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High school Spanish class

A guide to high school Spanish There are many benefits you'll gain from learning Spanish as a high school student, both for your professional and academic life. Knowing a second language can result in various opportunities in your future. Learning a new language is not easy, and people know this! That is why you will […]

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Future Career in Spanish

What You Can Do To Prepare Yourself for a Career in Spanish In the United States, while English is by far the main language spoken around the country, the Spanish language is present in many of our daily lives. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and the United States has […]

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How to improve your Spanish

Get better in Spanish: tips and methods When it comes to the importance of language learning, Spanish is right up there. With around 440 million speaking it as their mother tongue, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by the number of native speakers. It is a language that is spoken in […]

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Mexican pop culture references such as maracas, sombreros, day of the dead, cacti, and tequila all depicted in an animated form. Most pop culture references stem from stereotypes that people use as identifiers related to the subject.

A Quick Guide to Mexican Pop Culture

All That You Need To Know About Mexican Pop Culture When you think about Mexico, some of the things that first cross your mind are the bright colors, Mariachi bands, and sombreros. These associations that we create with a particular culture are what lead to them becoming pop culture references. If you want to learn […]

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Do You Want to Learn Spanish?

Our Spanish tutors are here to help you discover the Spanish language in all its glory. Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to brush up on your existing skills, or preparing for an exam you will find help and information you need here.

Superprof is the place to be for Spanish teachers with over 10,000 tutors on our website. Find a Spanish tutor for Spanish lessons today and master the 2nd most native spoken language in the world. Whether you want to learn online or take face to face lessons, find a tutor on Superprof today.

How can you plan a trip to Seville?

Visiting Seville

Planning a Trip to Seville “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust Who doesn’t love going on holiday? Great views, sandy beaches, great weather, etc. Have you thought about visiting Spain? Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish) is an excellent destination for a romantic […]

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A Guide to Traveling to Mexico

Mexico at a Glance Mexico is located in the south of North America, just below the United States. It has a territory that covers 761,610 sq mi (1,972,550 km2) making it the world's 13th largest country by area. And since its territory is lo long, the country is filled with many destinations. Mexico has been […]

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A wall in Mexico with the words Más Amor, Por Favor written on it. This translates to more love, please. By studying Spanish in Mexico, you will be able to read what is written on any banners, signs or walls that walk past.

Studying Spanish In Mexico

Why Should You Be Studying Spanish In Mexico Most people stereotype Mexico by associating it with cacti and tacos when it offers much more than that. Mexico is a beautiful and unique country with a rich history encompassing conflict, culture, distinctive art, and resilient people. Since Mexico has so much to offer, it is the […]

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Why should you visit Barcelona?

Visiting Barcelona

The Complete Guide to Staying in the Catalan Capital "The happiest street in the world, the street where the four seasons of the year live together, the only street of the land that I wish would never end”. - Federico Garcia Lorca. Be it the Gran Via, the medieval alleys, the Gothic Quarter, or the […]

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Visit any spanish island for a unique experience

Visiting Spain’s Main Islands

The Best Spanish Islands to Visit “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide Spain includes dozens of islands that you can visit. Whether they’re in the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy Spanish culture in some idyllic settings. Sandy beaches, beautiful […]

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A group of students studying together. You can improve your AP Spanish test score with the help of your friends, who can pick out your mistakes and help you learn from them

AP Spanish Language And Culture Exam

Everything You Need To Know About The AP Spanish Language And Culture Exam Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world and the second-most in the US. Therefore learning it can significantly improve your communication skills in parts where it is used. AP Spanish Language And Culture Course AP Spanish Language and Culture […]

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A female Spanish teacher online helping out a student. If you have specific preferences regarding your potential tutor, you can filter through a series of variables and choose one that ticks all the boxes

A Guide To Learning Mexican Spanish

A Comprehensive Guide To Learning Spanish Like English, Spanish is a diverse language with various regional versions; Mexican Spanish is just an easy-to-use Spanish dialect. It may seem intimidating to learn a new language like Mexican Spanish initially, but it will be smooth sailing once you grasp the dialect. Moreover, Mexican Spanish has a lot […]

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Why should you learn Catalan?

