"What's my favorite photograph? The one I will take tomorrow. "

Just as this quote by Imogen Cunningham suggests, a photographer is always on the look out for that perfect moment, growing and perfecting his art and his technique every day!

When first deciding to learn the Art of Photography, one usually needs the help of a mentor. Many of us aren't lucky enough to have a Master Photographer in our lives, so it's essential to look elsewhere in order to find that inspiration that will shape our own craft!

Superprof has put together a list of some of today's  best photographers

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Photographers that Take us on Journeys

When first wanting to become a Professional Photographer it is of course essential to learn the basic and more advanced techniques that the medium requires, but as you will soon find this is only the beginning. Developing your creativity, finding your voice if you will, also constitutes one of the most important moments in arriving at your style.  But how ? Looking at the work of some of the most relevant and incisive photographers from our generation is a great starting point!

If travel Photography is your cup of tea, then this list of four of today's hottest pro's will certainly get you going!

Steve McCurry

Afghan girl is the famous photo by McCurry that showed us the strife and pain of a generation

Steve Curry no longer needs an introduction. This American Photographer, born in 1950, is the authur of the famous "Afghan Girl"which many have heralded as the Mona Lisa of Photography. His ability to capture the strife, pain and transience of this chaotic moment in history with one photo makes this truly a great work of art.

In his words, "A picture can express a universal humanism, or simply reveal a delicate and poignant truth by exposing a slice of life that might otherwise pass unnoticed."

It's this mantra and this work that have taken him, and us vicariously, across the crowded streets of India, the plains of Tasmania, the colors of Cambogia thus showing us the rich cultural heritage of our world. 

His enigmatic and charged portraits have often received accolade, both in prizes and praize, on this site you can access his incredible body of work.

Joel Santos

This Portuguese photographer, born in 1978, took a longer detour before becoming a professional photographer, having received a degree in Economics before hand and only focusing on Photography a decace or so later.

His work and passion have lead him all over the globe, from Europe to Asia, all the way to down to the tip of South America and across the African Sahara.

Being a professional Photographer has allowed him to travel freely driven by his passion and his work as Chief Editor of the coveted Portueguese Photgraphy Magazine : O Munda da Fotografia. 

Here is an example that you don't need a fancy B.A. or M.F.A. in order to become a Master of your craft!

Here is a link to his work from his personal website.

Théo Gosselin

The Style of Gosselin blends Nude and Landscape in this fantastic and talented composition

There is a new generation and thus a new energy arriving into the world of Photography which shows much promise! If fashion or studio Photography just aren't your calling don't fret, this might just mean that you are more interested in spontaneous and authentic  exterior Photography such is the case for Théo Gosselin.

This young French photographer resolves the question of Do I shoot a Nude sequence or a Landscape by juxtaposing the two! And with what result!

One can certainly make the case that the French are at it again with giving a new twist to an old classic. As always we thank them!

Check out some of his work on his website here.

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson depicting the proud people and gorgeous Landscapes of Central Africa

A British Photographer born in 1967, Jimmy Nelson decides to cross the entirety of Tibet on foot at the age of twenty. On his way back he is convinced that Photography is his calling and thus decides to begin his career by shooting for the press covering such incredible and charged scenes as India and Pakistan.

His work has brought to light indigenous peoples and cultures that might have remained unobserved or even known by the general public!

This intense portrait never let's the eye rest as we scan subject, detail and landscape with continuous voracity. His Mastery of Composition has served as inspiration to generations of young Photographers in search for that perfect framing!

Here is his Webpage where you can discover and study the size of his body of work.

Photographers with a Love for Animals

Animal Photography, also known as Wildlife photography, is a rewarding but extremely arduous and patient profession. Often Wildlife photographers are also Animal Activists at heart believing that their portrayal of Animals will sensitise the General public to the much ignored topics of Animal and Environmental conservation . Choosing the right Lense, a Telephoto one, is a vital decision when embarking on this incredible career!

Suzi Eszterhas

Mamma Bear doesn't think that three is a crowd in this stunning photo by Suzi Estheras

Finally a Female Photographer in our list! (There are more coming!)

This California based American Photographer is celebrated for his portraits of young Animals in their nature habitat. Her life long vocation has taken her across the globe in the search for The domestic home life of animals.

Her expericen has made her a specialist in gaining her subjects trust. How else do you get close to a Lioness and her cubs?

Suzi Estheras has been published  by some of the worlds most prestigious magazines such as : Time, BBC Wildlife, and National Geographic to name a few.

To get a better sense of her work you can take a look at her website.

