If you are passionate about photography, then you will want to stay connected so that you can stay on top of your game. It isn’t enough just to know how to take a picture, there are so many techniques, tips, tricks and new technologies that you can learn to implement to ensure that you keep improving.

This is true for you whether you are a beginner photographer or pro photographer. If you want to master your craft, even if it’s just a hobby, you have to create an environment of continuous learning: photography courses can be expensive and who really has the time?

But online you can learn to do anything, and it fits into any spare moment you can find throughout your week. Let’s take a look at some of the best online photography tutorials that you can subscribe to for free so that you can take your skills to the next level.

Learn on the go with the YouTube app
Youtube Tutorials In Photography For Beginners. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. COOPH

The Cooperative of Photography (CooPh) YouTube channel is a fantastic example of high-quality photography classes online. They provide free advice and explanations on how to improve your photography and give a huge range of photo tips that aim to take you from amateur photographer to pro in no time.

They publish videos regularly and are dedicated to creating a community like atmosphere. Where photographers of all skill types, can come together to be inspired and continue to develop their photographic understanding.

  • Number of subscribers: 672 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides a wide range of photography tutorials
  • See my favourite video on how to use household object creatively in your photography - Here
  • Their most popular video is about tips and trick that you can do with your smartphone - Here
  • Subscribe to COOPH here.

GMAX Studios channel is the place to come if you are the kind of photographer who wants to know it all. GMax is all about mastering lots of styles of photography, and they are succeeding as they have clients like the Disney Channel, The BBC, The Gates Foundation (Yes Bill Gates), The National Geographic and UNICEF just to name a few.

They share tips freely and openly in English and Hindi. All the while opening your eyes as to what is possible with your equipment. Photography, filmmaking, how to create great videos and lots more.

  • Number of subscribers: 240 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides tutorials covering different types of photography and filmmaking including photography gear, photography lighting, a ton of photo tips and much more. Their channel is in 2 languages English and Hindi.
  • See my favourite video on tips and tricks for getting better photos on Instagram - Here
  • Watch their most popular English video about how to use program mode on any camera - Here
  • Subscribe to GMAX Studios here.

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  1. CamCrunch

CamCrunchs channel is a great channel to subscribe to if you would like to learn how to take your photography to the next level. Their online photography classes will keep you busy, as they cover a wide range of topics.

They focus on being a complete solution to your photography and because they offer tutorials for the beginner and the more advanced photographer. They will grow with you as your skill improve, supporting you when you need it with great videos.

  • Number of subscribers: 73 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides tutorials for beginners and enthusiasts on how to take better photos.
  • See my favourite video on how to do stunning portrait photography outside while using a flash - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about how to use a DSLR camera, they discuss shutter speed, aperture, ISO in this epic beginners video - Here
  • Subscribe to CamCrunch here.

4. B and H Photo

The B&H Photo channel is a great place to get inspired for the amazing photographer that you are going to be. They share photo tips that can help you to learn photography and become a more confident photographer.

This channel also excels in that they have lots of camera equipment reviews. So they can effectively also help you to choose all of your kit too. You will love their tips and tricks which give you fast solutions to problems that you may be having with your photography or provide solutions to inspire new ideas.

  • Number of subscribers: 624 thousand people
  • Channel style: Focuses on reviews of camera gear and equipment and detailed photography tutorials for the beginner to advanced photographer
  • See my favourite video on 15 things that everyone should know about their DSLR camera, this video is an epic 1 hour long and is incredibly detailed and aims to help you create great photography - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about the Canon super telephoto lens and how to use it with your DSLR camera - Here
  • Subscribe to B and H Photo.

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An excellent introduction to digital photography.
Taking you from beginner photographer towards becoming a professional photographer. Photo Source: Unsplash

5.    Bethany Kay Design Studio

This channel shares incredible insights on how to start and run your own photography business. Bethany Kay Design Studio channel is full of generous tips on how to be a better photographer, how to run your own studio and how to work with equipment. You will love this channel if you are thinking about going pro and attracting clients.

  • Number of subscribers: 137 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides behind the scenes tutorials for beginners and enthusiasts on how to use your camera and how to get started in the photography business.
  • See my favourite video on wedding photography and how to create an album for a wedding using editing software like adobe photoshop - Here
  • Watch her most popular video about mistakes to avoid when starting out in photography, with photography techniques and photography tips for beginners - Here
  • Subscribe to Bethany Kay Design Studio.

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  1. The SLR Lounge

The SLR Lounge channel is run by a community who are excited about bringing the world, cool tutorials about photography online. They enjoy presenting editing software, Image editing, news in the field of photography including new equipment and practically anything photography related.

  • Number of subscribers: 359 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides tutorials for photographers, Camera Gear review and interviews which all come together to present an excellent introduction to photography and a comprehensive digital photography course.
  • See my favourite video on flash photography and how to use your cameras flash to create next level photography - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about lighting techniques, they discuss all about meter modes, using a light meter, getting more light into your photography and mention the importance of natural light too - Here
  • Subscribe to SLR Lounge here.

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  1. Professional Photography Tips Channel

Josh is a self-proclaimed world wanderer, inventing cameras and darkrooms in his mind before ever really having access to real ones. His lifelong love for photography is contagious, he makes excellent videos set to rock your world and make you question why you aren’t picking up your camera right now to take a picture of something. He will not just guide you in how to photograph, but your photography lessons with Josh will also make you think just a bit differently.

