Learning a new language presents a number of questions. Obviously the first question is what language to learn, but the resulting questions relate to the level of fluency that you want to reach, and what your overall motivations for learning are. Is it simple linguistic curiosity or a genuine desire to deepen your knowledge in the language?

Learning Portuguese is no exception to this. There are lots of tips for how to learn Portuguese on the internet, but aside from being clear about your goals, you will also need to be dedicated, and have a good strategy in place to be successful.

So when you have answered these questions, and before searching for language courses, you will need to decide how to reach your goal of improving your language skills in order to speak Portuguese.

One big factor here will be what you have to put into the process. Like with any foreign language, learning Portuguese requires a double investment of time and money.

The latter is particularly important because you need to be able to afford any method that you choose. Therefore, finding a way to learn Portuguese that fits your budget will be one of your first steps.

So if you are you looking to join the more than 220 million native Portuguese speakers, but need a little bit more information about how much it will cost to learn Portuguese as a second language, then you have come to the right place.

Taking Classes with a Portuguese Tutor on Superprof

Thanks to a large network of language teachers, the Superprof platform connects learners and tutors for French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic lessons etc.

Portuguese is another choice that is available, in both its European and Brazilian forms.

So you're now wondering how much, on average, a tutor charges for a language course on Superprof. Are there different rates depending on the language you want to learn?

Yes. Overall, the statistics of the platform tend to prove that learning an unusual foreign language such as Lithuanian, Burmese, or Norwegian is more expensive. The same logic applies to dialects or regional languages such as Basque or Castilian.

This is probably explained by the lack of qualified teachers in the language, which means that there are fewer teachers around.

Courses that are more specific also tend to be more expensive than average. This means that if you want to do a proficiency test, such as one of the CAPLE (Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language) exams, or if you want to learn Portuguese for a specific use, such as business Portuguese, then the classes are likely to cost you more.

There is a wide range of prices for Portuguese tutors on Superprof
This example of French tutors on Superprof shows the difference in prices. The same is true for our Portuguese tutors

The most frequently requested languages, such as French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, or Chinese, have lower hourly rates that are more or less similar.

One thing to bear in mind is that there are a number of factors that affect the price of Portuguese lessons on Superprof. We will have a look at some of these factors later on, but in the meantime just be aware that the price of classes isn't the same across the world, or even across the same country.

What is the Cost of Portuguese Lessons with a Superprof Tutor?

We know that choosing the right Portuguese tutor is important when you start your classes, but that equally you need someone who fits your budget.

Because there are some differences between the Portuguese of Europe and Brazilian Portuguese (especially in terms of pronunciation, accent, and Portuguese vocabulary), the Superprof platform makes a clear distinction between these two versions of Portuguese, so if you want to learn brazilian portuguese online or in person then look out for brazilian portuguese lessons london or private Brazilian tuition.

You will find plenty of tutors teaching European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, and some who can teach both. As we said, prices vary due to a variety of factors but you can expect to pay about £20 in for portuguese lessons london, $25 USD in New York, $30 CAD in Toronto, or $25 AUD in Sydney. And don't worry if you can't find a Portuguese tutor nearby as some of our tutors offer classes via webcam.

Improve your Portuguese today with one of our tutors
More and more Portuguese tutors are available on our platform to help to raise your language level!

On Superprof, a private Portuguese lesson via webcam can sometimes be slightly cheaper because the tutor doesn't have to travel to meet you.

The price difference between different Portuguese teachers is generally explained by their experience and degree of proficiency. Some can supervise a wide range of students: beginners wishing to learn Portuguese for the first time and nearly bilingual students wanting a true linguistic immersion.

Another thing to remember is that native speakers will charge more than people who speak Portuguese fluently as a second language.

There is an argument to be made that learning with a native speaker will allow a further examination of the intricacies of grammar, but this is only applicable if you want to completely master Portuguese.

Do not forget that a native Brazilian tutor will be able to give you the keys to understanding Brazilian civilization and Brazilian culture as well!