Peter Cairns

This defying aerial act is almost as brave and transcending as Cairns' Photography

British Wildlife Photographer Peter Cairns is known for shaking things up . His help in the Wild Wonders Of Europe initiatives is to showcase the Beauty of these precious and precarious animals and environments. 

Wild Wonders of Europe is the largest collective Photography project ever created as it brings together 68 Wildlife photographers from all over Europe with the intention and goal of bringing to light the diversity and Wonder of the continents habitats and Animals.

His unscrupulous and brave Photography is never afraid to not tell it how it is, often showing the lethal relationship between Man and Wild.

A selection of his work is available here on his website.

Andy Rouse

A Polar Bear takes a moment to congratulate Rouse on yet another Award. They Probably know each other from another shoot!

A household name and member of Photography's elite, this American Photographer is notorious for his Wildlife Portraits as well as his stunning Landscapes. His harmonious compositions truly show us Animals in the dramatic and wonderful context of their environment.

He has no qualms with highlighting aspects of Photography that other Photographer's would rush to hide. He takes pride in Telling a story with his photographs, as we should all! In the last Nine years he has received the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. A quick tour of his work will show why!

His penchant for photographing some of the world's most dangerous animals only adds to his already stellar reputation!

Here is his website where you can getter a better sense of his Field of View (AOV).

Jim Brandenburg

Brandenburg's One shot - One subject philosophy has brought in contact with some of Nature's most isolated and proud creations

Without question the first name in Wildlife Photography, Jim Brandenburg has inspired generations of Photographers. Vincent Munier for example is a huge admirer of his work.

Born in 1945 in the plains of Minnesota, Jim Brandenburg begins his career in Photography as a Journalistic Photographer. His later work for National Geographic will be the catalyst into catapulting him into both critical and world acclaim as well as starting his career and passion for the Wild.

A maverick of his days, and a futurist in many regards, his motto " One photo per day per subject" still rings loud and true.

It will be his Antarctica shoot "Wild Wolves" that will make him a household name and a legend amongst all Nature Photographers.

Find some of his work on his website here.

Photographers that Capture the Every Day Moments

Let's take a look at some of today's Photographers in a variety of fields ! Making the mundane or the every day special requires a very sensitive eye as well as a grounding in the techniques of Photography!

Agnès Colombo

Family Photography is not easy! Colombo captures the moment anyhow and all smile!

Energetic and Fun, Agnès Colombo is as versatile as they come. Whether she is shooting a wedding, a baby shower, a pic nic or a sunset, she will be able to capture the feeling and essence of the moment.

She is notorious, both on her street shoots and studio one's, for taking time to really get to know her subjects as a way to make the work smoother and to capture their true self. Photos in Black and White or in Color - anything is possible!

You can find more of her work here.


Cécile Creiche

Truly a day to remember. How can One forget with such beautiful photography!

Lifestyle Photographer Cécile Creiche is specialized in Wedding Photography. Living in Lyon, France, since 2008, she has been voted as Vogue's Top 4 Wedding Photographers.

Her experience, spontaneity and attention to detail really come through in her work which is as unique and special as the day's she is shooting! Her Improvisational style of Photography makes for very non clicheé work!

Her discreet and professional demeanor make Cécile Creiche one of the best in the business as her subject's quickly forget they are even taking part of a Photo shoot!

If you would like to contact her or discover some of her work you can by accessing her website.

Julie Cerise

Immortalising the everyday is the job of the Lifestyle Photographer.

The visual world created by Julie Cerise's photography is one of soft colors and tender interaction. Based in Nouvelle-Orléans, France, Julie Cerise loves putting her subjects at ease in a familiar and relaxed environment. Her objective is to create Pictures for a Lifetime, no matter how long that may take!

To get a better sense of her work here is her website.

Catherine Giroux

Catherine Giroux has a knack for capturing the energy behind the everyday and bringing it to the forefront

Her website opens with a simple introduction : "My name is Catherine and I take Photographs of people".

This sense of zen-like simplicity points towards an artist that is looking for more than the surface value of a Photograph. Her Photos create stories, steals smiles and showcase that invisible energy that governs all human interaction.

Her goal ? Showing the beauty of the every day! 

Here is a link to some of her work.

A quick recap: 

  • When deciding to become a Photographer the first and most important objective is looking and finding your own style and voice! 
  • Whatever branch of Photography you choose, maybe it's Travel Photography like Steve McCurry, Wildlife Photography like Jim Brandenburg or the everyday moments such as Catherine Genoux, you always know that there is a world out there ready to give you the perfect inspiration to become the photography artist you want!
  • So take out your camera and Start Shooting! Your style as a photographer is out there waiting for you to capture and create it!

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