Are you tired of your good ol' classical guitar or beginner guitar and want to go on to the next level?

For you, it’s not a question of switching to the ukulele, folk guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, gypsy guitar or acoustic guitar.folk

The electric guitar is made for you - you are feeling it!

Accompanied by a guitar amplifier, you can play the electric guitar and imitate your greatest idols (Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana ...) in your apartment or on stage to be among the best  electric guitarists.

But before you can proudly pretend to be a rockstar, the first step of buying a guitar (and its accessories) is essential. 

Often seen as overpriced and inaccessible, the electric guitar is nevertheless a very good investment, which can actually be less expensive than you might think. Many solutions exist that will allow you to acquire an electric guitar at a very advantageous price.

Flea markets, in-store or online… Choosing and buying a guitar is a real quest! Whether you're left-handed or right-handed, prefer Gibson or Fender, want a Sunburst or Tremolo, you'll surely be able to find the right electric guitar for you!

So, buckle up. Let's think through ways to get your hands on an axe with the best fingerboard, pickups, and playability, the design you want - with a deep cutaway or a groovy headstock - and from the best guitar brands out there.

After finding your perfect guitar, all you have to do is buy a few scores or tablatures, and you will soon be on your way to playing your favorite tracks.

The Average Price of an Electric Guitar

Playing an instrument like the guitar is relatively affordable. It is not necessary to spend all of your money to obtain a quality instrument that will meet your needs. 

The same goes for the electric guitar. We're looking at beginner electric guitars; you ain't going to be going for a Fender custom, a Gibson custom, or a top-end guitar from ESP Ltd. 

Online, whether it’s on Amazon or Guitar Center, it is, rather, possible to buy an electric guitar for about $130. This price can also include essential accessories needed to use the electric guitar, such as:

  • the amp
  • jack cables
  • picks
  • a gig bag
  • other things including spare electric guitar strings and other tool to help you maintain your new musical instrument.

Similar prices can be found in stores.

However, inexpensive electric guitars aren't always from a reputable brand and can be damaged very quickly. They might come with faulty guitar pickups and an uneven fretboard. To get an electric guitar that lasts over time, it’s better to spend around $230.

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The headstock of a Fender electric guitar.
The Squier from Fender is one of the cheapest guitars on the market.

You can sometimes find an electric guitar set with accessories to go with the instrument at a low price point, but this isn’t always the case.

You will have to purchase an amp if you don’t want to play the guitar without sound. No sound won’t help you become a rockstar.

The price range of an amp varies as much as the price of electric guitars. You can find amps from $50 to $800. Again, the price will depend on what you are looking for. Some amps are more suited for the stage while others will be good enough for your personal studio. However, it’s recommended that you don’t go below $80 for this kind of accessory.

But when it comes to buying an electric guitar, you also need to think about its protection and your comfort. Do not forget the guitar case, the strap, and the support. Everything needed to become a real musician!

Buying these guitar accessories second-hand will lower the cost...

You can then find electric guitars between $50 and $150. Keep an eye out for classified ads and the brands that are selling the guitar model you want. You can read reviews online to get an idea if you are not an expert on the subject.

Why Choose an Electric Guitar?

You can enjoy the electric guitar at any age! And buying one is not a waste of money.

I personally own 3 different guitars and many people wonder why I have so many instruments for the same practice.

What can an electric guitar give you more than the other guitars that you already have?

Each guitar is made for different styles. While after purchasing a classical guitar, you can play the best Beethoven tunes, but it becomes more complicated when it comes to playing the songs of rock or metal bands. Same goes for acoustic guitars that are often ideal for folk.

Although it’s quite possible to play Nirvana’s songs on nylon strings…

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A man plays the acoustic guitar
Rockers sometimes use the acoustic guitar.

But learning the electric guitar when you are a novice is not easy to do. You will need help from accessories like the metronome to understand the rhythm and play your favorite music styles.

The sound effects that amps can provide are stimulating, however, you will quickly need other accessories to create new sound effects. Capo, pedals, have fun with it.

