Once you have felt the Indian dust, you will never be free of it. - Rumer Godden

While contemporary dance, classical dance and ballet are dance students' bread and butter, many people are opting to embrace other cultures with Asian dance lessons. Bollywood remains one of the most widely-recognised styles of dance: to develop a dancer's sensuality and stage presence, it can't be beaten!

So, find out how to dance like you're in India now!

What Are Indian Dance Styles?

Practising Indian dancing is first and foremost about discovering the great history of India, even Indian mythology!

Dress up in Bollywood dance costume and learn Indian dance.
Indian dance dates back to the 2nd century BC. Learn a traditional Indian dance with Bollywood lessons! Source: Visual Hunt

Relatively unknown in the UK, Indian dance is extremely popular in Asia.

According to Hindu mythology, dance is a creation by the god Brahma: this art form most likely appeared in the 2nd century BC, according to mythological texts.

Dance in India was an indispensable element of social, aesthetic, artistic and cultural life.

Nevertheless, the most famous form of Indian dance, "Bollywood" dance, remains quite a recent development, originating from Indian cinema. This style of dance is incredibly popular in Asia, similar to Hollywood in America.

As a general rule, Indian dance is synonymous with Indian theatre: dance is performed to a story, either told or implied, and some dancers even use mimes to express their story better!

Dance is an art that is an integral part of Indian culture and folklore. Many Indian classical dances have developed over the years specifically for special occasions such as weddings, celebrations and religious ceremonies.

There is no single Indian dance: this art varies according to its geographical and cultural origin!

To learn Indian dance and become passionate about dance, it is essential to review the customs of the subcontinent: Indian culture is indeed a major asset to teach Indian dance or even become a real pro at forms of Asian dance.

Leave your cowboy hat and boots in the wardrobe, this dance isn't the same as country western dancing!

Different Types of Indian Dance

Before starting Indian dance classes, you still have to choose the right style!

Have fun with friends at a Bollywood dance class.
Some styles of Indian dancing are more playful while others are more melancholic. Source: Visual Hunt

Indeed, there isn't just one type of Indian dance but rather several styles of dancing. Northern and Southern India draw on their regional history to create popular cultural dances among the Indian people.

The variations of Indian dancing usually have similar elements, although the dance steps are different: some dances are performed either to a slow or fast tempo, solo or in groups or with traditional or more modern themes.

In India, dance is primarily a means of communication through both the body, but also the eyes or facial expressions!

A short, non-exhaustive list of dance styles from India:

  • Kathak,
  • Ossidi,
  • Manipuri,
  • Kuchipudi,
  • Bharatanatyam,
  • Sattriya,
  • Dandiya,
  • Kalbelia,
  • Ghoomar,
  • Indian classical dance,
  • Bollywood,
  • Bihu.

Although oriental dance is primarily associated with the countries of North Africa, Indian belly dancing also exists!

Whether traditional or contemporary, there is something for everyone with Indian dance: the method of teaching, the Indian music used and the pace of the dance are all criteria to be taken into account when making your mind up.

The best way is to attend a trial lesson to try out several Indian dances before enrolling in a class. This first lesson will also help determine the student's expectations and help them choose the class best suited to their budget (dance training, couples dancing, one-off lessons, etc.).

In the US, there are also different dance styles: madison is one of them.

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Learn Bollywood Dance with a Teacher

Find an Indian dance Choreographer

Do you want to work on your dance moves and musical improvisation? Why not learn Indian dancing with a dance instructor at home?

FInd an Indian dance teacher online.
Who better than an experienced Bollywood choreographer to teach you to dance so you can show off your dance moves to family or friends? Source: Visual Hunt

To become a professional dancer or Bollywood dancer or even to star in a dance show, nothing beats homeschooling. In private lessons, students are introduced to dance by learning the basics of Indian dance such as Maahi Ve or Chaiyya Chaiyya.

How to find an Indian choreographer:

  • Through word of mouth at a dance class or school,
  • Find a Bollywood teacher through physical ads,
  • Find a Bollywood teacher through online classifieds,
  • Take Indian dance classes online,
  • Hire an Indian dance teacher through a private tutoring agency, etc.

With Superprof, Indian dance classes cost around £20 for a one hour lesson!

