Firstly, if you are taught within a school or takes classes of some kind, the fastest and most effective thing you can do to study and improve your skills in German is to review the past exam papers, lesson notes and study guides that your German teacher provides.

Most up to date German language teachers provide students with not only homework or a lesson plan to review at home, but also a means to practice. In middle school or high school, if your German tutor gives you a set of questions to answer on different topics, it is important to take advantage of this material as a revision guide. It will help you prepare for both the oral exam and the written paper.

Also, there are some supplemental instructions as well as other student resources like digital collections, free courses, and career services for academic support. Here are some of the best revision guides when it comes to learning German and preparing for exams at different levels.

Learn to speak German language
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German Exam Preparation 


The Lang-8 language learning resource has everything you need to prepare for the exams and obtain the desired certificate by sharing knowledge with other language students. You will find many revision guides, as well as other exam materials, past papers, teaching and learning materials, specifications and sample assessments, as well as much more content to get involved in this beautiful German language and its history.

It doesn't matter where you are from as this is designed for international learners. It takes you through a consistent journey with first level support. With the proper qualifications, it will open many doors to local and international universities for academic success.

Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is an international news and modern culture German platform where you can study and learn German from Podcasts alongside your regular German lessons. It's full of resources for German learners where you can improve your grammar, structure of words and sentences, vocabulary and listening skills.

AP German Language and Culture

There are many other resources available including the AP German Language and Culture site to help you prepare for the AP exam. The site contains revision guides as part of The College Board program. The site explains what to expect from the AP exam including the format and scoring guidelines. This will help put you at ease before your exam and understand the process.

The German International School Washintong DC website also offers a lot of resources and information about German grades. Language Testing International with the American Council licensee on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, better known as ACTFL can get the best out of you, too.

As well as the right sites to consult, you also need a personalized way of revising. It is important to take regular breaks throughout the revision process not only to keep your focus but remain a calm and anxiety-free learning experience.

Learning German online
You can speak with natives from the comfort of your home to help with your revision (Source:

Ah…I see that I’ll have to introduce you to the finer points of German literature. It means passionate turmoil—literally translated, ‘storm and stress. ― Lisa Kleypas, Again the Magic

Online German Lessons

E-learning resources have become a current trend in many learning institutions and services. In fact, online learning is the future learning method. There are free and paid online German classes for all grade levels. It also gives you the possibility to study abroad or in some other German-speaking countries, too. German is a language spoken across the world with more presence in Europe, of course.

Advantages Of Learning German Online

Taking lessons online means that you can learn at your own convenience. There are no restrictions as to the time to attend classes. Nobody is there to limit you to your class attendance. You have the freedom to choose when to watch the class lectures. You could decide to postpone it to the end of the week and nobody will disturb you.

Some online German lessons are free and have a tutor which is an added advantage. You don’t lose anything; only your dedication is needed to succeed in learning the German language.

In choosing a good online course always check if there is a tutor running the course. A tutor will help you learn quickly and improve the learning process. Educators and students should have a connection to leave the teachings go well.

Also, always consider the cost. Some online courses will charge you a lot yet provide the lowest quality teaching, but learning online is normally the cheapest option.

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Some of the Best Online Classes?

  • FluentU: If you are looking for German online classes that are enjoyable and engaging, you might consider using this app. It offers videos with subtitles which enable you to learn real-world German practically. It’s also possible to save and track the vocabulary you learn whilst watching the video classes. This makes it very practical for language learners. No matter what level of education you are at, FluentU provides you with the resources you need to progress.
  • DeutschAkademie is a site well equipped with grammar exercises and German tutors to give you any online assistance that you might need throughout your learning process. Some of the help that you might receive includes German sentence structure and the case system.
  • The Goeht-institut is public German institution that has 145 locations outside of Germany. Unlike other resource centers, you are assigned a personal tutor who will monitor your progress throughout the process. It requires you to obey the scheduled sessions. If you can’t then you should consider another system of learning.
  • Deutsch Lernen Online is a site for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level German language learners. Though it’s not like DeutschAkadamie, the resources will surely help you reach the level that is desired. For beginners, there are ten lessons and advanced levels have 24 lessons to choose from. There is a simple exam that is used to decipher which category you fall in to.
  • Babbel offers courses for all German levels. Most of the time the first lesson is a taster. The second one will require you to sign up on their website. Once registered, there are six courses that you are required to complete.  

If these resources don't work for you, there are many other language learning resources available online. If you do some research there will a learning method that aligns with your German skill level and way of learning.

Whether you are a beginner, or at an intermediate or advanced level, Superprof offers a large choice of tutors across the USA so if you want a hands-on approach with a tutor, you can find the best German teachers near you. You can also learn from the comfort of your home as many tutors offer lessons via webcam, too. There are no excuses or limitations if you really want to learn German!

Berlin, capital of Germany
There are plenty of ways to learn German if you really love the language and aspire to be fluent (Source:


Don't forget that learning a language is in the learner's hands. Make the most of the resources you obtain if you're in a class environment and look to supplement your learning with online resources and apps to interact with German language speakers. Your teacher or tutor should be the first point of call if that's available to you but that doesn't mean you can learn a language on your own.

Past papers in preparation for exams are now available to everyone no matter how you decide to learn and there are plenty of revision guides available online as well as videos to keep you on track. The possibilities are endless. Don't give up!

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