Learning English has become a necessity for anyone looking to work internationally. It's the most widely spoken and understood and helps people integrate anywhere in the world.

However, learning a new language can be a tough task. It requires dedication, hard work, and a lot of practice. There's one way you can make the process easier: learning from an English tutor.

Finding a qualified English private tutor that understands you is not that easy. Many students struggle to find a tutor that can resonate with their aptitude and learning needs.

Here is our advice on learning English as a second language (ESL). With this knowledge, you can easily find a qualified private tutor who resonates with you.

Learning English One-to-One

As opposed to group sessions, students get the full, undivided attention of their teacher and benefit from having their lessons customized according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, a good tutor should teach you according to your learning requirements, based on the level of proficiency you have in English.

They can start fresh, or they can build up on your previous knowledge. If you are already taking English lessons in school, your ESL teacher can help you revise and keep track of your progress through quizzes.

By doing so, they can formulate a tailored learning plan for you.

You might be underperforming in school because of class pressure or competition. With a private tutor, you have no pressure to perform, and you can learn in a more relaxed environment.

English alphabets are taught to kids using a very popular jingle. Did you know that this jingle is sung to the same tune as 'twinkle, twinkle, little star'? Take ESL classes to help your children learn the English alphabet!
The right ESL tutor can make your learning experience enjoyable. Have you ever wanted to return to school? No one has! However, if you find the right ESL teacher, you'll see yourself waiting for the next class with excitement! (Source: Pixabay)

Teaching Yourself Or Getting Lessons From A Tutor

The best part about learning a language with a private tutor is that whenever you falter, there is someone to guide you and correct your mistakes.

Moreover, regular practice helps you attain fluency in English and enables you to use it in your daily conversations. Languages are like any other skill; if you don't use them, you lose them.

With a private tutor, you have someone to regularly practice your oral language skills instead of learning it by yourself. In fact, the tutoring experience is more hands-on and direct than you would get in a regular classroom setting.

Furthermore, learning idiomatic expressions and figurative terms can be another roadblock if you're learning English by yourself. This is something only an experienced English language speaker can help you learn.

Getting the pronunciation of new words right is also quite difficult unless you have someone to guide you. Your tutor can help you practice proper pronunciation and suggest useful learning resources.

Private tuition can be the quickest and least stressful way to learn English for beginners. You benefit from the experience of your teacher, and they can always catch you when you flounder.

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Greeting phrases in the English language. Greetings in English are very readily recognizable the world over. You could be in any country in the world, and it won't be audacious for you to expect a response to the word 'hello.' Find an ESL teacher near you and learn to greet English speakers
English is the most recognizable language on the planet, even for those who don't speak it. English in international forums and its importance to economic discourse worldwide make it an important language to learn. Take ESL classes and find your place in the world! (Source: Pixabay)

Opting For An Experienced English Teacher Or An Undergraduate Tutor?

It's hard to pre-emptively state what kind of teacher will be the best for languages. There's no hard and fast rule about the level of experience a tutor needs to have.

That is not to say that tutors do not require experience. Tutors with years of experience behind them know how to deal with different students, and find it much easier to grasp their students' psyche.

But on the flip side, teachers who are undergraduates may be more attuned to teach students because they can identify with the learning journey and put themselves in their students' shoes.

So when looking for tutors, who do you choose?

University Students

Many native English-speaking university students are willing to teach English to others as a second language. The fact that they are students themselves helps them in the tutoring process.

They can connect much better with younger students due to the lower age difference and because they are well-aware of the learning journey themselves. Plus, the learner might find it easier to relate to them.

Furthermore, they can help students revise better and get familiarized with the school syllabus and the examiners' requirements

Qualified Teachers

Tutors that have a history of teaching English have the experience to back up their tutoring. They have probably dealt with a variety of students and are well aware of different teaching standards.

They also know what technique works best for different types of students.

Additionally, when faced with a tricky topic or an unconventional student, an undergraduate tutor might not know how to approach the situation. But an experienced, qualified teacher would know how to think out of the box and get past that roadblock.

