You turn on the TV and you happen to flip through the channels. The Food Network is on and whatever they are cooking grabs your attention immediately.

After the show is over, you are not only extremely hungry but you also wonder if you missed your calling of becoming a professional chef?

You are deep in your career at this point and it may seem like it’s too late.

Although the idea of becoming a professional chef may be stressful, learning how to cook like one is never late!

Signing up full time to a culinary institute may not be the best option for everyone, not to mention exams and projects that go with attending cooking school.

But luckily, there are hundreds of cooking classes near you and all over the United States.

But how do you even know which one is the best? Or which one will suit you? We have got you covered!

After much research, we found that the USA has a numerous amount of top-rated cooking classes all over the country.

From Los Angeles to Chicago to New York, our list would really be endless.

The following are a few of our favorite top-rated cooking classes in the United States.

If you want to learn a thing or two about cooking’s history before grabbing your chef hat click here to get a crash course!

Cakebreak Cellars

We start our list on the west coast of the country in Rutherford, California within the Napa Valley region.

Napa Valley is not only known as the wine country of the United States but they are also known for their regional gourmet foods.

So what better way to complete your trip than with a wine and cooking class!

Starting off as a family winery in 1973, Cakebreak Cellars is now well known for its elevated culinary programs.

They offer multiple food and wine pairings per year with a variety of cuisines such as wild king salmon, poultry, Dungeness crab and French cassoulet cooking classes. All of which are paired with their own extraordinary wines.

Cakebreak Cellars’ cooking classes are all typically the same price, $195 per person and classes are limited to 16 people.

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San Francisco Cooking School

Painted Ladies in San Francisco shown with the city skyline in the background
There are different types of cooking classes you can take from baking bread to pastries to learning how to cook the perfect steak. Source: Ross Joyner on Unsplash

Still in Northern California, the San Francisco Cooking School fills our next spot.

Although this is also a prestigious culinary institute, the San Francisco Cooking Schools offers cooking classes to the public for anyone that is looking to learn cooking fundamentals or expand their skills.

This cooking school offers courses that teach you the very beginning of cooking, such as knife skills classes at $65 per person or knife sharpening workshops at $100 per person.

You can also attend their cooking classes if you wish to master the art of French croissants and pain au chocolat. They offer a dedicated class for $165 per person.

If you wish to expand your French pastry knowledge and impress your friends, take their pastry fundamentals class at $460 per person.

Is that too high? Well, why not try their macaroons specific class at $165 per person? Oui, s’il vous plait!

Some of their cooking classes offer lessons to perfect your weekend favorites such as the perfect steak cooking class for $175 per person or the killer fried chicken class at $165 per person.

In addition to cooking lessons, they also offer wine education classes such as their French wines class at $85 per person.

We encourage you to take a look at their site, as their cooking lessons are numerous!

The Chopping Block

This next place is for anyone who has an appetite for cooking and learning! The Chopping Block has been teaching Chicago how to cook for 20 years.

The Chopping Block not only teaches cooking classes but they also offer wine education classes, kids cooking classes, cooking parties for a larger private group and even boot camp intensive cooking classes.

Their cooking classes are original and encourage people to have fun.

Some of their cooking classes available at the moment are couples cooking at $105 per person, gnocchi making classes at $94 per person and wine and dine cooking classes at $110 per person.

Their boot camp cooking classes are around $1,950 but these programs last 5 days and you learn a variety of things such as knife skills, chicken, beef and fish cooking, soups and sauces, vegetables and grains and plating skills.

The Chopping Block makes sure that you walk out cooking like a chef all while enjoying yourself!

The North Carolina Barbecue Society

guy cooking some ribs and meat on a bbq
The most common food item people cook at a barbecue is the good old fashioned burger. Source: Scott Madore on Unsplash

Now it’s time to light up the grill, it’s barbecue time! Moving on to the other side of the country we arrive in North Carolina.

A trial lawyer turned BBQ man, Jim Early started The North Carolina Barbecue Society, or NCBS for short, in 2007.

His passion for BBQ has turned his BBQ boot camps into one of the top cooking classes in the nation.

The NCBS’s BBQ boot camps are $500 per person and are two full days of learning everything there is to know about barbecuing.

The boot camp has a packed agenda of preparing and cooking pork ribs, beef brisket, grilling seafood and chicken. They also teach you how to make rubs, sauces and great BBQ side dishes such as potato salad, greens, and corn to name a few.

You must be 21 years or older to attend this BBQ boot camp as there is alcohol involved.

Zero George Street

Named by Food + Wine as one of the best cooking classes in the world, Zero George Street can be found in Charleston, South Carolina.

Zero George Street is located in the heart of Charleston where it serves as a hotel and restaurant. Its restaurant offers intimate cooking classes from 2 to 8 guests maximum at a price of $150 per person.

Their cooking classes include a 3-course meal and wine pairings. Some examples of their previous menus are scallop tartar, lemon ricotta tortellini, pork and beans, steamed snapper, tres leches cake, and chocolate cremeaux.

Talented sous chefs from South Carolina teach some of these cooking classes and sometimes even visiting chefs from other cities.

Institute of Culinary Education

A typical hotdog stand in New York
Hot dog carts are a universal sight on New York City streets and should be a part of any visit to the Big Apple. Source: Anton on Unsplash

Ending our list in the Big Apple, the Institute of Culinary Education was once named “The Daily Meal” the best culinary school in America.

Starting in 1975 in New York City, ICE has opened a new location in 2018 across the country in Los Angeles, California.

By signing up with any of ICE’s cooking classes, you will have the chance to travel the culinary world in the comfort of their own kitchen!

ICE offers a wide variety of cooking classes such as dim sum, Tuscan favorites, party cakes, NYC steaks, sushi, street Thai food and many more.

Their cooking classes range in price anywhere from $120 to $250 per person. When signing up for classes, make sure to be aware of the class level as they do range.

Whatever it is you feel like learning how to cook, be sure that ICE will offer it.

Whether you are traveling to the United States for the first time or you are a US citizen wishing to get more acquainted with your country, any of these cooking classes will allow you to discover new cuisines and cities.

Traveling outside of the United States? If you wish to learn more about the best international cooking classes, check this list out!

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