Many students and pupils need a bit of extra help during their study. According to a recent survey statistics, in the UK, up to one in every three students will receive private tuition at home during their academic studies.

And there are many different reason why you or your child might want the help of a private tutor:

  • It might be to improve their grades in your History course;
  • In preparation of a GCSE or A-level test prep,
  • To get that little bit of extra motivation to  get on the right path of studying,
  • Or it might just be to improve their overall academic achievements,

A History tutor will really be beneficial.

There are many different reason why a pupil may want to study History, but for students, the complexity or historical events and the sociologic impact they had on our society might not be easy to understand. That is when tutoring services and home tutoring might help.

From the Roman Empire influence on early Medieval England society to the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the Victorian society, no one said that studying history was any easier than any other subject.

It is then normal for children and students lagging behind the rest of the history class would benefit from the extra one on one attention a private tutor can give them.

History tuition might be doubly beneficial. On one hand, it will surely be easier for children receiving extra tuition on specific history subject or assignment to better understand them and be able to analyse them from different angles. But the study skills and abilities necessary to the study, analyse and critic of historical, political or religious past events will also come in handy in a wide range of subjects.

Understanding the complexity of a historical situation and being able to read through and compile historical research as well as drafting a concise summary of it, is a skill that will be helpful in solving maths problems, writing an English essay or will greatly facilitate any social studies.

History tutors might not be in the same demand as maths tutor or physics tutors, which will make it even harder to know what price you should really pay for an hourly lesson. This Superprof article is here to outline where to look for a History teacher and what price you should pay them.

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How do you choose the right private tutor?
Make sure you pick your private tutor carefully in order to get the best results. (Source: Aymanjed)

What Kind Of History Tutor You Need

There are a lot of different fields in History (Ancient History, Modern History, American history, Latin History or European History as well as African History and African American History). So what kind of tutors should you be looking for will depend on various factors:

  • Your location
  • Your academic level
  • The amount of help you need
  • Your academic goals
  • Your budget

There a few rules you might want to follow when choosing a History private teacher or tutor.

  • First, the more senior and experienced your tutor will be, the more qualified AND expensive they will be. If your tutor holds a doctoral degree in History or if he or she is a university lecturer, you will more likely pay a much higher rate than you would for an undergraduate in the same subject. A certified teacher is also more likely to help you more efficiently and to customized, personalized and individualized your homework help or academic tutoring.
  • Tutors and especially History tutors, usually have different speciality. Often you will see tutors focusing on GCSEs or A-levels exam preparation or you could hire a tutor that focuses on given students in scholar difficulties the confidence they need to get back on track to academic success and to ace the History exams coming up.

You could also be looking at hiring a tutor that has already helped many students in the same situation than you or your child.

  • The more specific your tuition needs will be, the more expensive you private tuition should be. If you looking for a private teacher to help with general English history you probably won't pay as much as if you hired someone to help you with anthropology studies or social and economics history.
  • Do consider the length of your tuition before hiring a tutor. One semester or a whole year? If you need or you think that you may need many sessions before you are up to date with the curriculum you should consider hiring a tutor with lower hourly rate. Although you may be able to find a tutor that would be ready to give you a discount if you booked many sessions at once.

Whatever the tutor you end up choosing, you should make sure that their strategies and coaching are tailored to match your strengths and weaknesses to make sure that you will be confident and succeed academically under their guidance and mentoring.

A home tutor and a tutor online should offer the same level on one on one tutoring even though the way you will be taught will slightly differ.

Make Sure That The Tuition Fits Your Budget

The most annoying thing would be to start taking private History lessons, see an improvement in your academic results, only to realise that you won't be able to afford any more sessions after a few weeks because you are over budget.

If you want to avoid this, it is recommended to have an honest discussion with your tutor so that they understand your financial situation and are aware of your budget. They might be able to make it work by focusing on key elements of your history curriculum or to concentrate on specific points that you may struggle with so to make the most out of each lesson.

Usually, History tutors will charge you by the hour but as each tutor-student situation is different, you might get a discount if you pay for a block of several lessons at once or your tutor might agree differed payments.

Broadly speaking, an hour of History private less will usually cost you anywhere between £15 and £30 depending on where you level and the experience and expertise of the tutor.

if you are in London you should expect to pay on the upper side of this bracket. However, the average hourly History home tuition in Bristol runs around £21 and if you live up north in Newcastle you should be able to pay around £15 for one hour of one-on-one History class.

However there are always ways to bring down the cost of private tuition, luckily for those on a tight budget but in need of some extra-scholar help with homework or exam prep.

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low budget menu
Make sure that the private tutor you choose is not too expensive for your budget.

How To Save Money On Tuition?

There are many different ways you may be able to save a few pounds on your tuition classes:

  • Take some online tutoring rather than in-person one-to-one class
  • Organise a small group tuition with some other students that may need help studying history;
  • You could always ask your tutor for a discount.

Switching To Online Lessons

If a tutor does not have to travel all the way to your home, on the other side of town, they will save both money and time and in turn might just be able to take more lessons than if they had to commute. This will often result in your instructor to offer you a discount on your private tutoring if you choose to take online lessons. An online tutor will also be able to offer much more flexible scheduling.

And this has never been easier to be tutored remotely. With whiteboard software, document sharing application and virtual exercises, you could have the same quality tuition and be hundreds of miles away from your tutor.

This is particularly beneficial if you're living in remote areas or if you live in big cities where commutes can be a big burden due to congestions and overused public transports.

Choose A Group Tuition Format

If you are looking to save a few pounds and do not mind sharing a tutor with a few other students, opting for a group tuition classroom might just be what you need. The costs of the teacher will often be the same of slightly higher but you will share the burden of the price with two or three other students.

This makes private tuition much more financially attractive and you could end up taking many more lessons that you would have if you had choose to follow one-to-one private classes.

If you know other students in your class or in your school that may benefit from having such group tuition it should not be to hard to convince them of the benefits of joining you.

Asking For A Discount

Like our Geordie friends like to say "shy bairns get nowt" meaning "if don't ask, you will not get what you want".

It is as simple as asking if your tutor would be willing to give you a discount so you can afford to keep taking lessons with them for as long as necessary without seeing your bank account going in the red. To communicate with your tutor is essential to make sure that they will be able to teach you in a way that will result in better academic achievement.


When you will be looking at how much you should pay for a History teacher, there will be a lot of variable that you should account for:

  • how many sessions do you need?
  • what are you looking to get out of the tuition?
  • would online or remote private tutoring work for you?
  • or would you prefer one-on-one tuition?
  • would you consider group private lessons and do you know anyone who might want to join you?

You should also consider if you would be willing to pay an experience teacher more as they might be able to help in a shorter amount of time, focusing on your weakness and giving you the necessary confidence to go on on your own.

If you are looking online you will see thousands, if not more, private tutoring companies, private teachers and other organisations that may be able to help.

Student progress can improve with greater attention from the tutor
Studying in small group with a private tutor is also a great way to reduce the cost of private tuition. (Source: - University of the Fraser Valley)

But to make it all simpler, Superprof has created an easy to use platform and to this day there are thousands of qualified history teacher ready to help you all around the UK. If you are looking for the best tutors around, for instruction in most subjects (math, calculus, chemistry, algebra, geometry, biology and more) you should head there.

Many of them will offer you the option to take online lessons and you can also read comments and reviews left by previous students and check if they would be a good fit for you.

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