"I began studying geography because I wanted to learn more about the world I live in." -Alice Hyde

We often choose to study academic disciplines at a secondary or post-secondary level that profoundly interest us.

For example, biology is for those who are curious about living organisms and natural science, history is tailormade for individuals who want to understand the way things were in the past, mathematics is for scholars who appreciate logical reasoning and geography is perfect for students who want to learn more about the world they are living in. 

The field of study of geography is more than just a dry examination of maps and possessing the ability to know how to locate your community, country or continent on a globe. It is an academic discipline that is devoted to the study of earth's landforms, oceans, environments, ecosystems and the relationship people have with these geographic locations.

Having a basic understanding of geography is essential in today's world since there is so much attention put on globalization and the world economy.

In addition, due to the fact that airline tickets have never been so affordable, people from all walks of life are putting their geography-based knowledge to good use and are visiting new countries in order to discover new cultures and gaze at landscapes that are very distinct from their country of origin.

Since young children and like sponges and absorb new information with enviable ease, now is the time to teach them about the extremely essential classroom subject of geography.

Superprof is here to examine the many e-books, textbooks, applications and websites that make learning geography for kids very entertaining.

The Best Books for Kids Studying Geography

reading and learning
Kids can learn more about geography by reading educational and engaging books. (Source: pixabay)

Due to the fact that geography is a very popular subject that is part of the curriculum and is taught in primary and secondary school, there are many intriguing books that can be found and ordered online that can be further examined during class time or before school even starts.

The books we will now consider are all budget friendly and priced under £20. Without further ado, here are our best choices of geography books that are enjoyable and appealing for youngsters.

Geography a Children's Encyclopedia

While reading this informative encyclopedia, young pupils develop a basic understanding of the topics of rocks and minerals, climate, ecosystems, population and mapping the physical and political world.

This book is priced at £17.99 on certain websites, was published in 2013 by Dorling Kindersley and is 304 pages in length.

Due to all the beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions, students will inevitably establish a love for geography. 

Geological processes such as the water cycle and the structure of the rainforest canopy are further explained with details and diagrams that make learning accessible for young children. No country or natural wonder goes unnoticed in this encyclopedia.

Sticker Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland

Price at only £4.99 on Amazon, this Usborne published paperback book is an extremely great value.

Young children who are based in the United Kingdom, learn more about their country and surroundings due to the fact that this book is filled with illustrations and photos of all the major cities, landmarks and sights that are in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

There are over 140 stickers that kids can stick on the various maps that are included in this 24-page book. It was published in 2018, written by Jonathan Melmoth and illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald.

Interesting features include a quiz and an index of carefully selected internet links where children can take virtual tours of famous landmarks and watch video clips of wildlife from the regions on their maps.

Little Kids First Big Book of the World

This 128-page book opens young readers minds to the diverse world they live in by exploring languages, different landscapes, the weather in other parts of the world, the animals that can be found in each continent, the world's capital cities and much more.

This book was published in 2015 by the National Geographic Society and comes highly recommended for young ones who are starting to learn more about geography. 

Amazon.co.uk offers a Kindle version of the book that is priced at £4.99 and a tangible hardcover that is currently priced at £7.19. This is an incredible value considering the fact that there are more than 100 colourful images that are paired with age-appropriate maps and basic facts about each continent.

One of the best features of this book that all kids will enjoy is the possibility to create a miniature rainforest in a bottle.

What's Where in the World

This unique 192-page book that was originally published in 2013 by Dorling Kindersley offers young readers a visual encyclopedia of what's where in this world of ours.

There are over 75 colourful maps that teach children intriguing facts about this world such as where are the tallest buildings, longest rivers and most dangerous earthquake spots.

The book covers various topics and is divided into six chapters: Geography, Nature, People, History, Arts & Entertainment and Science & Technology. For all the entertaining features that are designed to make learning more appealing for young students, this book is a steal at only £9.99.

My Big World

This hardcover 54-page book that is published by OKIDO offers a fresh perspective on the subject of geography.

The book has a large and friendly format with humorous and imaginative images that make investigating the wider world more attractive for young children. 

The main character in the book, Koko, is helped my three explorers to answer intriguing questions about geography. Games, recipes and crafts are features of the book that can be done while reading or after reading.

This book can be introduced to children as young as 4 years old in order to develop a love of geography at a young age. Who knows, a career as a geographer may their future calling!

