A spiritual life coach is a coach that helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals, they delve into your deep-rooted beliefs to help you improve your life.

 Understanding yourself and the world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life or can just give you a different perspective on life so you can achieve your goals or solve problems in your life.

Taking Control Of Your Life

A spiritual life coach can help you take responsibility for your life. They can help you draw focus away from any negativity or judgements surrounding you so that you can take charge and focus on the positive. They understand that what we give our attention to grows and so you can start shifting your attention to improving relationships, improving your career and any other areas that you might want to change.

 You may have lost somebody you love, you might be struggling through a divorce, or you may be experiencing a mid-life crisis. These things can be difficult to talk about with close friends and family, but such barriers don’t exist between spiritual life coaches and their clients. They are there to assist you in a private, secure environment where you can open up about how you feel and make room for healing and growth.

With a spiritual life coach, you will find it easier to talk about life in a more meaningful way, and you will feel safe and secure when opening up to them. There are no judgements, only a deepening understanding of yourself. They are there to listen to you, be your teacher, and help you grow in any way they can.

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Help When You’re Feeling Stuck

When we are too deeply engaged in the drama and chaos of life, we tend to see our world from a distorted perspective. We may make judgments and victimise ourselves by justifying our negative views of our lives. Your spiritual life coach can help you discover your blocks to happiness and help you figure out why you are not where you want to be in your life.

When we complain about our situation without searching for a solution, it can feel like digging ourselves into a deep despair. It is your coach’s job to dig you out and help you find your whole, healed self.

What happens to your mind when you practise yoga?
A spiritual coach can help you tap into a higher sense of self Source; Pixabay Credit: John Hain

Trusting Your Coach

It is important to choose someone who you can trust and open up to about your thoughts and emotions. Trust is essential in coach-client relationships. If it doesn’t feel right, keep searching until you find someone who you are completely comfortable with.

Finding someone who you can be honest with is fundamental to growth and progress, because the more honest you can be, the more you can discover about yourself. A spiritual life coach is there to help you find solutions and they can be of the most service to you when you are being completely honest. You are investing time, money, and effort with this coach, so you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with them.

Spiritual life coaches strive to help their clients shift to positive thinking and an awareness of all that is good in the world. Working with a spiritual life coach that you trust is the beginning of a new perspective that can help improve your life in many areas. For many, it is the beginning of freedom and discovery of themselves. Your problems will no longer seem like they are a stumbling block but you will be able to see how you can overcome them.

Not Just a Regular Life Coach

Life coaching really does change many people’s lives; it can help people improve their relationships, reach newer and bigger goals, achieve lifelong dreams, and discover aspects of their personalities. Sometimes, however, these things only scratch the surface of who people know themselves to be, and they are looking for a way to connect with themselves on a deeper level. This is where a spiritual life coach comes in.

The roles that a spiritual life coach take on can be very different from those of a standard life coach. A spiritual life coach can walk you through an entirely different set of goals such as exploring different methods of spirituality like healing, or meditation. These goals aren’t always easily defined or measured, and they present a whole new task for life coaches.

A regular life coach will help you achieve and move forward in life, but they may not help you get the spiritual fulfilment that you are looking for. Spiritual life coaches, however, are experienced with helping people find their sense of peace and purpose, as well as an appreciation for what you already have in life.

Most importantly, a spiritual life coach can help you learn to trust yourself and your intuition. They will show you how to trust your own instincts in making decisions in life.  

Yoga keeps you happy and healthy!
Meditation has so many wonderful physical and mental health benefits. (Source: Pixabay)

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation have become increasingly popular in recent years as ways to deal with stress and to help centre ourselves in our busy lives. Meditation is also known to improve brain function, sharpen intuition, and allows you to reset your mind and get a fresh start. Most spiritual life coaches are familiar with meditation, and they often suggest meditating to clients to help them connect with themselves and to help clear their minds.

Many people use a spiritual life coach to get better in touch with themselves. They can help you connect with a deeper meaning of the world and of life in general. They work on helping you find a balance so that you and those around you can benefit and thrive just by doing the things that you love every day.

 Spiritual Healing

Spiritual life coaches work with their clients to create new habits and integrate beliefs that are designed to take us where we want to be in life. Healing is often used as method to leave the past behind and focus on the future. For many, healing is the fastest way to ensure a full transformation of mind, body, and soul.

There are many different methods used by spiritual life coaches and healers. Spiritual life coaches may be trained in one or several different techniques. These methods can range from ancient rituals to very modern practices and can be vastly different from one another.

You can try several techniques or practices to see which you like best as well as to see which methods are most effective. A spiritual life coach can act as a guide along the path to healing and help you figure out which methods best suit your needs.

Chakra Healing

Chakras are thought to be the energetic centres throughout our bodies that correspond with our emotions and vital health areas. Many believe that blockages of these chakras can lead to illness, stress, as well as mental and emotional problems. If this is something that sounds familiar to you, talk to a coach about chakra healing to help improve your wellbeing.


Reiki healing boosts energy levels throughout the body with a hands-on technique. According to Reiki practitioners, energy is what gives us life. So Reiki practitioners work to bring thriving energy to the ailing parts of the body in order to restore balance.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is often used in conjunction with chakra healing. It focuses on specific chakra related centres of the body. Crystal healers believe that crystals possess healing energy and that different types of crystals serve to cure various illnesses and disorders. Some spiritual life coaches may be experienced with this practice and should be able to help you find peace and balance with your own crystal collection.

Even if you’re not dealing with a crisis in your life right now, everyone could benefit from spiritual coaching. It can help all of us find different perspectives and help us lead happier, more fulfilling lives!

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