to ensure a good means of online communication.

Computers can be extremely frustrating!

You should be using DSL in order to have the best and fastest internet connection possible.

With good reception, you can easily give private lessons online:

  • Math classes,
  • English classes,
  • French classes,
  • German classes,
  • Spanish classes,
  • Chemistry classes,
  • Biology classes,
  • History classes,
  • Geography classes.

You can help out your student at a regular pace in order to have him ready for exams and boost his grade average.

Don't hesitate to indicate the quality of your software, material, and internet connection in your classified tutoring ad online. 

The student will be happy to see you have quality materials and you will stand out from the rest!

Adapting a Tutoring Class to the Student's Difficulties and In-Home Private Lessons

Even if you've been professionally trained in a subject (a foreign language, for example), you are not sure you could be a private tutor!

To give your student a quality tutoring program, you have pay particular attention to your student's academic difficulties. 

The tutor has to be sure to be transmitting the basic notions of a subject while also helping his or her student to perfect his or her knowledge.

In order to do this, there are some rules to keep in place: 

  • Defining a schedule which is adapted to the student's free time (weeknights, weekends, etc.),
  • Being on time for online sessions and tell the student ahead if there is a projected absence or conflict of schedule,
  • Offering online courses with a good structure,
  • Being an academic counselor to the student,
  • Help him or her to prepare for future exams (SATs, SAT Subject Tests, Midterms, Finals),
  • Help him or her not to fall behind,
  • Listening to your student,
  • Giving him or her motivation to continue his or her studies,
  • Making a list of the student's competences every month,
  • Organizing intensive revision sessions.

Online tutoring classes are not so different from traditional teaching! 

Whether your student is more literary or science-oriented, he or she must work on every subject out there and leave nothing to the side. 

You will be one of the best placed persons to know when your student is feeling boredom or frustration!

Even if you are not physically present in front of your student, it's important that you see your student's homework. Be sure to see if he or she makes any spelling, grammar, or syntactical mistakes in order to avoid any further problems in the class at hand.

In order to have this kind of outlook, you will need your student to send you his or her homework via an online sharing system (such as Dropbox).

By putting your finger on his or her weaknesses, you will gain time in your online course and focus on the competences that need working on.

Finally, teach him or her to take better notes in class so that he or she can review the lesson at night.

If you are hesitating regarding online tutoring via webcam, here are the conclusions of a fellow tutor named Aysha--math tutor--when we interviewed her in 2016:

 "In 2015, I had 8 Skype students (webcam) and the math classes went super well. The students lived in different American cities [...] After 6 months of classes, the students were able to raise their grade by one whole letter." 

With a good teaching method, you can--much like Aysha--help students at different levels!

The Advantages of Online Tutoring Via Webcam

After only a few years, the private tutoring market has exploded.


Because this type of tutoring via webcam is at once advantageous for the student and the tutor.

As a private tutor, if you choose online tutoring, you will soon see the benefits:

  • No longer losing time in public transportation to get to tutoring classes,
  • Saving money on tickets and gas and getting the whole of your salary,
  • A flexible schedule, which means you can give classes when you are abroad or between your own university classes,
  • The possibility of giving classes via video-conferences (and teaching several students at once),
  • A wider panel of students (you'll be able to teach students from all over the United States),
  • Less stress for the student, which means less stress for you,
  • Easily sharing files, 

Classes via webcam are a good way to test your competences before diving right into it.

How nice is it not to have to take the bus anymore?

Using new technologies means you trust in the future and are learning new teaching techniques. 

Today, more and more schools are using computers (in coding classes, for example).

If you later want to find how to become a tutor in the national educational system, you will have to know how to use these tech tools anyway! 

Why not start now and start giving online lessons in your favorite subject?  

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