Does ballroom dancing, bachata, tap, jazz, Zumba, flamenco, contemporary dance, pilates or hip hop not do it for you?

Is it ballet dancing that really gets your blood pumping?

Are you a huge fan of Swan Lake or the Nutcracker?

Whether you’ve never danced before and are looking to start or you're thinking about improving your level, why not get help from a private ballet tutor?

Whether your tutor’s a freelancer or working for an agency, they should have experience when it comes to teaching. Don’t forget that a good dancer isn’t necessarily a good teacher.

Still not convinced?

If you're hoping to be the next George Balanchine (he founded the New York City Ballet and was dubbed the father of American ballet), you should know that becoming a ballet dancer can be very challenging for adults who've never trained before and a good dance teacher can make all the difference.

Here are 5 good reasons for learning ballet with private tutorials.

1. Private Ballet Tutorials: A Way to Gain Confidence

Rather than getting classical ballet lessons in a dance academy or school, why not try private ballet lessons?

A lot of people are too nervous or self-conscious to start learning how to dance in a group class or attend a workshop at a dance studio.

This is understandable. People get nervous when there are so many people around watching you try a ballet technique you’ve just learnt how to do. In private tutorials, there's just you and your instructor.

Find group dance classes here.

Can boys learn to dance with a private tutor?
Some boys are nervous about joining dance classes because it's mostly girls. (Source: Galina9237941221)


Some people are nervous about getting classes because of their age.

It’s a common misconception that you can only start learning to do ballet when you’re very young (around 5 years old). That said, there are plenty of classes for children throughout the school year and workshops during the holidays.

However, ballet can be done by anyone of any age and there are even adult ballet classes for those starting aged 20, 40, and 60. In fact, you can get private tutorials for all ages and regardless of your skill level.

While older students will probably never join Joffrey Ballet or the Paris Opera, recreational ballet classes are a great way for students to learn how to dance, break a sweat, and improve their fitness. Just make sure you stretch before you go anywhere near the ballet barre!

That said, some people can still feel too self-conscious to join the group classes for adults. In this case, starting to dance with a private tutor could be the way to go, especially in the first few sessions when your flexibility isn't what it use to be.

While there are plenty of modern dance studios offering adult classes and workshops, you can learn much more quickly in class with just you and your tutor.

A lot of conditioning and strengthening goes into learning ballet. If you just don't have the stamina you used to, it could help to have a private tutor there encouraging you. Our bodies age over time and things that were easy in our youth take a little more time as we get older. Find a tutor who focuses on teaching older students or those returning to dancing if this is the case.

Shyness and Self-Confidence

Shyness can really hinder a dancer’s progress. Some people just don’t feel comfortable in large groups.

If you are self-conscious, you’ll soon get over having to look at yourself in the mirror and dancing is a great way to start accepting yourself for who you are. If you don't quite feel comfortable in your leotard and pointe shoes yet, it can be easier learning in a relaxed environment with a tutor who's taught adult beginners before.

Regardless of what you think of yourself, your tutor will accept you for who you are and help you express yourself through the art form.

Being a Boy or a Man

A lot of young boys are too scared to get ballet training or attend a ballet class because they’re scared what their peers may say about them.

It’s a common misconception that dancing isn’t for them and this puts off many boys from even beginning ballet lessons. Dance tutors won’t care if you’re a boy and many will be delighted to finally have a student who is.

2. Ballet Private Tutorials are Great for those with Busy Schedules

It can be difficult for a lot of people to attend a dance class at the same time and same place every week.

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How much do private ballet tutorials cost?
Choose a private tutor with a teaching style you enjoy. (Source: Marisa_Sias)

Whether you work nights, evenings, weekends, or have family commitments, for example, there are plenty of reasons why students can’t work with a regular class schedule.

Sometimes it’s not just the student’s schedule that will affect where and when lessons take place. Even if there is a school of dance with drop-ins, some students have problems getting around because they don’t have a driving license or a car, or they live far from the city centre, for example.

  • Can’t get to class?
  • What about getting the tutor to come to you?

If you have room, find a dance tutor who teaches their dance classes at their students' houses.

