Learning a new language is a fulfilling and educational experience; it opens doors to countless new social and professional opportunities!

You're here to learn Russian, and it is only right to offer a disclaimer: it is a complicated language to learn! However, with the right tutor, you're going to enjoy the process.

With Slavic languages, it is essential that your teacher is a native speaker and can hold conversations in the required dialect - alongside English - to help you better.

The interactive process of learning from a native-speaker provides insight into the language's norms and culture. This can be very important because it offers context to complicated phrases.

Although rubbing shoulders with native Russian speakers in a city like Houston is uncommon, it's not impossible. There are over 160 million native speakers spread out in the world!

If not like New York, Houston is still a diverse city where you can run into many different people from various cultures and religions. It should be your priority to learn from them and gain benefit from their cross-cultural experience.

So if you're learning Russian to connect to your partner's culture, network with colleagues, prepare for a vacation, or any other reason, you can find native Russian speaking tutors with relative ease!

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However, if you're still contemplating your options for a second language, read on as we discuss why you should take up Russian:

in 1890, the first Matryoshka (or nested) doll set was created by a woodcarver named Vasily Zvyozdochkin. They have since then become a symbol of femininity, fertility, and family in Russian culture. To learn more about rich Russian history, find Russian Lessons near you today!
Russia is the world's largest country by surface area, occupying one-tenth of the Earth's land. It spans over 11 time zones across Europe and Asia and has shores on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. Learn to speak Russian and effortlessly communicate across the vast country! (Source: Pixabay)

Reasons Why You Should Learn Russian

Perhaps best known for its relevance in international diplomacy, modern history, cold climate, an affinity for winter sports, and vodka, Russia's finest asset is arguably its local language!

More than 280 million people speak Russian, ranking it as the 8th most spoken language worldwide.

It is high on this list because several Slavic and Eurasian countries also use this script and are familiar with Russian's dialectical usage. These include Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and some Baltic States.

Furthermore, Russian is one of the United Nations official languages; this has carried forward to the WHO, making it one of the main languages for global diplomacy and policy-making.

Read ahead to find out more reasons to learn how to speak Russian.

Increases Your Brain Power

Are you aware that learning a new language has a positive impact on your cognitive development?

It improves your memory, your concentration span, and makes the frontal cortex (responsible for your brain's higher cognitive functions) bigger.

This fact is especially true for languages that are exceedingly different from your native language as these challenge your brain more.

Whether you are a teen from Boston or a 60-year-old from Arizona, if you are a native English speaker, learning Russian will test your brain and keep you on your toes!

Understand An Amazing Culture

We mentioned the importance of having a native Russian speaking tutor because they can give context to certain words through cultural usage.

This helps you learn the language and salient features of Russian culture simultaneously!

Russias culture is deeply enshrined in its rich literary history, which should be consumed in its authenticity. Works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, and Anton Chekhov have modern translations, but there's nothing like the real thing!

Additionally, imagine being able to explain the thought behind Wassily Kandinsky's 'Intersecting Lines' or getting to watch The Minor at the Maly theatre in Moscow.

These are specific experiences you can only gain if you're well-versed in Russian or at least have a hook on the language's conversational aspect.

Even for something as simple as to watch a Russian movie without subtitles, it is essential that you find Russian lessons near you, wherever you are in the states!

Russian women learning cultural dances. By learning Russian, you can immerse yourself in the Barynya dance performance, performed to a traditional Russian poem called Chastushka.
Russian is a language of space along with English. As part of their training, astronauts have to learn Russian, and the ISS computer uses English and Russian. If you are planning to be an astronaut, it would be helpful to start learning Russian today! (Source: Pixabay)

Interact With People From Other Countries

Unlike many other languages, learning Russian will not only help you interact with Russians, but it will also help you interact with people around the world.

These include people from countries previously part of the USSR, namely Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, and Armenia.

Although Google translator can get you through basic greetings in these countries; however, that is the extent to its assistive capabilities.