In addition to language learning you may be entitled to a real cultural immersion with such a teacher!

At the sight of these numbers and in comparison with the other languages most in demand, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are on the low end of things in terms of rates.

How to Make the Portuguese Tutor Cost Less

For those who winced at the mention of these prices, you should know that there are many opportunities and ways to lower the cost of a Portuguese course!

Classes via Webcam

With this learn portuguese online option you don't need to worry about where you can learn Portuguese. On average, webcam classes are slightly cheaper than in-home classes, and allow you to learn where ever you are in the world.

It seems normal that the price would be lowered as the teacher does not have to travel to your home and can enjoy significant schedule flexibility.

This usually affects the course's price.

A student will also save time, especially one living in a big city. A course via webcam will mean you will avoid a good hour of public transport to reach your tutor when the classes are scheduled outside of your home. Don't forget that time is a rare commodity these days!

Group Classes

Group classes sometimes address more specific topics than individual classes. But they are also a great way to pool individual costs.

Because they require meticulous organization, these courses are extremely useful in order to progress in a particular field (the ability to hold an oral conversation in a specific field, mastering the specific vocabulary of a given branch, etc.).

They also make for a great learning energy within the group. Generally, these groups contain around 6 people maximum, which will allow you to benefit from group effects, without necessarily feeling the sometimes negative aspects (you have to rely on yourself much more than in private lessons).

Remember that it doesn't matter what type of classes you choose, you will need to study between your Portuguese classes in order to reinforce what you learn and advance at the rate that you want.

Follow our tips to find economical ways of learning Portuguese
To become familiar with the Portuguese language, no need to mortgage your house! Just follow these simple tips

Fluctuating Rates According to the Different Cities

The geographical factor also explains the varied rates.

On average, a private Portuguese class costs more in bigger towns and cities. This is because the transport costs are higher and it takes longer to reach a lot of destinations, but also because living expenses are higher than in smaller cities.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the price continues to get cheaper at the same rate as the city size does. If you live somewhere where there is only one Portuguese tutor, they can charge what they want as there is no competition. You can therefore expect prices to be slightly higher in this scenario.

The Financial Aspect of Learning Portuguese at University

Language exchange programmes are a great way to learn Portuguese
Beaches and fados are a bonus - what more can you ask for during a language exchange?

Perfect mastery of Portuguese requires total immersion in the language so that every situation you encounter means you will further your Portuguese learning experience. It is also a way of working efficiently and intensively!

For those of you who have the opportunity, why not go for a semester abroad, or take a one-year language training program in Portugal or Brazil in order to study and deepen your skills?

You're probably wondering - how much does it cost?

Obviously this depends on how much your university charges for tuition fees, which will largely be regulated by the country that you live in. But from a semester abroad point of view, Lisbon ranks as one of the cheapest capital cities in western Europe.

It is estimated that you could get by on about €1,000-1,300, depending on how much you want to tighten the belt and how much you want to indulge on life's little privileges, such as eating out and going to the cinema.

In short:

  • The main thing to remember is that the average amount you will spend for a Portuguese or a Brazilian Portuguese course is low compared tothe average cost of learning a foreign language.
  • Many factors explain the price differences. They can be linked to the student, such as what he or she wants to learn. They can also be linked to the tutor (experience, diplomas and training, methodology or approach).
  • One can't predict the exact amount of a Portuguese course, which depends on geographical location factors.
  • Keep in mind that rates are more expensive in bigger cities than in the smaller ones, and that rates are cheaper on the outskirts of a big city than in the center. Nevertheless, many factors such as taking a course via webcam rather than in person, or a group course rather than a private course will lower your bill.
  • The last method, which is the most engaging and probably the most effective, is to immerse yourself in the language by going to study in Portugal or Brazil. Language learning always requires a real investment of some kind, so dive in!

The reasons for learning Portuguese are endless. All you need to do is choose the right method for you and begin your journey that could take you to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, or the old streets of Lisbon.

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