It's easy to get discounted rates for group classes, intensive dance classes, or weekly dance lessons. Indian dance lessons are suitable for all levels: just take a look at our Superprof dance instructor profiles to check their availability and the conditions of the lesson.

Go from beginner to advanced level with private Bollywood lessons!

To discover another style of dance, why not try African dance?

Take classes at an Indian Dance School

Indian dance classes at a dance school are the perfect way to progress quickly and learn a dance routine in just a few sessions!

For exercise, a love of music or desire to learn, there are different types of Indian dance classes to suit everyone. Indian dance can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are dance classes for children and teenagers as well as adult dance classes (classes for couples) and even senior classes!

Here are some dance centres where you can learn Indian dance in the UK:

  • Annapurna Indian Dance in Halifax,
  • ABCD Bollywood Dance School in Chelmsford,
  • Nachle Bollywood Dance School in Basildon,
  • Bollywood Dance Worldwide in Reading,
  • Dance n' Beats Bollywood Dance Academy in Drayton,
  • Absolute Bollywood, London
  • Bollywood Vibes in London,
  • Karan's Bollywood Masterclass in Harrow,
  • Dance Ihayami in Edinburgh,
  • Nandanam School of Dance in Aberdeen,

For those on a tighter budget, we recommend that you inquire at your local or regional cultural centre. Indeed, these centres, funded by the region, offer discounted rates.

Perfect for taking Indian dance classes at an affordable price!

From Indian dance to oriental dance, they aren't worlds apart.

Teach Yourself Indian Dance

Videos for Learning Indian Dance

In the age of the Internet, why not take advantage of vast digital resources at your disposal to learn Bollywood dance moves (and online Zumba classes)?

Even though to real progress quickly in dance we recommend that you take dance classes in person (London or across the UK), it is still possible to grasp the basics of Indian dance through a comprehensive video library of dance lessons.

These videos, freely available on the web, allow you to take online Indian dance lessons for children or for more advanced levels.

Discover the most popular Indian dance youtubers:

  • RSU Dance Company,
  • Bollywood Dance,
  • Columbia Missouri,
  • Good Indian Girl Videos,
  • Pop Sugar Fitness,
  • Dance with Abby,
  • Devesh Mirchandani,
  • Manpreet Toor,
  • Lasya Dance,
  • Akshay Yogesh Bhosale,
  • Bharat Yoga, etc.

Remember: videos available for free on Youtube are recommended for beginners, but don't let you improve your Indian dance moves that well.

Bollywood videos are perfect for in between traditional dance lessons, but do not replace face-to-face instruction from a native dance teacher!

Just like Irish dancing, it's possible to find tutorials online.

Apps for Learning Bollywood Dance

Being able to work on your dance steps with your smartphone: that's the dream, right?

FInd Indian dance lessons near me.
Techniques, advice and videos: apps are your best friend when it comes to teaching yourself Bollywood dance! Source: Visual Hunt

Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Odissi or Bharatnatyam: educational apps offer Indian dance classes for all styles and levels of dance. The apps offer both modern as well as traditional dances from different parts of India.

Some free apps even contain Sanskrit recitations so you can really immerse yourself in the language and culture of India!

Here are some recommended apps for learning to dance like a native:

  • Indian Classical Dance,
  • Indian Wedding Dance,
  • Indian Dance Choreography,
  • Bollyshake,
  • Bollywood Dance Workout,
  • Khatakali Hindi Dance,
  • India Folk Dance,
  • Bollywood Punjabi,
  • Hindi Dance Tutorials,
  • Bollywood Dance Fitness, etc.

For your smartphone or tablet, there are also apps specifically dedicated to traditional Indian songs.

The Bollywood enthusiast can teach themselves all the basics of Indian dance with the help of the Internet!

Even better, learning through apps allows you to broaden your musical horizons and even adapt the choreography to suit you: perfect for creating your own tailor-made dance routines!

So, put your Sari on and start learning some Indian dance moves today!

Remember to check our platform to find a dance instructor for Indian dance, Spanish dance or even Zumba class!

Now you know all you can about learning Indian dancing, you no longer need to trawl the Internet for 'dance classes near me'! Whether it's dance classes glasgow, dance classes London or dance classes Leeds you're after, you know where to look!

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