Having daily conversations with a German native speaker is probably the best way to learn German fast. However, this is not always feasible.

Don't worry, with the help of technology we can now fix this problem!

Learning German is becoming easier with the introduction of many new German language learning websites.

There are a variety of online language learning websites you can use to either improve your knowledge of the German language or to learn German from scratch. So, whatever level you may be, you will find at least one website suitable for you!

Why are language learning websites beneficial?

  1. They're interactive: many of these websites offer interesting games you can play to learn vocabulary, along with fun ways of learning grammar. (Yes, grammar can be fun.. sometimes)! 
  2. Learn at your own speed: you can learn german online anywhere. By the beach on holiday, you can play a quick German language game, with no strings attached. You decide when to start and stop the game.
  3. You can vary the websites you use: it is not obligatory that you stick to one website, you can vary the websites you use. One day you can use Memrise and the next day, Duolingo, depending on what you feel like!
  4. The best part until last: most of these websites are free! 

Learn German with Rosetta Stone

Launched in 2014, Rosetta Stone is available on the web and for download on iOS and Android, they offer a variety of languages, of course, including German!

The brains behind Rosetta Stone guarantee that by using their website or app, you will easily learn German, without visiting Germany! 

I bet you like the sound of this!

Rosetta Stone is perfect if you're looking to improve your level in German fast
Learn German fast with the help of Rosetta Stone (Source: Rosetta Stone)

How Does it Work?

  • You do not learn German through translation, rather the app uses the art of interactivity.
  • You will learn German vocabulary on a variety of topics, as well as on how to improve your German pronunciation! Which is great considering German pronunciation is not a walk in the park...
  • You can practice having a natural German conversation with a German native speaker, where you can ask your German tutor all the questions you may have.
  • Rosetta Stone believe that teaching a language through images and sounds is an excellent way of drilling a foreign language into your brain, fast.

It is obvious you would be more inclined to learn German through pictures and games, rather than an endless number of boring old grammar exercises. After you complete each answer to each question, you are told if you answered correctly and on how to improve for next time.

Rosetta Stone is a great tool for improving your German pronunciation. You can hear a German native speaker say a word, and you can then record yourself saying this word. You can compare your pronunciation with the German's, by playing it over and over again. You can record your voice for as many times as you wish until you feel you have it right.

How much does it cost?

You have the option of opting for a 12 month or 24-month membership.  

Learn German with Rosetta Stone
Subscribe to Rosetta Stone to learn German fast (Source: Rosetta Stone)

Learning German with Memrise

Founded in 2005, Memrise is available for download on iOS and Android as well as on the web. Memrise is available to download on iOS and Android and it is available on the web.

Unlike other language learning tools, Memrise does not offer courses on reading, grammar, and pronunciation. It only offers vocabulary lessons.


Learn German fast with Memrise
Memrise is the perfect way to enhance your knowledge of the German vocabulary (Source: Memrise)

There are a variety of different levels you can choose from, depending on whether you're an intermediate or an advanced German learner. The German lessons for beginners are geared towards basic German vocabulary and the more advanced courses offer an insight into more complicated phrases.

How Does it Work?

Memrise tailors to your personal level so you won't feel too behind nor too advanced.

Memrise has adopted a completely different approach to learning. It is based purely around "mems". Now, we are all familiar with, "mems", you must have seen them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where you can spend hours scrolling through them laughing your head off!

You see a set of cards, which are the mems and their meaning. Each mem has a phrase or word that is linked to the photo or audio. This encourages you to memorise the mem and its meaning through visual quizzes.

You also have the option of creating your own mems. For example, if you are playing Memrise and come up with an easier way to remember a particular word, you can make your own mem and upload it onto Memrise. Cool, right? 

You can also hear a word being said by a German native speaker by tapping the voice button. This is great for listening and knowing the right pronunciation, as many times as you wish.

Memrise does not need an internet connection, so if you're underground on the way to work and don't have the option of flicking through Instagram or Facebook, you can use Memrise to pass the time, whilst still learning German fast!
Another advantage is that with Memrise, you don't need to subscribe to a paying membership! Memrise is a fun and free way to learn new German vocabulary.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced German learner, Memrise will tailor to you. 

Find resources for German GCSE here.

German Lessons with DeutschAkadamie

Have a browse of DeutschAkadamie and watch their free online German lessons. It is also available for download on iOS and Android and their site is packed with fun resources to learn German. They have over 20,000 German exercises! Whether you're a learner or an advanced German speaker, this website will tailor to your language learning needs.

You also have the option of speaking to other German language learners who are in the same boat as you, and you can share ideas with one another.

Check for online German classes on Superprof.

Learn German fast!
Learn German intensely with DeutschAkadamie (Source: DeutschAkadamie)

If you opt for the paying membership, you can also speak to professional German native teachers through the website, and they are willing to assist you with any German problems you may have! 

German Courses with Deutsch-Lernen

Deutsch-Lernen.com is tailored to teach German to both beginners and advanced learners in German. This website is packed with fun and great resources to learn German fast.

Deutsch-Lernen.com is great to learn how to speak German
Learn to speak German fast with the help of Deutsch-Lernen.com (Source: Deutsch-Lernen.com)

If you are a beginner in German, you can watch 10 courses along with examples and exercises. If you're an advanced learner, fortunately, you have a bit more choice! You can watch 24 courses and have the option of browsing through 7 useful tips about learning German.

Not sure what level you are in German? Don't worry, this website lets you take a test to find out your level.


Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, have a look at Deutsch-Lernen.com to learn German fast (Source: Deutsch-Lernen.com)

Deutsch-Lernen.com also has pages where you can learn how to write a job application, a CV and a cover letter in German. They can also help you prepare for a German interview! If you're getting bored of learning German grammar, you can have a break and click on their "jokes & quotes" section to learn funny German jokes!

Now, I bet you want to know what the best part about Deutsch-Lernen.com is? Well, it's free! 

Are you looking for face to face classes in the capital?

  • Find a German language course London
  • German language course Edinburgh

How to Speak German using Deutsch-Uni Online

Like the other websites we have seen, this website also offers lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners in German. However, a unique aspect of this website is they offer a Business German Course! If you're looking to study in Germany or are about to venture on your year abroad in Germany, this website is perfect for you.

At an extra cost, you can choose your own personal German tutor, which is excellent as you can ask them anything and everything! And you can have a real natural conversation in German.

Like Deutsch-Lernen.com, this website also lets you communicate with other German learners. However, extra features like this come at a high cost of €109! But, it could be worth it in the end, if you're looking to learn German fast.


As seen throughout this article, there are a number of great websites where you can learn German fast. Not only will you be improving your German, but you'll also have a lot of fun and will be able to relax. Language learning websites have evolved a great deal over the years and they will continue to do so.

Websites are a great way to learn German fast
It's time to throw away your German dictionaries and turn to online language learning websites! Photo Via Visual Hunt

The interactivity that language learning websites offer make learning a language, like German, fun and interesting. 

Discover the best apps for learning German and podcasts you can use to improve your German skills.

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