That's it, you've made up your mind, you want to become a Portuguese instructor and start online tutoring jobs.

Before giving your first Portuguese lesson, it is important to specify your approach and position yourself to find your first students.

Talking about money is not always easy, it's a subjective notion. And above all, it is particularly difficult to esteem oneself ...

To determine the right price for your Portuguese lessons, take stock of the criteria to take into account:

  • Level,
  • Competition,
  • The geographical area,
  • The educational experience ...

A rational approach that will help you to set a suitable rate for your Portuguese classes.

Why not find out everything there is to know about becoming a Portuguese teacher!

And then, as Paolo Coelho wrote:

"Wealth is not the amount of money we have but the way we use it. "

Investing to develop one's knowledge, learn a new language and open yourself to the world. . . .what could be a better financial investment?

So rest assured, if you offer a fair price for your Portuguese language private lessons, your students will be satisfied.

How Much Does a Language Course Cost on Superprof?

The language courses on Superprof vary according to the language taught. Languages are among the educational subjects where demand is strong. Indeed, mastering one or two foreign languages has become essential for successful schooling, but also to evolve in an increasingly international professional environment.

How much do the language courses offered on Superprof generally cost?

The average price of a language course is $25.

Here is the summary of prices observed for some languages:

  • English course: $34.15
  • Spanish course: $23.10
  • German course: $25.52
  • Italian course: $24.03
  • French course: $26.02
  • Japanese course: $23.90
  • Chinese course: $25.14
  • Russian course: $24.87

It should be noted that some language courses, which are more specific, have higher prices:

  • Norwegian course: $30.01
  • Finnish course: $31.99
  • Nepali course: $30.81
  • Estonian course: $32.29

More expensive lessons, because supply and demand are more rare ... Are Portuguese courses in the same category?

Learn the best way to prepare for giving Portuguese lessons...

How Much Does a Portuguese Course Cost on Superprof?

Check the prices of Portuguese private lessons on Superprof.

Regarding the Portuguese language, we find that the price is in the average category of the private lessons of languages. The difference between Portuguese classes and Brazilian Portuguese courses is almost non-existent with:

  • Portuguese course: $25.08
  • Brazilian Portuguese Course: $25.52

Of course, prices will vary depending on the type of course offered or the level of the teacher. Prices range from $15 to $35 per hour, depending on the profile of the teacher, or the region.

A student in Portuguese will offer cheaper rates, but in return will not be able to offer services for already experienced students.

A native Brazilian or Portuguese speaker, or an experienced Portuguese teacher can adapt his approach, respond to all requests, customize courses. As a result, the rates for their private instruction will be higher.


Set the Price of a Portuguese Course in Relation to the Competition

Before setting a price, it is important to take into account the competition.

For this, study the rates charged by other private teachers. The idea here is to position yourself coherently with respect to the different offers of Portuguese private tuition.


Before creating your profile on Superprof, take the time to take stock of the competition!

For this, there is nothing better than putting yourself in the shoes of a student and imagining what would be your choice based on the profile of the student. For example:

  • A Portuguese course for a college or high school student, a beginner in language learning,
  • A Portuguese course for an adult looking to learn Brazilian commercial,
  • A Portuguese course for a university student,
  • A Portuguese course for an adult wishing to upgrade or learn to speak Portuguese,
  • ...

In general, take into account the fact that when a potential student looks for the ideal private teacher, he will not only take into account his budget and set a maximum price, but he will also be wary of prices that are too attractive.

Indeed, when a teacher is competent, one may wonder why his prices are too low. This is not a sign that inspires confidence. The student may imagine that it hides something ...

Your competitors are also private agencies offering private lessons. It is worth remembering that the price of the private lessons offered on the platforms for connecting students and teachers is lower than in this type of structure. A positive point for you.

For teachers, this is even more advantageous because through the Superprof platform, no commission is levied on courses given, while with a body of private lessons, teachers do not collect the full amount paid by the student for the course. Commissions collected vary between 20% and 50% of the price of the lesson, significantly reducing the professor's remuneration.

To take an example, if you go through a specialized organization and the student pays $30 for the course, you receive only 50% of the sum, or $15. Generally, the net remuneration received by the teacher does not reach $20 per hour.

If you are an experienced teacher and offer Portuguese private tuition at a price between $20 and $25, you are already a winner. Not to mention that you are totally free to organize yourself as you wish.


Make sure your course structure is flexible and tailored to the needs of your students.

Determine the Price of a Portuguese Course in Relation to its Area

The geographic area also affects the prices of private lessons in general. Portuguese lessons do not escape this rule. Overall, the rates are higher in New York and in major U.S. cities.

Logically, you will have to take into account the local private tutoring market before determining the price of your Portuguese courses. If you find that there are few Portuguese teachers in your area, it will make you stand out more easily.

If, on the other hand, demand is more limited in your geographic area, you may have difficulty finding students. Do not hesitate to get started in the distance courses by webcam. Skype makes it easy to connect with your students wherever they are. You can reach potential students anywhere in the United States, but also reduce your travel costs.

Discover where you could give lessons in Portuguese!

How to Evaluate the Price of Ones Experience to Give Portuguese Lessons?

To determine the price of your Portuguese private lessons, you will need to question yourself and take stock (objectively) of your skills.

This is an essential step that will allow you not only to set a suitable price, but also to clarify your offer and know which points to highlight on your profile.

Start by establishing your CV, in connection with the Portuguese language and your language skills:

  • Are you a Portuguese native?
  • Are you perfectly bilingual?
  • Do you have a degree that justifies your level in Portuguese Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese?
  • Have you worked, studied or made a language study trip in a Portuguese-speaking country? How long have you spent in immersion?

The other important point to evaluate is your teaching skills:

  • Do you have experience in teaching?
  • Are you a certified Portuguese teacher?
  • Have you ever been able to share your knowledge?
  • Do you have didactic skills?

Indeed, teaching Portuguese requires you not only to master perfectly the language, but also to be able to transmit effectively its knowledge (grammar, spelling, pronunciation, accent, conjugation, vocabulary ...)

Find out what qualifications will permit you to earn more as a Portuguese teacher!

Are you a native teacher? Let your students learn from you and expand their horizons!

Other points are also sought by learners. Learning a language is not only discovering its characteristics both orally and in writing, but also enriching its culture, through history, traditions, art, country lifestyles in which it is spoken.

A native for whom Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese is the mother tongue, will master all aspects of the language perfectly and will be able to share his love for his country through anecdotes and stories that he can tell his student.

To sum up, each particular teacher has things to bring to their students. Depending on your profile and your course, you can easily adapt your offer of private lessons, as well as their price, to attract the students who fit you best.

Do not hesitate to specify the type of course you want to give, and to decline your rates according to these. If you offer long-term courses or an intensive course, offer decreasing rates accordingly.

A beginner's Portuguese course will be cheaper than a course for a university language student. Each of these students will have different expectations.

Finally, in all cases, do not forget to take into account your expenses so that your courses are profitable. A course lasts an hour, but requires more or less preparation time depending on the student. These are factors that influence the price of the Portuguese course, as well as the travel costs you will have to pay to visit your students.

Last tip to finish: to offer the first course free as 92% of teachers on Superprof will put in confidence the potential students. They will be able to take advantage of this first class to meet you, take stock of their needs and see if the feeling goes well ... Home schooling is also a human adventure, based on trust!


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