This worship cross in honor of Cyril and Methodius was established in 1994 in the beautiful Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. If you learn how to speak Russian, you wouldn't need a tour guide to translate it for you!
Moscow metro system is the fastest transportation method. Trains are scheduled for every 90 seconds during rush hour. It is also estimated that over 9 million passengers ride the Metro every day. Learn Russian and travel the city by navigating your way through the fastest Metro system in the world! (Source: Pixabay)

It Is A Gateway To Other Languages

Of course, it is useful to be bilingual. But what is much cooler is the ability to speak more than two languages with absolute fluency. Learning Russian as your second language will help you with that.

Once you have learned the Cyrillic alphabet, it will become much easier to catch up to other languages, especially those from a Slavic background like Belarusian.

Countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro use the Cyrillic script. In fact, English itself borrows a few words originally constructed in this script.

Great For Economic Prospects

Russia's economy is huge, owing to its large reserves of natural resources. As of 2017, Russia has around 24% of the world's total natural gas reserves, making it an important player in the energy sector.

Although the U.S. relationship with Russia has become politically strained, they remain trade allies and routinely export nationals to work for companies in each other's countries.

Consequently, if you're working with a Russian company or have Russian clients, it may be beneficial for you to learn Russian.

Apart from how much it will help you communicate, it will also help you navigate negotiations with shrewd business people.

Moving To Russia

If you're moving to Russia, it is integral to learn the language. Most higher educational institutes teach in Russian, and almost all official communications also happen in the local language.

Therefore, if you seek employment or education in Russia, find native speaking tutors in Houston, Philadelphia, or any other city.

As essential as it is for work purposes, it is equally important to learn Russian to communicate with colleagues in a professional or social environment effectively.

The Importance Of Learning Russian With A Russian Tutor

You might think spending money on a qualified teacher could be better used elsewhere as you learn Russian from youtube. We would agree with that notion if you were learning anything other than a language!

While it is true that it might save you some time, the advantages of learning from a tutor heavily outweigh those of learning from other sources:

Motivation And Discipline

Most of us lack self-discipline, and that is where tutors come in. They set deadlines for assignments and help us finish the course on time, ensuring that the process doesn't take longer than necessary!

Your Russian teacher will motivate you to follow a routine and offer you valuable feedback to help you learn better and faster!

If you have problems staying focused on a task, or even if you don't, taking one-on-one Russian classes will provide you with the kind of goal-oriented atmosphere that you would otherwise miss.

Face To Face Interactions

A teacher and student need to interact for any learning process to be successful!

Even if you have an online tutor from LA while you're in Houston, having an actual instructor will help you pose questions. Something a machine, application, or program cannot allow you to do!

Writing, listening, speaking, reading, and getting active feedback is key to having a successful educational experience, especially when learning Russian.

Personalized Study Plan

Learning Russian with an expert will make it easier for you to learn at your own pace.

Since it is a complicated language, you would want to take your time with specific learning modules that you have a problem with; a tutor will help slow down or pick up the pace, where necessary.

Additionally, everyone has different reasons to learn a language, some for work, some for education, and some for pleasure; a tutor can customize the course for various purposes.

If you study through apps or preexisting websites, you cannot alter a lesson plan that has already been established.

Common Problems When Learning Russian

The phonetics of the Russian language can be difficult to understand for an English speaker. The difference in tone also contributes to confusion between identical words!

The Russian language has a tonic accent, which is absent in the English language. This accent can be attached to any syllable of any word. The biggest problem with this is that this accent can be altered based on the word form.

Certain sounds in the Russian language do not exist in English, adding a new dimension to the learning process. Although learning tonal aspects of Russian is fun, it can be daunting!

Let's say you are someone with a thick Chicago accent; you will get flustered when you start learning Russian.

Hence, it is always better to have a tutor who can help you with these difficulties and guide you through them!

Russian Lessons Near Me In Houston

Russian is a historically important and globally relevant language to learn for many reasons.

Although the process comes with caveats, there are undeniable advantages to conversing with an entirely new group of global citizens!

Hence, it is in your best interest to learn Russian with a teacher who can adequately guide you through the process of learning this beautiful language.

And to find the best tutors, register to Superprof to take Russian lessons in Houston instead of searching Google to find "Russian lessons near me"!

With their directory of over 13 million tutors across multiple disciplines, they come heavily recommended by users and will be your most effective route to learning Russian!

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