The Best Apps for Youngsters Learning More About Geography

tablets and phones
Youngsters can choose from a wide variety of applications that make learning about geography fun. (Source: pixabay)

Children born in the 21st century have always had technology in their lives and know to use tablets, smartphones and computers very effectively. Some parents download educational and amusing applications on their devices in order to stimulate their children when they are born.

There are plenty of educational apps for children covering a wide variety of subjects such as geography. We will now examine the top tier of apps for kids learning more about geography.

Tiny Countries

A great interactive application that was developed by TaptoLearn Software and has glowing reviews on the App Store. It is an animated game that features little "Tiny" the chick who helps kids travel across six continents and discover 75 new countries.

Children complete 15 missions to prevent "Mr.Evil" from moving the continents in the shape of a rooster. 

This application is extremely entertaining and is a great way for young children to learn about countries, capitals and famous monuments from around the world without even realizing it! The tiny countries app is available in multiple languages and is very affordable.

It is important to note that it is not available on the UK App Store, however, that does not mean that citizens of the United Kingdom who are interested in this application cannot create an American account and download it.

GeoBee Challenge

This educational application was created by the National Geographic Society and was a MOBI Award Finalist in 2010 in the category of Best Mobile Game.

It comes highly recommended and has great reviews on the App Store mainly due to the three types of game play that make learning more about geography anything from boring! The three types of game play are:

  • Multiple-choice round: the answers come from a library of more than 1300 National Geographic GeoBee questions,
  • Map challenge round: tap your way to find spots on an interactive map from a catalogue of over 1000 locations,
  • Bonus round: in this section players are shown National Geographic images and have to locate what's in the photo on the interactive map.

It is mainly designed for students aged 10-12 who already have an understanding of the basic concepts of geography and want to be well practised before going back to school after the summer holidays.

Geo Challenge

A very interactive application that provides a wide variety of games that were designed to make learning geographical data more accessible for youngsters.

Users of the application can create a profile to keep track of their own scores and there are three game mode options that can be played to acquire knowledge about essential details from the world's countries such as flags, population and capitals. 

Grasping basic details is done by using flashcards and questions. Very simply made but highly recommended for acquiring a basic comprehension of countries from around the world.

The Absolute Best Kids Geography Websites

learning on the internet
The Internet is widely available everywhere and there are many geography-based websites for kids. (Source: pixabay)

Well recommended websites for kids geography are a great compliment to the aforementioned books and applications in order to speed up the learning process of your child.

A survey conducted in January 2018 estimates that there are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet, therefore, interested ones are bound to find some brilliant websites that focus on the subject of geography for kids.

Superprof has done their research and found the top two best websites that are certain to please any youngster learning the basics of geography.

Kids Geography

This website is absolutely fantastic and is our number one choice for kids who want to be entertained and at the same time learn the fundamentals of geography in order to be the best in their class.

The Kids Geography website has many informative articles that are paired with pictures which make learning accessible for even the youngest of children. There are various games, videos, worksheets and even music about different topics of geography.

Some of the best educational games highlighted on the website are titled, "world country matching game", "continent and ocean matching game", "world capital match" and "latitude and longitude map game."

The videos on the website cover different geography-based topics such as the international date line, tsunami, tornadoes, snowflakes, lightning, isostasy, hurricanes, eclipse and biomes.

Another intriguing feature is the worksheets that can be downloaded in PDF version and worked on at a time most convenient for the young pupil. Some of the worksheets include many geography word scrambles and three different songs.

National Geographic Kids

A highly recommended website that covers many academic disciplines such as science, history and of course geography. There are many mentionable features on this website such as the videos, the games and the extremely well-written articles.

In the video section of the National Geographic Kids website, there are topics that have a series of small clips designed to teach youngsters a variety of valuable things. For example, the topics of "Are we there yet?" and "Around the World" focus on geography and teach pupils about distinct cultures, landscapes, animals, continents and oceans that make each and every geographic location unique.

As for the game section, a necessary characteristic of the website, there are various geography games that can be played to keep learning fun and fresh. A few visits to this website during the summer holidays can improve any kid's geography skills and send them to the top of their class by excelling on all world geography quizzes. 

In addition, an interactive world map improves map skills and helps students identify the continents of Asia, Africa, Antartica, North America, South America, Oceania and Europe. 

Thanks to the many books and additional resources offered on the internet that discuss the crucial subject of geography, kids learn more about physical geography and human geography while honing their skills and enjoying themselves by acquiring new geographic information. 

Geography games at home and in the classroom are becoming very popular among young pupils and are worth considering.

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