When you think of learning a language such as English, you would probably do a Google search to find resources to help you. The results will bring you a list of several online language learning tools for English.

These would include a long list of websites that can be a great source for learning English or improving your skills.

Language learning becomes easier when you have access to a laptop and the internet.
Over 7000 languages are spoken globally, but half of the world population speaks only 23 languages. And you can learn all you need to know about any of these online. With so many resources available, you might question the advantages of learning English from a website. Here are a few reasons why using sites as a resource might be a good idea: (Source: Pixabay)

Convenience: You can learn English in the comfort of your home, taking a quick lesson at any time it's convenient for you.

Interactive: Most websites make language learning a fun process with games on vocabulary and grammatical rules.

Ability To Switch: The best thing about websites is that you can easily switch to another one if the one you are using isn't catering to your needs.

Let's have a look at some of the best websites to help you learn English online:


Babbel first appeared on the scene in 2008 as a website and soon became available as an iOS and Android app as well.

This language learning website is great for everyone because it is customized for all kinds of people, whether experienced speakers or learning it from scratch.

The Babbel website has a clean-cut, clutter-free interface that starts off by asking what language you want to learn.
Did you know that over 200 artificial languages have been created since the 17th century? These are called constructed languages or "conlangs." Many of these were developed for philosophers to communicate amongst themselves. But contemporary ones like Elvish, Klingon were created purely for entertainment purposes. (Source: Babbel)

Babbel offers courses on idioms, sayings, tongue twisters, and colloquialisms. There are vocabulary lessons on many topics, and there is a review after every class to strengthen your learning.

Another good thing about this website is that individual lessons only take about 12 minutes and are graded out of 58. The classes are very well organized and offer a range of topics that you can choose to learn from.

The lessons cover the information in-depth but in an engaging way. The website can be used by people from any age group with its easy to navigate design.

The only downside is that Babbel can be used at $13 per month. However, you will get to learn English, so the benefits do outweigh the cost.

You can also take ESL classes to get a better grip on the English Language, along with websites.

Rosetta Stone

Available on the web, Android, and iOS, this is a language learning website that claims that you can learn any language, including English, without visiting its native country. Released in 2014, it has 24 different languages available.

Even though there are over 300 languages spoken in the US, English is the most spoken one of them all. Hence, if you are looking to learn English as a second language, it can be very useful.
As of 2020, English is the most commonly used language online, used by 25.9% of worldwide internet users. Chinese is ranked second with 19.4% users, and the huge share of Chinese language content is because China has the most internet users in the world! (Source: Rosetta Stone)

This website uses a different approach to teach languages and doesn't focus on translations. To ensure that the learners fully absorb the language, it uses an interactive teaching method through sounds and images.

It has many topics for vocabulary learning as well as for English pronunciation. You can improve your accent by hearing a recording of a native speaker saying a word and then recording your version of it. You can then play yours and compare to see where you are going wrong. The recording can be done unlimited times, so don't worry about making mistakes and take as many shots as you want to get it right.

However, to get this website's benefits, you have to subscribe to it and get a membership for either 12 months or 24 months.

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Memrise was founded in 2005 and is available on the web, iOS, and Android. Along with English, it is also available in 25 different languages!

Even though Memrise only focuses on vocabulary exercises and not reading, pronunciation, and grammar, it does have various teaching levels depending on your language expertise. For instance, if you are a beginner, you start with the basic English words. As you progress to the higher levels, you are introduced to more complex expressions.

Memrise teaches English in a unique and fun way compared to the other websites. It uses "memes" like the ones you see on different social media platforms. This exercise is very interesting as they show you the "mems" and their meaning along with either an audio or picture that helps you memorize them through visual quizzes.

You also have the liberty to make your own memes. If you think you can come up with easier ways to remember something while playing, you can make your mem and upload it there.

There is a voice button on the website that you can tap and hear an English native speaker say the word you want. You can improve your pronunciation in this way and get it right by hearing it repeatedly.

If listening helps you learn a language faster, you can also check out podcasts to learn English.

Unlike many other online language learning tools, Memrise does not require an internet connection, so you can literally learn English anywhere you are!

Another huge benefit that Memrise offers is that you do not need to subscribe to a membership! You can learn English and improve your vocabulary for free.


Duolingo offers many online ESL classes and has a different way of teaching English to its students. It was launched in 2011 with a focus on translations of phrases and short texts along with listening dictation exercises. These exercises are quite brief, making it easy to play them whenever you have spare time.

Duolingo also has a time option through which you can practice 20 questions in just 30 seconds. It may sound slightly overwhelming, but it is great to help you learn English, especially if you do so before a school test or exam.

Another upside of this website is that it is free! Of course, you can upgrade to get some extra features with a slight payment, but it is totally up to you to spend that money.

Have a look at which translation tools are best to learn English here.

Amigos Ingleses

This website is aimed at native Spanish speakers who want to learn English. As of 2019, the US has 41.76 million people who speak Spanish at home. Even if they speak English outside or learn it at school, they can require extra help to strengthen their skills if they don't talk in English at home.

Hence, this website has many resources to practice your listening and conversational skills in English. It also has a Youtube channel that enables you to master English pronunciations in a fun way.

They have over 200 English lesson videos and audios to help you learn the language better and in whichever way that is comfortable for you. Hence, if you are a Spanish speaker living in the US, this website can help you get comfortable with the English language.


Learning a new language is always a challenge; however, it has become an easier process with technological advancements. You can learn a new language in a fun and interactive way so that it sticks in your mind and does so at a time convenient to you.

Language learning websites are a great addition to learning a language like English, along with ESL tutors. You can get expert knowledge by taking ESL lessons online and strengthening that with these websites' help to become a pro at English in no time!

Flipping through a dictionary. That's old school now that you have websites to look up words and phrases for you.
Did you know that it took almost 50 years to create the first Oxford English dictionary? (Source: Visual Hunt)

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