Hip hop is an artistic, visual mode of communication that allows people to express their beliefs and experiences with others.

It originated in the 1970s in the economically depressed parts of the Bronx, New York City. The youth began to rap hip hop music to shed light on social inequality, lack of opportunity, and living conditions.

Learning hip hop enables you to become part of a community that actively uses its creativity to raise awareness about social issues and invoke decisions regarding difficult topics.

Whether you're in Houston or Chicago, hip hop has encompassed almost every part of the United States. It has evolved from just being a music genre to a specialized university degree!

Hip hop is also becoming inspirational for many students as it helps them curb their depression and anxiety by expressing their emotions through dance.

A group of teens performing hip hop dance on stage. For kids dealing with loneliness and depression, group dance classes are a great getaway; they learn a skill and make friends in a safe environment!
As hip hop continues to take over the world, many hip hop dance groups are also coming into the spotlight, especially since TV shows like America's got talent and So You Think You Can Dance have become household names. (Source: Pixabay)

Before we get into the reasons for learning hip hop dance, let's discuss one of the essential parts of hip hop – its cultural elements:

What Are The Three Elements Of Hip Hop Culture?

Since hip hop is all about creativity and visual movement, there are three crucial disciplines to know and understand. These make up a subculture through which people can express themselves.


Rapping is an essential part of hip hop music. It consists of the chants or words sung to a beat or drum to convey emotions or beliefs. It stems from older forms of humming and lyricism that expect the singer to be fast-paced and obey the rhythm.


This is all about playing a certain kind of music for the audience that invokes emotions and urges them to take action. DJing became a part of the hip hop culture as it has historically provided dancers with a beat and singers with a sample.


Hip Hop dancing has a variety of different styles. Each style also has a range of dance moves – starting from beginner to advanced body movements – to convey a message. Hip Hop dancing has a variety of subdivisions that differ in style and audience.

Why Should You Look For Hip Hop Dance Lessons In Houston?

Even though in the 1980s, NYC was one of the primary cities to receive widespread attention for hip hop, over the years, the hip hop culture spread far and wide in the United States.

In the southern coast, primarily Houston and New Orleans, hip hop emerged as its genre. From Z-RO to ABN, the South Coast has an array of local hip hop artists.

If you ever pay a visit to Houston's rough South Park neighborhood, there will hardly be a person who isn't going to be a fan of Z-RO!

From blaring in the streets of Houston during the day to bouncing in nightclubs by night, hip hop dance is the one thing that remains constant in the city.

The nightclubs also keep hip hop dance competitions where locals are encouraged to take part in and express themselves through their dance moves.

Not only that, but in March 2020, Houston became the first city to host a hip hop food festival that combined the art of Southern food and hip hop music and dances!

To live your life like a true Houstonian, connect with hip hop dance teachers to help you brush up on basic moves, or even polish your existing skills so you can show them off on the dancefloor!

Hip Hop dance lessons provide a space for people to understand music and choreography so that the next time they hear a beat, their body can instantly react!

These lessons can also help you differentiate between the moves you should show-off in a dance club and movements that should stay on the streets. Who knows, you may even get to work with a local hip hop artist!

A local hip hop dance artist performing a dance move. There is an air of competition about dancers in this genre. As hip hop has always been a tool for the youth, their exuberance compels them to prove they are the best.
Taking hip hop dance lessons will allow you to enter and become part of an entirely new world. There is an attitude, specific clothing, music, and dance moves that define what it is to be a hip hop community member. (Source: Unsplash)

Be At The Top Of The Game With Hip Hop Dance Lessons

Dancing requires finesse, body alignment, and flexibility. However, hip hop dancing also involves creativity and spreading positivity through body movement.

Though you can learn hip hop dance by watching YouTube tutorials, it goes without saying that a private tutor's expertise and specialized skills are matchless.

One-on-one learning will give you the chance to learn all the dance moves at length, without having to keep up with others – a common problem with group classes.