Learning Catalan

Learning Catalan: The Mini-Guide to Catalan Language and Culture “He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The status of the Catalan language is an interesting one; it’s the mother tongue of around 10 million people but there is no single state that considers it its primary […]

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Find a Spanish tutor in the United States

How To Find a Spanish Tutor in the U.S. Out of all the elementary, secondary, and high school students studying in the United States, chances are most have taken Spanish class or two. Some may have taken many Spanish lessons over the course of their public or private school education. As a second language, learning […]

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How to Boost Your Spanish to the Next Level

How to go from a beginner to intermediate Spanish To truly get to grips with a language you need to adopt a multi-faceted approach. While some people would have you believe that you can achieve fluency in a language with a one-dimensional approach, it’s rarely ever that simple. Solely memorising a few phrases, watching films […]

08/10/20207 minutes reading time

How can you visit Spain?

Guide to Travelling to Spain

Everything You Need to Know Before Staying in Spain “The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life. ” - Agnes Repplier In 2017, Spain was the second most visited country in the world after France. From the Sierra Nevada to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites […]

05/29/201912 minutes reading time

Where can you study in Spain?

Studying in Spain

The Guide to Studying in a Spanish-speaking Country “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” - Aldous Huxley According to the European Commission, 27% of Erasmus students met their current partner during their time abroad. Do you think you’ll find the one in Spain? Only time will tell. Before we […]

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How can you learn to speak Spanish?

The Quick Guide to Spain

Learning About Spanish and Spain “Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” - Flora Lewis Spain is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. In 2017, there were 82 million tourists who headed out to discover everything including Catalonia, Andalucia, […]

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How can I learn Spanish?

Why Learn Spanish: To Benefit You

The Benefits of Learning Spanish Spanish is one of the most important languages the world, and this is reflected in the number of native speakers that there are worldwide, and the emphasis that is placed on learning the language around the globe. Spanish is a rich and beautiful language that is spoken across a number […]

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Taking spanish classes

A Complete Guide to Spanish Grammar

Essentials for Spanish Learning Learning Spanish grammar is a difficult task that even some native speakers find hard to master. But it’s not impossible, and by taking language classes you can crack the secret to fluent Spanish! Here are the essentials you need to know about Spanish grammar. Pronunciation of the Spanish Alphabet As a […]

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Revision is key for success!

A Complete Guide to Spanish Conjugation!

Conjugating Verbs in Spanish To learn Spanish conjugation, you have to be rigorous and meticulous: for starters you have to learn the endings of all the verbs in each tense and learn all of the irregular verbs which don’t follow the normal rules. Here are our tips for mastering the tenses and moods of the […]

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The manual for beginner Spanish

How to Learn Spanish?

What Are The Best Ways To Learn Spanish? By deciding to learn Spanish as a second language, you are setting out on a path to being able to communicate with around 440 million Spanish speakers. When you travel abroad to one of the 20 countries where Spanish is spoken, you'll be able to hold a […]

02/20/20188 minutes reading time

How to choose your Spanish teacher

Finding the right Spanish instructor The United States is not known for cultivating great foreign language speakers. It has a bad reputation for foreign language studies in the national education system. We neglect these languages to the detriment of so-called primary subjects such as math and English. But Spanish courses are just as important! Learning […]

02/20/20188 minutes reading time

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Preparing for a Spanish Test

How to Revise for Spanish Exams The benefits of learning a foreign language have been well documented over the years, but the question often remains as to which language a learner should pick up. Learning Spanish has huge advantages worldwide, notably because it is an official language in 20 sovereign countries meaning that there are an […]