While it’ll never replace a proper ballet studio, a tutor should be able to introduce you to the basics of ballet such as the 5 feet positions with around 100ft² (as long as you’re the only student). The last thing you want is to keep bumping into other people.

It’s a good idea to invest in a large mirror so you can see yourself when you’re dancing and make sure you’re getting the choreography right. While your tutor will correct you, it helps to be able to see what you’re doing, too. A mirror can also be really useful when you’re practising on your own once your tutor has left.

3. Private Lessons Are Great for those who Need to Learn Something Quickly

Whether it’s to help you pass an exam, prepare for a private event, or brush up on some skills, private tutorials are a great option.

What are the benefits of private dance tutorials?
With a private tutor, you're the only student that matters. (Source: Vladislav83)

A private tutor will help you with feedback by correcting mistakes and helping you learn more quickly. You can tell a tutor if you have any deadlines and they’ll be able to put together an intensive plan for you with that in mind.

If you need to work on creating a routine, they could give you advice, help you put together your routine, and help pick you up when you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock.

Private classes can also help you get ready for an audition dance company, compete for a national ballet scholarship at a conservatoire, or just practise for your next recital.

It’s a good idea to consider teaching styles and ask your private tutor about their approaches to dance education.

A private tutor is a pretty good option for those trying to become professional dancers, too. Whether you have a deadline or are just driven to learn a lot in a short space of time, private tutors can help you get to grips with the artistry, coordination, and discipline needed to become a good ballerina.

4. Private Ballet Tutors Focus on You

In a group class, you sometimes get the impression that you’re just another face in the crowd. While the teacher will try to make sure everyone’s not making any mistakes, it’s impossible for them to see every student’s mistake. This can be really important when it comes to the student’s posture, which can hinder their progress.

A private tutor can also help you do your warm-ups, build muscle and tone up, and even do stretches. They can be completely devoted, encouraging, and nurturing. You're the only participant in their class.

Find adult dance classes near me here.

The lessons can also be personalised to the student and their needs.

Need to work on your improvisation, become more flexible, broaden your musical repertoire, etc.?

It’s your class! You can choose what you want to do or work on something in particular.

Need an artistic director or choreographer to help you put together a routine?

A good educator will also know how to adapt to your needs and help you.

Taking private ballet tutorials means you can learn at your own pace without having to worry about exams at the end of the year or being compared to the other dancers in your ballet class.

5. A Good Addition to Group Ballet Classes

The extra attention from your tutor can help you learn much more quickly. If you participate in a group class and leave feeling you could do more, private ballet tutorials could be the answer. Extra instruction could help you become the best dancer in your group class.

Where can I find a private dance tutor?
Private dance tutorials are a great complement to regular dance classes. (Source: lynnea)

Private classes are great for extra tuition. It can take a lot of work from a student to go from a beginner’s level to an intermediate level. However, the help of a private tutor can make this task much easier.

Is there something you need to work on missing from your school's syllabus or curriculum?

You can enlist the help of a tutor to help.

In addition to teaching you how to dance, a private tutor is also an expert in anatomy who can also help you to practise dancing safely without causing any injuries.

You can also ask them about certain aspects of dancing if you have any questions. If you're training to become a professional dancer in a ballet company or applying to a dance school or ballet academy, a private tutor could help you master that pirouette or work on your ballet pointe technique.

To find the perfect ballet tutor, make sure you shop around and get a free taster session. On Superprof, the first tutorial is often free. Just make sure they've got a passion for dancing, have studied the discipline, and have the necessary teaching skills before attending their tutorials!

In short:

  • If you think you’re too shy, old, big, or small, private ballet tutorials are a good option for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable taking group classes.
  • If you have a busy schedule or can’t make it to lessons, a private tutor can come to you and teach you from the comfort of your own home (provided you have the space).
  • Are you getting married next summer and need to learn to dance for your first dance? Don’t panic! Private tutors can help you learn a routine. Applying to a ballet school and need an extra rehearsal? Let a tutor help you work on your performance piece.
  • A private ballet tutor can focus exclusively on your since they don’t have any other students to worry about. They can also help you outside of regular group classes if there’s something you need to brush up on with structured lessons.

Ready to get your ballet slippers and leotard and give a tutor a call?

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