Your brand new electric guitar will also help you to progress. We do not play the same way with an electric guitar that we do with a classical or a folk guitar. Special techniques are employed to use the hands differently and create other rhythms.

Want to start a band?

The electric guitar is still one of the best instruments for a rock band. And even for other styles. The electric guitar isn't just for the experienced guitar players of Rock Fest, the great metal festival!

Blues and pop music also use electric guitar sounds to create their pieces.

A sound that provides a touch of modernity to these different styles.

And since you will already have an amp, it will be easy for you to perform on stage.

Let’s book the date already!

So, the Cost of an Electric Guitar? It Depends on Usage

Your guitar price will depend on what you use it for.

If your career is all set and the world of professional music opens its doors to you, then you will have to invest... And when we talk about an investment, it can quickly reach $1500. Because of the electronics of these guitars, the price goes up quickly.

However, with this kind of guitar, there is nothing wrong. You can be sure that your purchase will last for years and you can then pass it on as a treasure to your children and grandchildren. Indeed, the finishes are perfect (fretting, lutherie...) with impeccable wood (cedar, maple, spruce, mahogany...).

On the other hand, there's no need to spend so much when you start with the electric guitar. You can find guitars that suit you without asking for a loan from your bank. Look at the guitars between $150 and $300.

Electric guitars at this price point will be good enough for your first guitar class and the price range will give you a lot of options.

Since it is very important that you like your guitar, design plays a big role.

Here are some examples of electric guitars:

  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard, a little vintage
  • Squier Series Stratocaster, classic, but not expensive (how to find an inexpensive guitar elsewhere...?)
  • Dean ML X for the look of a star...

It's up to you to choose the look of your electric guitar!

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is a low cost electric guitar.
The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is recommended when starting guitar lessons.

If you want, you can upgrade later on by reselling your electric guitar to buy another one that better suits your intermediate level.

But look after your first guitar. Take great care of it because these instruments rarely lose their value when it comes to reselling them. But only if it remains in very good condition.

Pay great attention to the guitar's lutherie parts such as the bridge, the neck, the soundboard or even the mechanics. All these parts are important to keeping an ideal sound when playing guitar.

Buying a Guitar Second-Hand.

Are you still struggling to decide between buying a second-hand guitar or going to a music store to purchase a new one?

Be aware that whatever your decision is, the most important thing is to find the guitar that suits you the best. Regardless of whether it's a Fender, Ibanez or Gibson, the key is that it matches your level and tastes.

Someone playing a second-hand electric guitar.
It’s important to choose your guitar according to your tastes and level.

However, the condition of the guitar is very important to keep the original sound. It’s easier to get a guitar in good condition in-store, rather than on Craigslist. Although many owners take great care of their equipment, you can never be sure.

Buying a guitar in-store will allow you to test it out before buying it. The department stores usually have amps available to try with the electric guitars. Spend a few minutes checking out the guitars that you like and wait until you find the one that's right for you.

The Internet is also a way to acquire a new guitar. But it will be difficult to track the package until it arrives to you. Also, you cannot try the guitar before you receive it.

Also, after this purchase, you will probably need to change the strings at one point. But what is the price of new guitar strings?

Used Instruments: a Way to Lower the Price of a Guitar?

You don’t really have the budget to buy a new guitar?

Yet, it's been months since you've had your eyes on the Telecaster in your favorite music store.

You can buy the used guitar of your dreams!

More and more people are using second-hand items sold by individuals. You can find everything from clothes to high-tech items to musical instruments.

You will be able to find that special guitar by strolling through flea markets or exploring sites such as This way, you can go to the seller's house, or meet in a public place, and see for yourself the condition of the guitar. The prices can be half of the guitar’s original price. This is something to think about...

There are numerous sites that give people the opportunity to help each other. If you don’t know which guitar to buy, just get in touch with enthusiasts to find your answer.

And thanks to this second-hand market craze, several chain stores have opened to gather all these objects in the same space.

In every one of these stores, there is a music department where there are many guitars for sale. Their condition is checked before being put on display and you can ask for advice from the salesperson.

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