So you live in Nashville and want to learn how to play the piano?

It’s a great decision - learning music and how to play the piano will introduce you to a whole new world, where you can express yourself and share your thoughts and feelings through music.

Whatever your age, whether you’re 5 years old or 70, it is possible to learn how to play the piano.

In Nashville, there are many places to go where you can learn all about the piano - after all you’re in a music city!

Whether you’re learning a new instrument just for fun or you have professional ambitions of one day performing at the Grand Ole Opry, or maybe learning to play classical piano and joining an orchestra, there are a 101 reasons to learn how to play the piano.

Wynonna Judd sings classic holiday music while the Band of the Air Force Reserve and Air Force Strings perform in the background during the 2008 Holiday Notes from Home concert recorded Dec. 9 in Nashville, Tenn. The concert is annual holiday event recorded at the Grand Ole Opry House as a tribute to military men and women serving around the world. The show airs on Great American Country and on American Forces Network channels throughout December. (U.S. Air Force photo/Ken Hackman)
Maybe one day you can play the piano at the Grand Ole Opry like Wynonna Judd

Keep in mind that learning to play the piano will bring numerous personal benefits.

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The benefits of learning to play the piano in Nashville

For a child, learning the piano will bring numerous benefits at school. They’ll have a better sense of coordination and will have the self discipline to concentrate in class. Piano classes will help them to develop their motor skills.

Piano will also help your child build their self confidence as they move from the beginner stage and dig deeper to discover new skills and overcome obstacles.

On a practical level, piano lessons will also offer your child a chance to interact with other children and adults in a new way, and share a passion with them for music and the piano.

There are many benefits to learning piano in Nashville (or signing up for piano classes in LA, for that matter) for adults and teens too:

  • Intellectually stimulating - playing the piano engages your brain, and just 20-30 minutes of practice at the keys per day will keep you in Olympic shape.
  • Several studies have shown a link between playing the piano, and prevention of neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimers.
  • The brain of a pianist is more developed than the grey matter of someone who doesn’t play an instrument. Playing the piano requires thought and concentration to keep two hands playing different parts of the music (one plays the melody while the other plays the harmony).
  • Learning to play the piano will help you develop personally, as it helps you increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Finally, learning to play the piano will also boost your creativity. Thanks to activities like composing, improvising, or even working on popular songs, you will develop your skill of invention.

Are you ready to learn how to play the piano?

Even if it is possible to learn the piano on your own (possible, but not without its challenges), we strongly recommend that you find a music teacher to help you learn the basics as you work to master your new instrument.

Learn to play the piano like Gaga in Nashville
If Lady Gaga can play the piano in Nashville, why can't you?

A piano teacher will show you what to do, how to hold yourself, and correct your mistakes. If you try to learn on your own, it’s highly likely that you will develop bad habits that will be difficult to change later on.

The best thing to do is to follow a specific curriculum to learn to play the piano and to sign up for classes with a piano teacher, either through a conservatory, in a music school or through private lessons.

Not surprisingly for a city that revolves around music, there are many different choices for piano classes in Nashville. You’ll be just as spoiled for choice as musicians who want to learn how to play the piano in San Francisco.

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Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt for a keyboard education

If you’re looking to learn to play the piano professionally, you could do a lot worse than applying to the keyboard program at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University.

Founded in 1964 as part of Peabody College, now Vanderbilt University, the school is widely considered to be one of the top undergraduate and research institutions in the country. Through Peabody, Blair students can graduate with a degree in music education, but the school offers students the opportunity to gain the full attention of their professors, as they only teach undergraduates.

The school is relatively small (less than 150 students), but offers a number of orchestra groups and keyboard labs, as well as outreach classes for young children in Nashville.

Learn to play piano in Nashville with the pros
Maybe one day you'll even perform at the Schermerhorn Symphony Centre!

As well as teaching students the instruments themselves, undergraduates will also develop their general music knowledge with courses in piano literature, piano pedagogy, composition and the musical arts.

All Vanderbilt students also have the opportunity to audition for Blair’s performance groups, including the Vanderbilt Orchestra, Vanderbilt Wind Ensemble, Vanderbilt Symphonic Choir, Vanderbilt Chorale, Brass Choir, Blair Big Band and Vanderbilt Opera Theatre.