  • Number of subscribers: 282 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides tutorials for beginners and enthusiasts on landscape photography and give a fundamental introduction to photography and how to use more creative photography and maximise your photography skills.
  • See my favourite video on White balance and colour correction this is a great photography guide to getting great pictures - Here
  • Watch his most popular video about power digital photography tips that you should learn - Here
  • Subscribe to Professional Photography Tips here.
  1. That Nikon Guy

Contrary to the name ‘That Nikon Guy’ YouTube channel actually helps you with photography tips and tricks for people who use any kind of Digital camera. He likes to get to the bottom of any difficulty and present to you in easy formats so that you can forget about the issue you might have and focus on taking pictures.

  • Number of subscribers: 587 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides tutorials showcasing Digital SLR camera tips and tricks, photography equipment and reviews.
  • See my favourite video on Aperture priority, it shows how to get the best results by understanding your settings - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about how to be a great portrait photographer and use creative portrait photography techniques. This is a tremendous free photography tutorial - Here
  • Subscribe to That Nikon Guy here.
Ensure that you keep improving
If you want to master your craft,
continuous learning is important. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. PhotoRec TV

PhotoRec is a great channel to learn about camera gear, photography reviews, tutorials, tip and tricks and lots of news focuses on making things simple. This channel is serious about breaking things down and making them easy to understand.

The great thing about this is that any issue you have can melt away by the end of the youtube video. Leaving you to do nothing but get your camera out and get snapping.

  • Number of subscribers: 267 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides tutorials which focus on explaining things, in a simple way, so that it can be adopted quickly into your photography.
  • See my favourite video on tips and tricks on how to shoot using your DSLR as easily as a point and shoot. - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about how to use a digital camera properly, they discuss aperture priority, shutter priority and ISO in this awesome video - Here
  • Subscribe to PhotoRec TV here.
  1. Academy of Photography

This channel offers you free tutorials, creative ideas, photo tips and sheds more light on how to work in the studio than on other channels on this list. They teach you photography basics to the advanced, all in lovely short bite sized videos that are easy to slip into your busy day.

  • Number of subscribers: 183 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides videos that are like bite-sized photography tutorials, focusing on composition, photographers equipment and studio photography.
  • See my favourite video on photo composition when taking pictures, it goes into all you need to know about the rule of thirds, symmetry and much more - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about the basics of photography and how to shoot great photos in beginner photography - Here
  • Subscribe to Academy of Photography here.
  1. PhotoVideoEDU

This channel is all about education if you are looking for free online photography courses you couldn’t do much better than this channel. They enjoy covering photography, filmmaking and even offer you a discount on your kit. They are committed to taking you from beginner photographer towards becoming a professional photographer.

  • Number of subscribers: 97 thousand people
  • Channel style: This channel is a great digital photography guide, it gives you free tutorials and detailed hour-long free photography workshops, they have put a lot of work into this channel, and it covers a dynamic range of topics. They mainly specialise in tips for portrait photographers, image editing and photography gear.
  • See my favourite video on how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom editing software, this is a great video if you plan to do some post processing editing on your images and like to learn to use great software - Here
  • Watch their most popular video about how to shoot a perfect picture that you won't have to edit, this is a great video - Here
  • Subscribe to PhotoVideo EDU here.
  1. The Art Of Photography

This channel is a concise channel that likes to present you with the best camera gear reviews, documentaries about photographers and photography, techniques, composition and lots more.

Ted is very passionate about photography and wants to share the love with you. This comes across in his videos. He wants to remove any challenges you have to getting started or achieving your photographic goals. He is willing to work with you to support your continued progress and posts video regularly.

  • Number of subscribers: 469 thousand people
  • Channel style: Provides short to mid-range reviews about camera equipment, it is an excellent introduction to digital photography.
  • See my favourite video on one of my beloved cameras, the gorgeous medium format camera, which gives an image quality unlike digital SLRs, mirrorless cameras, point and shoots, even the more traditional SLRs aren’t as vibrant - Here
  • Watch their most popular video is a review about how to use the Sony A5100 DSLR camera - Here
  • Subscribe to The Art of Photography here.

13. Peter McKinnon

Once you start watching Peter’s videos you might never stop, part photography tutorial, part photography blog, part eclectic hyper-creativity. Peter is the mad genius scientist of photography, his videos jump out of the screen at you, and it’s no wonder because he really loves coffee. In fact, I think he drinks so much of it that watching him is like a shot of espresso. If you love free-spirited creatively, thinking outside of the box and all while learning essential skills. This could soon be your favourite channel too.

  • Number of subscribers: 2.2 million people (Clearly I am not alone)
  • Channel style: Provides hands-on photography experiments, hacks and trick photography, great explanations for how to take new and fun images and he also does the untypical photo tutorials which you will probably find yourself watching even if you don’t have a camera. He is your online creative and eclectic photography guide that you will love to watch.
  • There is no way to pick just 1 favourite video here since this is my favourite youtube channel for photography tutorials. Take a look at the channel and see if you have an easier time picking a favourite video, I dare you
  • Watch his most popular video with camera hacks that will get you fast results - Here
  • Subscribe to Peter McKinnon here.

I hope you enjoy the list and find your perfect tutorial. I am sure you must be already hooked on at least one of them and on your way to taking even more amazing photos.

Happy snapping!

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