Thanks to advancing technology, anyone can learn how to play the violin in the comfort of their homes.

You can easily find apps that can teach how to tune and play pretty much any instrument, including violins. These apps have tutorials on how to hold your musical instrument, placement of wrists, the right posture and how to read music better.

Laden with advantages, such violin learning apps are one of the leading ways to learn a new instrument and even become an expert at it.

The Benefits Of Using Violin Learning Apps

The rise of violin learning apps could be attributed to the fact that these can help you identify your shortcomings and highlight any mistakes you might make when practicing.

These apps are a blessing for anyone with the desire to learn music - they are affordable, easy to use, and easy to understand.

Now that we know why it’s a good idea to use violin apps, let’s explore the best ones in the market:

Top 5 Best Violin Apps

Multiple violins sit in their individual cases, placed sequentially one in front of another
Whether it is playing the violin or tuning it, a violin app can allow you to become a maestro! (Source: UnSplash)

1-    PlayAlong Violin App

Only available for Apple users, this app is excellent for both beginners and professionals.

One of its key features is that it lets you play music note by note. If you’re a beginner, you can use the function to see the finger chart for each note until you’ve mastered the song.

PlayAlong violin acts as a great teacher, grading each performance, pointing out errors, and showing where there might be room for improvement. You can see which notes were missed and which ones need more practice and how you can do better the next time around.

The app also lets you buy individual songs to practice at a very nominal price, usually under a dollar per song or a pack of songs for five dollars.

2-    BandBlast

Available for both Apple and Android users, this app has thousands of hours of tutorials by some of the most highly recognized musicians around the globe.

The lesson plans used by BandBlast are similar to the first-year curriculum at leading musical classes and orchestra programs from around the world.

It lets students practice their pitch and rhythm with appropriate games and exercises - in addition to all this, and users can play and record their performances alongside musicians as accompanists.

3-    Ear Master

With over 2500 music exercises and theory lessons from a range of genres, this is undoubtedly one of the best apps on the market.

With Ear Master, you can learn how to recognize and understand melodies, scales, rhythms, chords, etc.

This app also has a quiz section that allows you to play or transcribe your answers – while the app itself keeps track of your progress and scores. Sadly, this app won’t function on your mobile phone but only on computers and tablets. Its main drawback is that it’s pricier than the other apps - costing you around $60-$100, although institutional discounts are available.

4-    PentaScore

Mainly used by professional violin players or people who wish to start composing their melodies, the PentaScore is one of the most highly-rated apps for violin students.

This app transcribes your melodies into sheet music, so you won’t have to bother noting down your creations after every two minutes of composing. The app can save several different projects at a time and also gives you the ability to save, retrieve, or edit your notes.

5-    Jameasy

This app is specially designed for the youngest of violin enthusiasts – teaching them the basics of finger placement, identifying violin strings, and other fundamentals of playing the instrument.

One of the easiest violin learning apps, Jameasy makes it as easy as playing a game. It also stores melodies from hit bands such as Coldplay, helps young learners concentrate on the subject, and encourages them to practice over and over again.

Violin Tuning Apps

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Learning to play violin just became a whole lot easier – with violin apps! (Source: William Hook via Unsplash)

Tuning your violin or any musical instrument is incredibly important for musicians because an avid music listener can tell when an instrument isn’t tuned, and that can be embarrassing.

A simple way to avoid this is by downloading a digital tuner on your phone and using it before you play your instrument.

These apps help you get the best sound out of your instrument and also help you train your ear to tell the difference between good and great music. These tuning apps are now replacing the manually hand-held devices - saving a lot of space in your violin cases.

How Do They Work?

All violin tuning apps have the same job – which is to keep your violin in tune at all times.

These apps work by displaying a needle in their display. This needle shows you how in-tune your violin string is, and you want it as close to the center of the dial as possible.

If the needle is pointing to the right side, it means that your string is sharp – while a needle that leans left means that your string is flat or too low.

May violin tuning apps also tell you about the notes you are playing and visually represent how tuned your violin is.

Benefits Of Violin Tuning Apps

A close-up of a violin, detailing the strings that go through the instrument
Knowing how to tune a violin is as important as playing it – learn it with an app! (Source: Unsplash)

For starters, violin tuning apps are very convenient for musicians – especially if they prone to forgetting their manual tuners at home!

A tuner app is also economical – a replacement tuner can cost you up to $40 apiece, but the apps are usually free or cost $5 at most. That’s a one-time expense for a lifetime of use.

Most importantly, these apps are great for beginners because of their straightforward interface.

Top 5 Violin Tuning Apps

1-    Tuner Lite

Only available to Apple users, this is a straightforward and easy-to-use app targeted to beginners. Tuner Lite lets you know if your instrument is in tune using visual and audible cues and an LED display.

The app can automatically calibrate your music to reference notes and make it easier for users to practice their favorite melodies.

If you want a reliable violin tuner app that is free and helpful, this one’s it.

2-    Cleartune

Available on both Android and Apple app stores,

Cleartune is used mostly by professional musicians who make the most of its chromatic tuner and pitch pipe for accurate tuning of their violins.

This app is quite feature-packed, and naturally, there is a bit of a learning curve to it – so it’s not suitable for beginners or children.

The good news is that the app also supports transposing musical instruments, and allows you to use selectable notations for maximum impact.

3-    Violin Multi-Tuner

Violin Multi-Tuner is one of the most famous violin tuning apps because it costs less than a dollar and offers many features that you’d have to pay exorbitant sums of money for otherwise.

Its real purpose is to tune your violin, but it can also help you practice musical exercises using tools that help you train your musical ears even when you’re not around your violin.

An excellent learn learning app for musicians of any level; the Violin Multi-Tuner is available on both Android and Apple stores.

4-    Strings Tuner - Guitar Ukulele

As one of the most widely used tuning apps, Strings Tuner features alternative and more advanced tuning methods.

It is relatively simple to use and is recommended for beginners who want to learn quickly and adapt themselves to different melodies.

At present, this app is only available for Android users.

5-    Tuner & Metronome

The Tuner & Metronome app lets you record, flash, vibrate and set the sound as well as tune your violin.

A vital feature of this app is its battery saving mode, so you will never have to worry about the app draining your phone’s battery.


Before deciding on an app, you must read the description and make sure it has all the qualities that you are looking for.

Check the screenshots of the app's interface and make sure you intuitively understand it before you pay for it. Always make sure that your chosen app is easy for you to use.

Lastly, always read the reviews underneath the product information. This will give you an idea of what the app has to offer and always look at the ratings it has received online.

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