Are you either a regular, retired, or native Japanese tutor or a student of the Japanese language?

Did you know that you have the possibility of giving private Japanese language lessons  to American students?

If you have a passion for the language, sharing your Japanese knowledge while receiving an interesting supplement to your income is possible!

More and more American people are starting to learn Japanese and private tutors are in great demand. More than 220 of them are on Superprof's site right now!

Today, very few American schools offer Japanese lessons in middle school or high school...Compared to French and Spanish, Japanese is not one of the top language learned by students of that age.

But before giving your first Japanese lessons, here are some tips in order to set your rates against the competition.

Find out how your level of Japanese can impact pricing for lessons you give...

What is the Rate for a Japanese Lesson via Superprof

To choose a private Japanese tutor on Superprof, your best bet is looking at a certified teacher with a strong pedagogical method.

Japanese language learning can start at a very young age!

In just a few clicks, users can easily get in touch with a private tutor near their home.

You can relax and choose with confidence because each teacher's Superprof profile has been verified by a member of our team. All students can also see the comments and ratings left by previous students.

Whether your tutor has a certified diploma or is a native Japanese speaker, the prices of a Japanese lesson can vary according to the profile in question.

More and more American people want to learn Japanese.

Don't forget that Japanese-speakers are the internet's 3rd largest language group.

The Japanese make up the third largest language community on the Internet, after only English and Chinese speakers. An estimated 88 million Japanese, or 9.6% of the world's online population, are connected to the Internet. Knowing Japanese can connect you to these people in an instant. They may just be future friends or acquaintances, business associates, or even the market that you or your future employer hopes to target.

But, to get back to the topic of our blog post, what rates are available to those students who want to learn the language?

How does setting an hourly rate work on Superprof?

On Superprof, tutors set their own rate!

Just so you get an idea, Japanese tutors on Superprof's website offer an hourly rate of 25 USD on average, and the first hour of the course is very often free!

For example, why not contact:

  • Fred, in New York City,
  • Yoshihiron in Miami,
  • Or Sayaka, in Chicago.

Discover more tips to become a Japanese tutor!

Japanese Lessons: Studying Rates and Understanding Where to Place Yourself

When you embark on your Japanese language learning adventure and everything it can mean along the way (language school, Japanese cuisine, Japanese culture, counting in Japanese, going to Japan, working in Japan...), as a Japanese tutor you will surely be confronted with administrative and financial management difficulties.

When it comes to setting a rate for your Japanese language lessons, you can have a good look at the competition, but be careful, not just any competition!

It is important to distinguish between private tutoring organizations and online tutoring platforms.

So, does someone take a cut off of my Japanese tutoring rates?

Yes and no. Concretely, two possibilities are available to you:

  1. either you join a private tutoring organization,
  2. or you register to an online platform that connects teachers and students.

Teaching Japanese to Students via a Private Tutoring Organization

In the world of Japanese language courses, it is impossible to miss the many private organizations that already have decades of experience.

This applies to Chinese classes, French classes, German lessons, Mandarin lessons, Korean lessons, Spanish lessons...

If you choose to go via these organizations, the organization will decide your course's rate. It may be frustrating if you feel that their work is not up to your expectations.

Japonese: What Online Platform Should You Choose?

On the other hand, on the web platforms that connect students with tutors, you are totally free to set the amount for your rate by highlighting the originality of your courses and the tools that you use.

Maybe you like to learn Japanese grammar through haikus (small Japanese poems) or work on translating and writing Kanji with manga, etc.

Do you know hiragana and katakana by heart?

Highlight your original learning methods in order to stand out: comprehension, pronunciation, Japanese alphabet, conversation, intensives...

It's up to you to choose the solution that suits you best!

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Evaluate Local Prices for Japanese Classes and See How They Vary According to American Regions/Cities

To set the rate for your Japanese language courses, you must also take the location into account.

What rates are seen in the United States?

It won't be a surprise that New York City and its suburbs have the highest rates for private tuition.

You won't be shocked to hear this, as everything is more expensive in New York!

These higher rates may also be linked to higher demand for this type of learning in the capital. More inhabitants, more tutoring needs.

Indeed, when we look at all the American schools offering Japanese as a living language, we understand why the demand far exceeds what is available!

For other American cities (such as Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.), the average rates are slightly lower. As you can imagine, it is in the smaller cities that rates are much lower.

In general, a Japanese course has an hourly rate of between 25 and 30 USD.

Now it may be time to see the different ways to teach Japanese classes.

Fixing your Rate According to your Profile, Diplomas, and Experience

Now that you have made the choice between your different options for Japanese tutoring, it's time to study the competition and take into account your location. These criteria will help you set your hourly rate.

Here you must ask yourself 3 questions.

How Much do Native Japanese Lessons Cost?

Here is the first criteria you should take into account: your native language.

Why? For the simple reason that native tutors can ask for a higher rate than bilingual American Japanese tutors.

Many parents will turn to a native Japanese tutor in order for their children to learn the Japanese language. Your cultural knowledge about Japan could also make a difference.

The best case? You were born in the country of sake and are perfectly bilingual in English!

Here is how to become a tutor online.

Did you know that in NYC Japanese is one of the most sought after languages to learn?

What Diplomas Do I Have?

You may be aware, but a university-educated teacher with many years of experience in learning Japanese will of course be eligible for higher fees.

To stand out, include all the interesting details of your linguistic journey...

The degrees you gained, what subjects you studied in class, your study trips abroad, your score on the JLPT aptitude test, your certifications...Put your school curriculum forward to reassure the parents.

Most Japanese teachers in the United States have graduated in the land of the rising sun, because the United States does not offer a diploma equivalent to those found in Japan. Astonishing, don't you think?

See available online tutoring jobs on Superprof.

What's my Experience as a Private Japanese Language Tutor?

Choosing a Japanese teacher to master the language is choosing an experienced man or woman. But not with any experience ...

There is a big difference between teaching a subject "classically" in a school setting against twenty students and teaching face to face in the home of the student.

Parents of students and students will be more interested in a teacher who already has experience in home schooling. They seek above all a teacher with adapted teaching methods and knowing how to organize a Japanese course!

Am I Still a Japanese Student?

You may have not felt like you fit in to any of the above categories. You must be a student!

Many students in higher education decide, in order to round off their ends of the month, to offer their services as a private tutor. A very nice initiative, but unfortunately these tutors are paid the least...

For What Types of Students?

Finally, we draw your attention to a final question: "Who am I going to teach? "

  • Students who are fans of manga or anime?
  • Sales executives eager to learn to speak Japanese to interact with customers?
  • Students preparing a Japanese exam as part of a course?
  • Students wanting to unlock the secrets of Japanese calligraphy and writing and learn about Japan's history?
  • Students preparing a trip to Japan?
  • Etc.

Do you want to share your Japanese culture and help students progress in vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, as well as to discover the secrets of kana and kanji?

Don't hesitate for another second--get started today in your tutoring adventure...many students are waiting for you!

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