02/20/20187 minutes reading time

How to Learn a New Language Quickly: Spanish

Everything you Need to Know to Become Fluent in Spanish Quickly When it comes to language learning, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of. Anyone can learn a language, but they will need the right mindset, and the right conditions to do so. When it comes to English speakers […]

02/20/20189 minutes reading time

A Starters Guide to Spanish

An Introduction to Beginners Spanish Everyone has some knowledge of the Spanish language. And even if you think you don't you do, let us tell you that there are a number of words in English of Spanish origin, and therefore you subconsciously have knowledge of the Spanish language. Spanish is one of the most spoken […]

02/20/201812 minutes reading time

Is the Best Way To Learn Spanish By Travelling?

How To Learn Spanish While Travelling Spain is one of the world's favourite tourist destinations. Geographical proximity to many other countries, change of scenery, good weather, nice beaches, cheap food,... tourists are enchanted with this wonderful sunny country. The recent real estate crisis of the first decade of the third millennium that hit Spain, only increased […]

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What's the best way to start learning Spanish?

Everything you Need to Know about Spanish for Beginners

A Guide to Learning Spanish for Beginners Starting to learn a language isn’t easy. You need to put together a battle plan. A strategy. This is important for anyone setting out to learn a language as it allows to you follow a route whereby you can see real tangible progress. It also limits the chances of […]

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Which Spanish Certificate Should You Take?

Taking a Spanish Language Proficiency Test Learning Spanish can be a simple hobby in order to have a conversation with a native speaker whilst on holiday, or an obligation if you have chosen to move abroad and work in one of the 20 Spanish speaking countries around the globe. Spanish is spoken by an estimated […]

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Learn Spanish With a Spanish Tutor

On Superprof, Spanish teachers are at your disposal to help you discover the Spanish language and the culture of Spain with private lessons adapted to your level.

Are you looking for a Spanish tutor to introduce you to Spanish or want to learn to read and write in Spanish?

Do you want to improve your pronunciation, prepare for a trip to Spain or South America?

Do you want to cultivate the goal of becoming bilingual and a translator?

With Superprof you have 11,000 Spanish-speaking teachers at your disposal.
Learning Spanish through Superprof will grant you the privilege of having a huge choice of experienced teachers, native Spanish speakers or graduates, or tutors studying Spanish.

Choose Your Spanish Language Tutor

It is often said that learning Spanish – grammar and conjugation, vocabulary and pronunciation – is a long-term endeavour due to a high number of irregular verbs and a rather complex diphthong system.

But not impossible!

Superprof Spanish tutors are patient and will be happy to guide you to perfect your knowledge of their mother tongue or provide expert advice!

On Superprof, choose the teacher who corresponds to your expectations: their experience, teaching method, hourly rate, place of intervention, age, status (student or active), or training offer (intensive course, introductory course, Spanish lesson in oral conversation or written expression, etc.).

Spanish is an Essential International Language

Spanish – or Castilian – is a Romance language born between the 8th and 9th centuries of our era.

The Spanish language has spread as a result of colonisation and globalisation of trade, and has become the official language of 22 countries, from Mexico to Chile, from Caracas to Buenos Aires.

Spanish is the native language of 468 million people and is used by nearly 559 million people, making it the third most spoken language in the world behind Mandarin Chinese and English.

Taking private lessons to learn to speak Spanish allows you to communicate with the people of Spain, Latin America and the Spanish diaspora scattered throughout the world.

The language of Cervantes is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Spain is the fifth largest economy of the Euro zone which means Spanish is also a powerful language.

In fact, extending your linguistic skills and progressing through Spanish classes can create vocations and help stagnant professional careers take off.

By learning Spanish, you have multiple career options. You can become an English teacher in a Spanish-speaking country, a translator, work in international trade, digital communication or even international relations.

Learning Spanish as a second language will give you a major comparative advantage in becoming part of today’s global society and playing a role in it, both professionally and personally.