Whether it is to judge proficiency on an English speaking test, an oral exam or an important conversation of another kind such as an interview when you know that an English speaking test or meeting is coming up. It is necessary to be prepared and to be confident that you have done your best to gain the outcome that you are looking for.

In addition to written tests, there are also often oral tests in English exams to learn English and to verify that the candidate can speak English and has reached a certain level throughout their English classes. Here are some tips for how to prepare for and do your best on an oral test and show your English language proficiency.

What Is An Oral Comprehension Test: Communication Skills

When you are studying as an ESOL student, there will be times during your course that you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. By verbally showing your fluency and accuracy when answering questions or discussing a topic.

English isnt repeating what you hear
Studying for an oral examination in English. Photo Source: Unsplash

While the teacher or examiner will not expect you to be perfect, you will be expected to do your best. Your best is determined by what you have currently been taught and also how you have adapted to the content in the lessons.

The ideal outcome in an oral exam is seeing that you have understood the words that you are using and that you are not just repeating what you hear. Using your listening skills, thinking deeply about what it is that you want to say and using that knowledge to communicate. Being creative in your communication is much better than repeating the generic statement which doesn't show a deeper understanding of what it is that you have learnt.

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How To Prepare For An Oral Comprehension Test

The best way to prepare for your oral exam is, in fact, the same for any exam that you may have on any subject. If you want to pass your exams, pay attention in class and develop good healthy study ethics to concrete the things that you have learnt into your mind. If when you are studying English or learning something, you don't look at it again until you have the exam.

It is, of course, going to be challenging but if you wisely practise everything that you have learnt on an ongoing basis. You will not have to worry about ‘how to pass an exam' because you would already have all of the skills to do so.

The course that you are taking has been specially structured, planned and created to help you to be successful in your chosen subject but the class hours are not enough for you to be successful in any subject let alone learning a language.

Be aware that actively incorporating your study into your daily life and allowing what you have learnt to be a part of your focus regularly is the key to pass your oral exam and any other exam that you might have.

How To Prepare An Excellent Presentation In English

Find out what the requirements are for your exam and how long you must speak for.

  1. Ask your teacher for sample exams so that you can learn the format.
  2. Prepare your plans in advance and plan your revision around these plans.
  3. Speak as often as you can throughout the year allow you to train.
  4. Effectively. It also gives you the chance to get open feedback which you can work on. You can also and should aim to meet with native English speakers and not just your teacher to do this.
  5. Revise the concepts that you are learning and find your own expression within them so that you can communicate in a way that is natural to you.
  6. If you practice every day you will learn English.
  7. Make a note of your strong and weak areas.
  8. Remember that there is more than one way to say something.

Study Tips To Help With English Comprehension

In our technological age, there are millions of ways available to you, many of them free. To support your learning. Here are some tips to improve your comprehension of English.

  1. Listen to English regularly – to boost your English language learning.
  2. Feel free to listen to the information in English on the BBC website.
  3. Listen to songs in English paying attention to the lyrics and trying to understand as much as possible, and you can even look the lyrics up online and read along.
  4. Buy an eBook and matching audiobook and have the author read to you in the book of your choice.
  5. Watch movies or TV series in English.

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Be aware of your tone
The part of the native English speaker. Photo Source: Unsplash

The compelling thing about listening to native speakers is that you get to learn intonation, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and you also get to learn all about things that you enjoy in a fun and engaging way. Why not learn English online today?

Top tip: Do not forget to note the new English vocabulary words you are learning. This can serve as a review sheet for your speaking skills.

An English test is working over a period of time. Start your work early in the year and work regularly to have time to memorise and progress in English.

A Plan Example For Speaking In English Exams

Here is an example of a plan that works every time, but you must adapt this according to your own circumstances:

• I'm going to talk about… (present your idea),
• Introduction :
○ Define the idea,
○ Link your idea and the topic
• First paragraph :
○ Going deeper into the idea
• Second part :
○ Presenting the link to the topic in depth
• Conclusion: The goal here is to recap the two big paragraphs and give your opinion

Tips For The Day Of Your Presentation

  1. Speak clearly and articulate well when you are speaking English
  2. Take your time but do not forget that you only a certain amount of time.
  3. Do not panic if you see that you have spent too much time on your first part just do what you can.
  4. To stay on time, it is a good idea to practice and train to deliver communication well which will give you the strategies to pass the test.

If you want to be fluent in English like your native language you must be actively preparing to study.

Ideas To Help You Gain Confidence To Pass Any English Oral Exam

English oral exams do not work in the same way for all schools, but the advice that we give here will help you in any case.
Make study cards and group them by theme, this could be the theme of studies such as vocabulary and verbs or interest themes like professional, social, entertainment themes.

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How to communicate your ideas
You may start to realise a plateau in your English learning. Photo Source: Unsplash

Write and read out loud summaries of English language newspapers or books with either the essential information or a summary with an analytical part. You can practice speaking using the two methods. Participate in an English working group for ESL students, and this allows you to exchange information and improve your fluency. You can also save time by distributing news sheets.

Reading and listening must be an integral part of your preparation. This is an excellent way to enrich your vocabulary but also to reuse and adapt the examples that you learn in the process. Watch TV series that have a personal interest for you shows such as House of Cards, The Handmaid 's Tale, How To Get Away With Murder or Peaky Blinders have a certain appeal and interest.

While also using different vocabulary and showing off lots of ways to express yourself in English. If you prefer reading then in literature, I recommend Philip Roth, George Orwell or William Faulkner but any books of interest according to your preferences. Will be perfect for you to grow and improve your English.

General Tips For Successful English Oral Exams: Language Skills

Do not smoke before your interview in English. It will affect your English pronunciation. For any oral, and even for the written expression and written comprehension, it will be necessary to gain in general culture.

This involves enriching one's vocabulary through reading and attentive and active listening. Of course, a language study abroad can help if you have the opportunity.
You can also take part in an intensive English course during the school holidays. Getting help is not a shame but rather a way to progress faster!

The day of the event, it must be punctual and polite. Greet the examiner, ask if you can sit down and thank him as you leave. Stand up straight and avoid stray gestures that may distract your listener and show your stress.

Do not look at your notes too much. Look the examiner in the eyes but without insistence. And be dynamic, speak a little louder than usual with complete sentences when answering a question. Be clear and fast but without haste. Articulate and manage your airflow, so you do not feel totally panicked.

Make sure your words are in clear spoken English
Learn to stay focused! It may happen that the examiner seems to be elsewhere, either silent or seeming upset. Do not be destabilised and continue your presentation in English.

The main thing about an oral exam is just the speaking, and as long as you are revising and practising regularly, this will be easy for you. Come on, take a deep breath and get ready to speak, it'll be ok.

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