Houston is a large metropolis in the state of Texas. In this city of over two million people, there are numerous opportunities to connect with artist opportunities and participate in the city’s art exhibitions.

If you are living and working in Houston, you can consider exercising your creativity by signing up for art lessons. These courses can be anything from drawing and sketching to watercolor painting and photography. If you have children, you can enroll them as well.

No matter how old you are, taking an art class is a great way to relax and exercise your imagination. If you are interested, here is a list of what Houston has to offer!

Art Lessons for Kids

If you are a parent, you might be at a loss on what to do with your children during the weekend or those seemingly endless summer holidays in Houston. Enrolling your kids in an art course is one of the best ways to occupy them and provide them with some valuable and creative skills.

Not only do art classes offer stimulation for restless kids, they also help improve their fine motor skills and imagination. In this age of digital entertainment, it is also a great way to get them away from screens. From art camps to one-off classes, you're bound to find something your children can enjoy in the city.

Young girl with beige paint on her face sitting by table.
Signing up your children for art classes in Houston is a fun way to keep them entertained. (Source: Unsplash)

Young Picassos

The Young Picassos is an art curriculum that specializes in art instruction for children. Established in 2011 by psychotherapist Angelina Rodriguez, the goal of the Young Picassos is to enhance children’s self-esteem through artistic endeavors like painting and other creative classes for kids.

Instructors are trained to promote compassion, empathy, trust and other positive character traits in young students through the creation of various art projects and art camps. The program is currently offered at four schools - The Fay School, Sanchez Elementary School, Southwest Middle School, and Mark Twain Elementary School.

Additionally, this program is also available as a summer camp program. The program runs during the month of July, with each class centered around summer-themed activities. Some fun activities for young artists include Paper Mache making, bubble painting, and building clay sand castles.

Monet School of Art

The Monet School of Art is an art school that offers a unique take to art education as the program integrates other subjects like math and science into its art education. For example, while teaching students how to draw a toucan, the students are also taught about its features, habitat, and other knowledge.

Classes at this studio run once per week throughout the regular school year. A popular art program is the Preschool Monart, which is for 3 to 4-year-olds and teaches them hand coordination skills. Another fun drawing class is Fashion Design, which gives students the chance to work on a different fashion-related project each month.

Drawing and Painting

Painting and drawing make up the foundations of art. That’s because they are the building blocks of every great masterpiece. No matter what medium you use - oil paint, acrylic paint, pencil drawing, everything begins with a simple sketch or a base color.

Practicing sketching, shading, drawing and color theory will help enhance your composition skills. So whether you are just starting out or if you have been drawing and painting for many years, your artistic journey can begin with the perfect drawing and painting art workshops for any skill level.

Art Class Wine Glass

As its name suggests, Art Class Wine Glass is a drop-in adult class designed for adults. Instructors at the studio will teach you how to make a painting step by step. Students are allowed to bring wine to sip on so you can learn to draw with your favorite beverage.

Drawing classes are under three hours in length and cost $35 per person per evening. Private sessions with large groups of friends are also available, as well as drop-in sessions. From landscape painting, color mixing, acrylic painting, printmaking, to basic drawing, this painting studio makes it easy for you to fit art classes into your week.

Man standing in front of a large canvas painting.
There are numerous adult art courses in Houston to choose from. (Source: Unsplash)

Clay and Ceramic Art Courses

Working with clay and ceramics is a fun experience, requiring you to hone in your eye for detail and sculpting. Consider taking a clay and ceramic course to make a unique personalized gift for all your family and friends. You can even sign up with a friend or a close relative so you can enjoy some time together.

Foelber Pottery and Studio

The Foelber Pottery and Studio originated in 1979 when John Foelber first rented a studio space to create his pottery art for sale at art festivals. Over the years, John made a name for himself as a carver of unique lanterns and even had a team working with him. He also started running pottery classes to supplement his income, and these courses continued on to this day.

Adult classes here are separated into beginner and intermediate levels. For $230 per five weeks, students will learn the basics of wheel throwing as well as other hand building techniques. The cost of the lessons includes clay, glaze, and firings so you do not need to purchase additional art materials.

The Potter’s Wheel

The Potter’s Wheel is another pottery studio in Houston where you can learn to create artworks from clay. The class schedule is unique on a weekly basis so you can learn the basics of the craft once per week. A draw and paint on your own pottery class is also available for those who are only interested in decorating clay work.

Jewelry Making and Glass Blowing Lessons

Jewelry making involves the design and crafting various pieces of jewelry. Glass blowing, on the other hand, involves blowing semi-molten glass into a desired shape. Both are interesting artistic pursuits you can try if you are not interested in drawing or painting.

Person holding thin glass tube in front of a fire.
Glass blowing is a unique class you can take if you are not interested in drawing and painting lessons. (Source: Unsplash)

Three Dimension Visions

This is the only open access studio for glass blowing in Houston with three resident artists working in-house showcasing their works in the gallery studio space. The studio time includes glass blowing courses and workshops for those interested in trying the craft.

Individual and group courses are offered to suit your desired outcome. A popular course is Introduction to Glass Blowing, which runs over the course of six weeks and is held once per week for three hours. The cost of this course is $600 per person.

Another popular class is called Focus on Color. This course also runs for six weeks and is designed for advanced students. You will learn how to apply colored fit to the basic form of the class, as well as how to apply simple cane and murrini color applications.

Houston School of Jewelry

The Houston School of Jewelry teaches students the ins and outs of metalsmithing. The school is run by Renato Ronquillo, who has over 45 years of experience designing custom jewelry and refurbishing fine jewelry.

One of the classes offered here is Jewelry Making I, which teaches beginners the core technical skills required for jewelry making. Over a two day period, students are taught the properties of sterling silver, brass, cobber, and other materials important to jewelry making. The cost is $425 with materials included. You will get to design and make two pieces of jewelry during your time in this course.

Another technical class you can take is called Gemstone Setting. This course is taught by instructor and master jewelry Renato, who will show you the ropes behind adding colored gemstones or diamonds to your jewelry. Techniques you will learn here include Gypsy setting and Bezel setting. You will also get your very own workbench, which is fully equipped with all the materials and tools for your creations!

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