For ambitious children eager to pursue a musical career, Blair’s Nashville Youth Orchestra program covers eight different music groups, open to all levels from grades 3-12. Students work with Nashville Symphony Orchestra members as well as the school faculty, and will learn to improve their music theory and reading music as well as playing as a group.

By joining one of the Nashville Youth Orchestra groups, budding pianists will learn to play with other instruments like the violin and play in a chamber group.

It could be the chance of their dreams for an ambitious student! The New England Conservatory might also be a good option for those learning to play the piano in Boston.

Music schools to play the piano in Nashville

Obviously, there’s not an endless number of university music departments to play piano at in Nashville, but there are plenty of music schools where you can take beginner piano lessons.

Elvis' piano in Nashville
Did you know Elvis' golden piano is in Nashville's Music Hall of Fame?

Class prices vary between the music schools, but you’ll also find that they take students of all ages, styles, and levels.

It’s worth noting that while some music schools have a reputation for professional teachers, others don’t always employ people who have a background in piano pedagogy. If you live in the surrounding area, you could also always investigate piano options from your local rec center or music store.

Here are a few of the music schools where you can learn to play the piano in Nashville:

  • Nashville Music Academy: this school on Westwood Drive offers classes with a choice of professional piano teachers, in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, contemporary, gospel, and theory. All of the teachers have a BA in piano as a minimum, and at least 10 years teaching experience. Classes are available every day of the week, with options until 8pm on school days, and students also have the option of playing the piano at the Hermitage Hotel every November.
Find children piano lessons in Nashville
Teach your child to express themselves through music
  • Green Hills Guitar Studio is a popular music school just south of Green Hills on Hillsboro Pike, and despite the name also has a great reputation for piano lessons. All instruction is private, and are taught by a local Nashville performer. He covers a wide range of styles and theories, and offers instruction in things like the Nashville Number System, Hanon scales, and pitching for gigs.
  • Fanny’s House of Music on Holly Street in East Nashville does a bit of everything. They sell instruments, vintage clothes, and offer music lessons out of the store too. Lessons can be private or group, with a discount for single parents, and in addition to piano they also offer classes in guitar, drums, and ukulele.
  • Cedarstone Music School is a bit outside Nashville itself, with studios in Hendersonville and Brentwood. Classes are weekdays only, but run until 10pm. Their real strength though is their focus on personalizing the experience and making sure that your child’s first introduction to music is a joy, so that learning to play the piano isn’t a chore. They work with their students to learn to play their favorite songs and find opportunities to perform at church and at school.
  • Tem’s Music - less of a music school and more a private teacher, Tennessee State University professor Tolga Tem teaches piano lessons in his spare time to share his love of music with children and adults alike in the Nashville area. In addition to piano lessons, he also teaches music theory, song writing, and composition.

Music schools are always a great place to learn music theory and how to play your instrument. Check out our recommendations of where to take piano classes in Seattle!

Classes online, and free piano lessons

Thanks to the internet, it is also possible to master the piano from the safety of your home. If you’re organized and motivated, you can still get help from a professional teacher - all you need if to sit yourself down in front of your computer to learn the basics of piano.

But you need to be realistic - if you really want to learn how to play the piano, you’re going to need a teacher. They’ll help you define your goals for playing the piano and tell you how to begin.

Learning this instrument is difficult because you need to learn how to do different things with both hands at once.

Signing up for private lessons is a good alternative - a professional will come to your house to teach you to play the piano, and may even let you skip music theory if you really want to.

Learn to play piano in Nashville
Learn to play the piano with a private teacher!

A private teacher will listen to his student, their goals, and their objectives, and introduce them to new styles of music that they hadn’t considered before.

The world of piano is huge, and the choice of styles to play is wide - soundtracks, classical, variety, jazz, country, etc.

The quality of your piano classes will depend on the quality of your teacher. Since the profession isn’t regulated, anyone can advertise themselves as a piano teacher, and so we’d recommend to try a few different teachers to try and ascertain their experience and see if their methodology is a good fit for your needs.

Piano classes at home can be arranged anywhere in the US with our Superprof database. It’s a great way to find a quality teacher, and a good option if you’re hoping to become a pianist in New York City!


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