In this day and age, we have access to so much more than in previous years. Thanks to the Internet, we can read news from a country across the globe within seconds of it being published and can use the expansive digital space to collect information and study things we might never have had the opportunity to do before the world of computers and smartphones.

For instance, if we want to learn a new language from scratch, we can just download an app on our phone and get practicing with our spoken language. Not to mention the accessibility of flights nowadays. One can now fly to almost any city in the world on a budget airline and get a chance to see some unimaginable sights and soak up some truly unique cultures! And, more importantly, to speak the official language of the country.

Did you know that the official language of India is often referred to as Hindi because it is the most widely spoken language of the nation?

However, if you can't spare the cash or time, then there are many other resources that you can use to your advantage - both free and with a price tag.

Depending on what it is you are hoping to gain from language lessons, you may be able to make do with some of the great free tools out there, but if you wish to learn quickly or for a specific purpose then the best way to learn may be to pay for services in Hindi language acquisition, like language courses or online lessons with a Hindi tutor.

Books, Textbooks, Journals, Magazines, And Newspapers

If you travel to India or know someone who is passing through the country, then why not pick up or ask someone to grab you a newspaper written in Hindi (which originally came from Sanskrit). Not only can you familiarise yourself with local news in this second language, you can also practice your reading and interpretation skills.

You might learn some new Hindi words or expressions that you could use in your conversational speech. Plus, it will help you to understand grammatical rules a bit better.

Newspaper articles are usually written in fairly simple language so the articles shouldn't be too difficult to grasp for those who don't have Hindi as their native language.

Check for outstanding Hindi lessons here.

Newspapers are great to learn from as they are contextual.
Try to get hold of Indian books and newspapers to help you advance your language skills. Photo credit: vishwaant on Visual hunt / CC BY

Another good idea is to purchase some second-hand Indian books either from abroad or from marketplaces like eBay, your local charity shop or a car boot sale. Failing that, you could buy yourself some brand new Hindi books aimed at children or learners so that you can introduce yourself to the language with simple words and phrases to build up your confidence.


Although technically an online hub, Readwhere is a reading & publishing hub offering everything from e-papers, magazines, books, comics etc. online and offline.

Featuring many languages, you can read content from some of the top-selling newspapers of India, written in Hindi. Along with newspapers, which are free to read, you can also find a range of popular magazines covering anything and everything, from News to Health, Entertainment to Art, and much more.

The extensive list of languages covered by the reading app include English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Kannada, so once you've confidently mastered Hindi then you can move on to other Indo European or Indo Aryan languages! Can you spot Arabic, Persian, Urdu, or Bengali on their list?

Websites And Apps

Aside from finding some language textbooks at your local library or WH Smith, why not consider some interactive online tools dedicated to language learners?

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is a website that offers free lessons in Hindi, including how to learn Hindi common phrases, salutations, and pronunciation tools. As well as the many resources on offer, there's a forum for Hindi learners so you can speak to others in your position and exchange the easiest ideas and tips for learning this Indian language. Feel free to chat about phonetics, vowels, the present tense, Hindi vocabulary or even Bollywood if you wish!

The Hindi version of this 'Rocket Languages' series is called 'Rocket Hindi' and the top level subscription includes 24/7 lifetime access, a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, free upgrades for life, personalized progress tracking, flashcards for each lesson, 25 Advanced learning techniques, benchmarking and Hindi Certification tests, 24/7 forum and email support, as well as a 20CD pack + online access. All of this is available for just over £230!

Other price packages are available and can be seen by visiting the website. Please note you can also use coupons to cut down the price of your tuition.

Even cheaper, teach Hindi to yourself.


DuoLingo is a very popular award-winning language learning app that boasts the ability to help you learn Hindi online by spending just five minutes a day going over its mini-tutorials. The addictive free app enables students to earn points for correct answers, race against the clock and move up levels. All of these aspects combined make of DuoLingo an exciting way to learn a new language like Hindi.

Apps can be downloaded onto a laptop, phone or tablet.
Use dedicated language apps like DuoLingo to learn a language with proven results. Photo credit: William Hook on Visual Hunt

Its slogan is: ‘Learn a language for free. Forever.’ This serves as a great reminder of just what is on offer here – the ability to acquire a new skill for life for absolutely no money at all.

The owners of DuoLingo seem to have targeted this app at young professionals with limited time on their hands, who turn to their mobile phones during breaks from work, as well as those commuting to work with little else to do with their journey time.

While Rocket Hindi requires a small fee, this language learning tool is absolutely free and will get you learning a new language in no time at all. Plus, with a structured app like this that has its own type of curriculum, the levels and reminders will keep you on track. It's one of the best survival tricks in the business of learning a new language, as it can also be used like a dictionary while you're abroad! Get started now, you have nothing to lose!

As well as Hindi, you can learn German, learn Japanese, learn Arabic, learn Italian and many more languages.

Glossika Hindi

Glossika Hindi is a product unlike anything else on the market for many languages, including Hindi for beginners, of course.

The basic idea is that it gets you to listen to and reproduce natural sentences in Hindi with spaced repetition. Although it might seem strange at first, you’ll be amazed at the progress you make if you follow the method properly to the end.

The Pro package is charged monthly at around £23 per month and features professional native speaker recordings, a weekly progress report, professional pronunciation transcriptions, unlimited reps for all languages, practice multiple languages, full access extended learning tools, unlimited offline download for all languages.

Furthermore, you can buy the Enterprise package, which allows you to manage multiple users, view metrics, reports, and testing results, in addition to the features of the Pro package.


The HindiPod101 course teaches learners of Hindi using a podcast-style format and videos. This type of language-rich content is the best way to learn more, fast, like Hindi greetings, other Hindi phrases and all about the language and culture of northern India.

All lessons are fully downloadable for offline use and include a range of awesome features such as a vocabulary database, inbuilt flashcard app, grammar lessons, lessons on adjectives and pronouns and more. Features include:

-Over 880 Audio and Video Lessons
-Knowledgeable and Energetic Hosts
-Vocabulary Learning Tools and Spaced Repetition Flashcards
-Detailed PDF Lesson Notes
-Lively Community Forum and Lesson Discussion
-Learn on-the-go!
-Study anywhere!

One of the newer additions to HindiPod101 (as part of a higher tier membership option) is personal help from your own Hindi tutor, who can answer any questions you have about the Hindi language online.

Language podcasts can be like lessons or just an exchange between two speakers in a particular language.
Language podcasts are great for picking up a new language as you can listen to fluent speakers and then repeat. Photo credit: on Visual Hunt

With HindiPod101, you'll learn Hindi with fun, interesting and culturally relevant lessons that are easy to listen to and will prepare you for speaking with Hindi speakers in their surroundings.

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