Experienced teachers are aware of topics students regularly struggle with and what path to take through a normal English language course.

Such teachers would also be well-versed in the best resources, grammar exercises, and language tools to support the students' learning.

Only The Student Can Choose For Themselves

The student must decide what kind of teacher they want for their English lessons.

Every student has a different learning style, and only they can judge whether the teacher fits their requirements. Do they prefer a younger, more engaging, hands-on tutor? Do they like an experienced, certified teacher who has been in the business of teaching English for years?

And of course, the student will also consider their budget and schedule to see if it works for their potential teacher.

An English book and a flower. English follows the Latin script, which is different from many of the South-Asian writing styles and may be difficult to understand for those seeing it for the first time. Find ESL classes near you and familiarize yourself with the most used writing script in the world.
Learn English and get the chance to read great literature. Some of the greatest authors, poets, and songwriters, choose to execute their art in English. Find ESL lessons near you today and expose yourself to a world of art and culture. (Source: Pixabay)

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How To Make The Most Of Your ESL Lessons?

Just signing up with your tutor isn't enough. You must also look to optimize your lessons and let your instructor know what you want to achieve.

Firstly, align your learning needs. For a successful learning journey, both you and your tutor must know where you currently stand.

After all, if you're paying for private tuition, you would want your lessons to be customized for your needs and requirement.

Assessing your current position will help your tutor chalk out a plan for future lessons.

Also, discuss which topics you'd like to focus on specifically. Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Or are you more inclined to work on verb conjugation and tenses?

What Makes a Good Tutor?

Good ESL teachers must have complete proficiency in the English language. As a student, you must expect the tutor to be as good as a native speaker, if not one.

Moreover, a qualified ESL teacher will be well-versed in the nuances of English grammar as they proceed through lessons. If your tutor hands out grammar rules and expects you to memorize them, that's a sign of an inexperienced teacher.

Good teachers will spend adequate time on every aspect of the language: grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. They will focus equally on written and oral language skills.

The best teachers will try to speak as much English as possible during the lessons and encourage students to converse in it.

That is not to say that tutors may change their style to suit students. For example, tutors may give up conversing in English and switch to the native language if the topic becomes too complex.

A good ESL tutor should encourage students to feel comfortable expressing themselves without interrupting or correcting them when they speak.

Furthermore, the student should feel confident enough to converse in English without fear of being judged. This will only boost their fluency.

The best tutors will also have impeccable pronunciation, and their accents should be clear enough for students to understand and emulate.

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Where To Look For The Best ESL Tutors

Now that you know what to look for in a good ESL tutor, the next question is:

Where do you find them? The go-to options for most people are Newspaper classifieds, online resources, and tutoring agencies.

Local Adverts

Keep an eye on local newspaper advertisements and notice boards at your local clubs and neighborhood centers.

If you're looking for a home tutor in your area, local advertisements will be your most effective option. This is because tutors like to advertise their services in the local press because of convenience and adequate reach.

But there is a downside to finding an ESL tutor through local advertisements. You might not be getting the best deal as the tutor close to you doesn't need to be necessarily qualified enough to teach you.

It's also possible that local tutors might be too costly for your budget. Meet them in person and decide if they sit well with your requirements before signing up.

Tutoring Agencies

The good part about using tutoring companies is that they have various tutors to choose from, and they can find you a tutor according to your specific goals.

The tutoring agency decides an hourly rate based on the tutors' qualifications and the students' details. They are experienced at matching tutors to students with years of allotment expertise.

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Online Platforms

Thanks to the internet, you can find several platforms and websites to help you in your learning journey. Some websites focus specifically on languages, while others are more generalized.

These platforms have strict criteria and regulations that tutors must follow. Additionally, they allow students to filter their search for the perfect tutor by listing down their qualifications, availability, and hourly rates on their profiles.

This way, only qualified tutors can advertise their service.

After selecting a tutor, we recommend students should set up a meeting with them to decide on a schedule.

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