You can learn to dance salsa in the United States, Miami, Las Vegas, New York or even Los Angeles.

Why get an online tutor to improve dancing?

Online tutoring can help you improve your skills in salsa dancing because of three main aspects. It is reliable, accessible for everyone and it’s efficient.

The reliability of learning online is something important when considering getting an online tutor. To start your lesson, you only need to get up and start your computer. There’s no risk of being late because of traffic jams or because you can’t find the studio of your teacher.

Online tutoring is accessible to everyone. There’re dancing tutors in Los Angeles for learners of any levels or any age. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert that need help to improve further, you can find a tutor for your needs online. Online tutors are also easily reachable if you have a question. You can just send them an email or ask them during your tutoring session to get a quick answer.

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Dancing salsa can be a fun activity. Source Unsplash

Learning salsa dancing online in LA can also help you learn fast and efficiently. Tutoring websites make sure the tutors really have the skills they claim to have. They verify their experience for you to make sure people like you get the best quality service. In your first lesson, the tutors will figure out what areas you need improvement in the most and they will give you the best learning exercise to improve that area. Getting the best material is important in learning efficiency.

You can always learn on you own but learning with someone who is a specialist is better because they do all the research for you and that will make you save lots of time. When you’re ready to start getting online salsa dancing tutoring you first need to consider a few things to choose the best tutors that suits your personality and your needs perfectly. That’s what we are going to cover in the next section of this guide.

Who are the best tutors that suits you?

The best tutor for you is someone who have the right personality, that is in the right area compared to you and their level of skills.

To do that, you can start by reading the short description they provide on the website and start from there.

When you read that description, you should look for their personality type. You need a tutor that have a personality like yours to receive the best learning experience. For example, if you are someone that is a little shy and introvert, you should try to find someone who is also like this because he will understand you better. There’re many tutors in Los Angeles that teaches salsa dancing, so you can find one that suits your personality.

Next, the location is important especially in the case that you want to meet up with your tutor in person. Learning salsa dancing can be a challenge if you do it through video chat. It is not like learning mathematics because it involves movements of the body and music tempo. In video chat, the music can have a little delay because of the ping so it’s better to learn in person. If your tutor is located too far from you it might play on your motivation and it’s important to make sure you don’t lose motivation. We want to help you have success in your learning projects. For example, if you live in the Glendale neighborhood of LA, you might want to find a tutor in the same neighborhood as you, or a neighboring one like Pasadena, Burbank or even West Hollywood. There is plenty of salsa dancing tutors in Los Angeles that are available to teach you some nice dance moves. So, you won’t need to travel very far to get tutoring.

In the case that you want only video chat classes with your tutor, location is not as important. You can even get a dancing tutor that is in another city in the United States and it will be just as good.

Salsa is nice way to have fun and relax (credit: Pixabay)

Examples of dancing techniques you should learn

  • Adjust your lead to your dancing partner

When you dance salsa with a partner, you need to adjust your lead depending on you and your partner skill level. You need to adjust the moves you are doing and dial the difficulty down to make sure both of you have fun dancing salsa. You can try a harder move and see if your partner follows. If he does then you can continue doing so, or even raise the difficulty slowly.

When you dance with someone, you need to communicate with each other. You need to listen the non-verbal information your partner is trying to send you to be more successful. For example, if your partner struggle doing a double turn, you should listen to that information and incorporate it into your dancing lead for the next moves you are going to do.

Give your partner some time to reset to make the dancing more enjoyable. No one want to be stressed about what move is going to come next. Maybe you and your partner are advanced dancers, but you know two different styles of dancing. If it’s the case, you should try to understand his technique to adjust it to yours.

  • Inside shoulder turn

The inside shoulder turn is a salsa dance move that involves strong cross-body lead and inside turn techniques. This technique consists of your partner pointing his or her shoulder towards you and then, do a 360 turn around you. The gentleman needs to lead the turn and follow the inside turn. All this need to be done in the right amount of counts, which depends of the tempo of the song which you are dancing with.

  • Rejection

Rejection is a salsa dance move that starts with a basic normal cross-body lead. On the count of 3, you must drop your left hand and the count of 5 complete a rotation clockwise while moving towards your right. Finally, you need to pivot on your left foot to end up facing your partner on the count of 7. It is a complex move that involve many basic ones. You should try to master the most basic one before you attempt this.

  • Suave

Suave is another move that involve others that are more basic. It is a mix of cross-body lead, turns and having the right footsteps, all of which need to be done in the right counts. There are many videos on the internet that can help you understand what suave is about.

You can ask your tutor in Los Angeles to explain some of these techniques for you. You can also let him choose what techniques he will teach you if you feel adventurous!

Learn to dance salsa with your loved one (credit: Marko Zirdum)


Best dancing schools in Los Angeles

  • In Glendale, a neighborhood of LA, there is salsa dancing lessons offered by a school named Salseros-LA. They offer group dance classes, private and semi-private classes, and even private dance parties. They teach salsa but also bachata, and social dancing. Their prices go from 17$ per person if you are a big group, or 75$ for a couple.
  • The Latin Mirage is a dance studio located in the Lynwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. They offer salsa, hip-hop, bachata, belly dance and jazz classes ranging from 40 to 65$ for 2 days a week dance classes package for a month.
  • Dancify is another dancing studio located in the Torrance neighborhood of Los Angeles. They offer salsa dancing classes for beginners, youths, corporate, or even wedding dance lessons. They host multiple experienced coaches for example, Alina Sachs, who is also the founder of the studio that had participated in many dancing competitions over the last 10 years.
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