Additionally, your dance instructor can switch between routines, providing you extra challenges to get out of your comfort zone and help you better memorize various patterns.

Let's see a few other reasons how hiring a private tutor in the USA could benefit you.

Learn About The Latest Developments

Every decade had its dance style: the swing dancing in the 1920s, the famous moonwalk in the 1930s, and not to forget, the ever-famous cha-cha style in the 1950s.

However, hip hop dance has continued to evolve, change, and stay relevant to the ever-changing political and cultural landscapes.

A hip hop dance lesson will allow you to understand how you can use music, dance, and creativity to stay culturally relevant.

With popular social media platforms like TikTok, more and more people upload short videos of themselves. Most of these videos include trends that are usually just hip hop dance routines!

Your dance teacher can keep you updated with all the latest dance moves such as Tendu and Chasse and help you choreograph routines with steps that might get you trending on social media apps too!

Get Professional Support

Enrolling in a hip hop dance class can refine your dancing skills in no time. You will have the attention of a professional dance teacher on a one-on-one basis; expect a lot of attention to detail and technique.

A private dance tutor can also be really helpful as far as proper form, technique, and posture are concerned.

They can help you understand a technique better by demonstrating the proper form and sometimes even dancing with you in a duet to perfect your routine.

They can identify your weak points and develop the correct body alignment to prevent injuries during challenging routines.

The efforts made in a private hip hop dance lesson are incomparable to what you may learn in a group setting. The experience is more rewarding as you can have more individual attention, ask as many questions as you want, and learn at your own pace.

A dance student warming up with some yoga before her hip hop dance lesson. It is essential to warm up and stretch your muscles before an intense dance routine; otherwise, you can suffer from cramps or even tissue damage.
Hip Hop dance lessons enable you to maintain and perfect body posture and alignment. One of the most helpful things to assist body alignment is yoga and backbends. These can enhance agility and flexibility. (Source: Pixabay)

Understand Yourself

Enrolling in a hip hop dance lesson will allow you to understand how a specific hip hop dance style is essential to your creativity.

For example, if you want to help spread awareness about a social issue, you can choreograph a powerful dance routine that shows injustice and suffering.

If you want to show empathy and kindness towards people, you can use hip hop dance to connect with people and encourage them to express their feelings.

Additionally, suppose you're battling depression or going through some trauma. In that case, your dance instructor can help you channel your emotions through specific dance moves or prepare a routine that can help spread awareness.

Find an experienced hip hop instructor near you in Atlanta or anywhere across the nation, and embark on a path to creatively understand yourself!

Explore Hybrid Dance Routines

One of the newest dance trends has been combining different dance styles to convey a message.

Hip hop with ballet, salsa with the swing dance, and many other combos have made their way in dance competitions recently.

Learning dance through watching a friend or watching online tutorials may teach you a few dance moves. However, it is only with the help of a professional teacher that you'll be able to combine two complicated styles to incite emotions.

For example, a 14-year old Belgian American girl combined ballet with hip hop to demonstrate her fight against cancer, leaving the audience in tears.

Many dance instructors in Houston, San Francisco, and elsewhere in the US also incorporate high-intensity yoga moves to hip hop dance for a more therapeutic dance experience.

Learn The Art Of Hip Hop Dance With Superprof!

Hip Hop dance is an art that allows people to show their creativity through self-expression. While many people take hip hop dance lessons to sharpen their dance skills, others may take dance classes to keep themselves fit.

Nevertheless, whatever the reason, it is essential to learn it the right way!

We can help you find experienced hip hop teachers that can match your preferences. They will help you find your hip hop dance style so you can choreograph your routine in no time!

Whether you're in Houston, LA, or elsewhere, Superprof has some of the best dance instructors in their directory, each with their specialized skills.

Each of them follows a personalized approach as they assess their student's skill and pace and set the lessons' tone accordingly.

Let us help you find the best hip hop dance instructor near you in Houston.

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